Is content really the king today?

“Content is king” a phrase first quoted by Bill Gates back in 1996 is one that every writer on the internet has heard once. But in 2017 how much of this really stands true? This is perhaps one of those questions that every content writer wonders about at least once. Before diving forth into the article, we do stress upon the fact that content is important for driving people to your website and blogs. But not enough by itself. Now let’s not get confused here. We do mean that you should definitely focus on writing better articles. However, today when the world wide web is oversaturated with websites and every minute there is a new one on the block, your content is in for a stiff competition. And the only way to move ahead of the crowd is to invest in digital marketing services and other methods of content creation.

How to make your content shine through online marketing?

The thought that drives most website owners is the lure of getting popular within a short span of time. Random articles and blog posts, however, cannot help you in this aspect. What you need to do is to strategize and plan ahead. Unoriginal content, plagiarism, and improper grammar are some of the worst strategies that you could follow. One of the best ways is to practice and improve your writing skills. There are, however, a few ways to get your page to rank and in turn, increase your views.

  • Post Structure: Content should be silo-based so that both search engines, as well as your readers, can understand it. And the ideal length of a content should be ideally above 300 words. Use a website audit tool to analyze your website health.
  • Meta Title & Description: Meta title and description should contain the focus and related keywords so as to make it easier for search engines to find it.
  • Keywords: Using target keywords in your content is a definite way to attract more visitors. By employing keyword research tools especially Google Adwords can really help you to understand the trends that people use to search. Using those particular focus keywords and blending them in your headings and subheadings will benefit your content.
  • Backlinking: Comment and connect with blogs and websites similar to your niche and build both personal as well as link relationships.
  • Interlinking: Linking back to your old posts and to relevant sections of your website is important for increasing the weight of your posts and articles.
  • Social media marketing: In 2017, social media is the best form of online marketing. The popularity of social media platforms makes it an ideal way to promote your content for free.
  • Google Analytics: Track your traffic to your posts with the very handy Google Analytics tool to understand your customer behavior and tailor your posts to fit the demands of your audience.

Today the phrase should read as, “Promotion is everything.” The one way to get your new posts, articles, and publications get read by a lot of people is to invest your time into research to find the best plan to grow your business. A digital marketing company can guide you with this if you are unable to figure it out yourself. From online promotional ads to social media campaigns can all help you to reach out to a wider audience today. For example, Facebook and Instagram allow for promoted posts for a small fee that you can definitely utilize from time to time to reach out to a global audience.

It, therefore, stands that instead of creating posts every day, you should write original content and then promote it if you ever desire to make yourself get heard. Or else hire digital marketing services and let someone handle everything for you. So if your content is king, promotion is your answer to everything!!


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