Channel Partner Program

Are you tired of turning down your customers due to lack of additional skillsets? Are you getting work requests but do not have enough resources to execute them? Are you receiving work requests that are not within your expertise?

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar, then we have a solution for you.

Webgen Technologies has designed a Business extension program after a close study of the different scenarios that many small businesses and freelancers face to stay afloat in this competitive industry.

Become a W.G. Technologies Partner in Growth:

Imagine that you are a graphic design studio or a digital marketing agency or a freelance designer who often receive project requests that are either large or outside of your primary skill sets. Such requests may include, but not limited to website development, mobile app development, game development or Search Engine Optimization. Since you would like to stay focused on your core area of expertise, you often need to turn down such requests and thereby potential revenue.

A seemingly easy option for you could be to simply hire relevant resources and expand your business. However, such options would require a sizeable investment from your end in terms of infrastructure, human resources and related overhead expenditures, along with future financial commitments which might eat away into your future profit.

Why go into all of that when you have our team ready to work for you under your banner. By teaming up with us, you can execute web development, web design, mobile app development and digital marketing projects simultaneously and you do not have to turn down your customers anymore.Think of our service offerings as an extension of YOUR business as we would be happy to operate under your banner.

Webgen Technologies Partner Network has been created to extend our content and collaboration service in a way that will be conducive to your business growth as well as ours. We help our partners to apply technology in innovative and creative ways. Joining our Business Extension Program not only gives you a greater exposure to the wide field of work we are involved in but also includes benefits like technical support, advanced marketing tools, and a better customer reach. You are offered a high level of control, scalability, and customization allowing you to reap the benefits of joining your hands with us.

The IT ecosystem cannot function without constant collaboration and cooperation. Our channel partner marketing involves working with companies and individuals interested in leveraging the power of partnership to grow their business online. We assist our partners by providing them with a diverse range of services and marketing solutions. Our partner program will help you in attracting new customers, speed up sales and get you rich dividends in return.


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