How are chatbots changing the digital marketing landscape?

Chatbots and their application in digital marketing

The adoption of artificial intelligence has contributed to a lot of changes in the digital world. Chatbots are now everywhere. They can accomplish simple tasks like sending you weather and news report to shopping on your behalf and even paying the bills for you. Facebook Messenger, Apple’s Siri and the trending Google Assistant are all different types of chatbots that you might have come across. Platforms like these as well as other organizations are employing such artificial conversational agents to increase user engagement.

The way Chatbot Marketing functions

2017 is the year that has seen an exponential growth in the application of ai chatbot. In the area of digital marketing, chatbots have come to play a very important role. As the number of online businesses keep on growing so does the scope of the application of bots in digital advertising. Digital advertisers have been very keen on harnessing the potential of chatbots. These are used to collect consumer data and track user behaviour over time. This, in turn, helps to customize products and services and make it possible for companies to meet the unique customer demands.

A chatbot is capable of conversing with several users all at once because it can be programmed to do so. This is something that even a whole team of human beings are not capable of doing. By having a bot carry out intelligent conversations with users, it saves time, money and also ensures that all users are attended to and no one is kept waiting. This is one of the driving factors behind the growing popularity and application of chatbots in internet marketing.

Why your website needs a chatbot?

Anyone who has once put a chatbot to work will tell you how useful these are. Implementing an artificial conversational agent will not only increase visitors to your site. You may have already come across sites that have pop up messages prompting users to chat with them. These bots help users to find more about the products and services that a website offers. They also assist users to shop for your products which contribute to increased sales and revenue. On top of that, the conversations help you learn more about what your customers want which is even a better way than organizing a poll. If you look around, some of the top retailers and businesses are employing the intelligent chatbots on their websites and shopping portals to give users a unique experience. There is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a chatbot and experience the benefits of one. As digital ad agencies keep growing so does the number of bot development companies. And the partnership of these two are revolutionizing the way people connect with each other digitally.


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