5 Benefits of a Live Football betting application (Football World Cup 2018)

World Cup 2018 and online football betting

Football is one of the most loved sports in the world with a fan base in all the major countries. The world now awaits the inauguration of the Football World Cup 2018 set to take place in July in the Slavic nation of Russia. With a budget of $9.6 billion, 12 stadiums and a fanfare of never-before-seen inaugural event, the Russia 2018 World Cup fever is taking over the world. Online football betting also seems to go hand in hand with this as bettors and soccer enthusiasts eagerly wager their money on their favourite teams.

Benefits of a live soccer betting application:

With a strong and established fanbase in a majority of countries in the world, no spectator sports garner as much attention as football. It is a well-favored sport and hence something that every bookie should include as a part of their online sports betting shop. With a majority of people using their mobile devices, a sports betting application is the best choice for a bookie who wants to make big bucks in this football season. With such an application a fan or bettor can get access to not only watching the matches but also placing bets which double the joy.

Here are the five reasons why you should invest in a live football betting application:

Ease of use: Mobile apps are fairly easy to use and most smartphone users have several different apps installed in their mobile phones. As most people carry their smartphones with themselves for a better part of their day, one can expect a better response from a betting application than an online sportsbook.

Convenience: A bettor can use the sportsbook app from the comfort of their home or any other location that they are in at the moment. This ensures that the bookies do not lose out on any customers.

Live Odds: Watching the match and placing bets simultaneously has a thrill of its own that no one can explain. Betting apps like Betnesis (a product of W.G. Technologies Pvt. Ltd) that come with features like live odds feed live streaming and live betting which greatly enhances user experience and makes betting more appealing.  

Multiple payment options: Everything in betting is related to money and every bookie and bettor is only interested in making profits and ensuring that it reaches their account safely. Therefore, a secure payment system along with several payment options are the best thing that a live bet soccer app brings for its users. Incorporating payment gateways like Bitcoin, Lime Wallet, and others can turn out to be a lucrative source of revenue for the bookies.

Cross-platform compatibility: Android and iOS are the two of the most used mobile OS’. An app that is available for download both in the Google Play Store and Apple’s iTunes Store will be able to give bookmakers a higher return on their investment.

A ready-to-use soccer betting app is what you need to increase your ROI

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Not convinced yet! As a bookmaker, your top priority is to make the most out of any big game. And what can be bigger and better than the upcoming FIFA World Cup. It is, in fact, the best opportunity for any sports trader to earn a higher revenue through more engagement. Therefore, your best choice should be a live soccer betting app like Betnesis that can be quickly customized and set up for you to serve your players. Get this ready-to-use football betting app.

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