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Chatbots are simply robots that help drive leads and sales to your website.These bots are capable of performing automated actions as directed at a speed faster than any human beings are capable of. They are much like talking birds mimicking human language to elicit a response. Bots however generate much smarter responses than your pet parrot can. You may have chanced upon a site that pops up a message saying, “Hello! How can I help you today?” For your every question, the virtual robot generates an answer. The robots are built by the chatbot development companies to generate answers to generic questions based upon surveys and products that the website offers. These robots are known by many names- chatterbot, interactive agent, Artificial Conversational Entity or IM bot. Chatbot developers programme these in the likeness of human virtual assistants. Michael Mauldin coined the term “chatterbot” in 1994 called Julia, a ‘verbal robot’.


The technology of chatting with a robot had its humble beginnings since the 1980s. During those days as well as even now developers make their bots undergo the Turing Test developed by Alan Turing in 1950s to test the intelligence of the robots in comparison to humans. A human being is capable of understanding both body and verbal languages and responding to changing circumstances. But a robot has to be programmed to generate similar responses and even the most intelligent ones cannot truly mimic human responses. A Chatbot development company develops these artificial intelligence systems to interact via text and voice responses. The infographic below gives you a timeline of the developmental history of this wonderful and fast growing technology.

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You think your business does not require a chatbot but then are you sure? Bots mirror human interaction through text messages with the user. Today companies and firms need to harness the ample possibilities that these virtual robots provide. For online businesses, chatbot apps can be of great use. In USA and Canada more and more businesses are turning to using this technology for better gains and using the facilities provided by the chatbot development company. People are taking to messaging services while social media applications are making use of these to boost user engagement. The internet is seeing an increase in the popularity of this technology. A chatbot builder develops a robot that can be used to mimic human conversation in real time. An AI Chatbot engages your users in conversations regarding the products that you can offer. You can hire chatbot developers to bring these robots to life and observe their benefits first hand.  

There are several chatbot apps :

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter Messenger
  • Instagram Direct Messages
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Kik


The virtual robots come in distinct forms and types. The list includes:

  • Flow Chatbots
  • AI ChatBots
  • Hybrids
  • One-way AI Bots
  • Two-way AI Bots

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Businesses from different industries are now exploiting the potential of the chatbots. A virtual robot chat is only as intelligent as you can programme it to be. It cannot answer anything that it is not programmed to. However chatbot development services can design these to serve you in a multitude of ways. Using artificial intelligence the bots do not just accept commands but can also understand machine language used in conversations. At Here goes the reason why the chatbots are the best virtual assistants you can ask for:

  • They can assist you round the clock.
  • At a time they can engage more than one person in conversation which makes them a convenient choice to increase readership and draw customers to your webpage.
  • Bots get smarter with each conversation and can be programmed to generate a lot of responses.
  • These are usually made to encourage the customers to buy your products or use your services.
  • These are easy to create and chatbot companies can build you custom bots.
  • Bots are faster than websites and mobile apps.


Whether you are new in the trade or old, a chatbot has the capability to take your business to the next level. Let Webgen Technologies help you build a custom bot for your needs that would increase your customer engagement and let you reach out to more people. Trust us to turnover your visitors to customers. A chat bot builder shall design you a custom bot to meet your specific requirements.! Experts in our chatbot development company in USA and Canada can build bots to suit your specific industry needs. Get a bot, get smarter.

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