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Website auditing is a term in digital marketing that is synonymous to inspection and rightly so. It is the first stage to rendering a successful digital marketing campaign that offers important insights into the health of a website. Even the most well-designed website may have a few areas that can be improved upon. In order to enhance website performance and upgrade it for better search engine rankings, a website audit is very essential. When it comes to digital marketing, we are more commonly acquainted with the term, SEO or Search Engine Optimization which means optimizing your webpage for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This basically means constructing the layout of a website so that the search spiders can crawl through and index its web pages. When a user searches for a related term, the website is displayed on the search results page.

So how does one optimize a website?

The answer lies in auditing your website to unravel the areas that need to be worked upon. Through the audit, you will be able to pinpoint the factors like page load time,  redundant web pages, canonical tags, URL structure, etc. There may be many digital marketing companies that can do an SEO audit for you but at a price. However, it is very much possible to do a self-audit of your website without any external help. There are a host of tools available at your disposal which are also free. The insights that they provide are going to help you a lot in the process of identifying the areas that can be worked upon.

Below is listed a host of free SEO audit tools to help you with your website optimization process.


Digital marketing - SEO Audit Tool

One of the most popular of the online audit tools, SEMrush offers quite an in-depth analysis of a website. Some of the broad categories that it offers an analysis of are Domain Analytics (Organic Research, Backlinks, Advertising Research, PLA Research, Display Advertising, Traffic Analytics), Keyword Analytics (Phrase Match, Related Keyword, Ad History, Keyword Difficulty, Keyword magic tool), Projects (For campaigns), GAP Analysis, Topic Research, SEO content template, Lead Generation Template, My reports. With this tool, you can get a detailed insight into the health of your website and also improve upon those.


Digital marketing - SEO Audit Tool

SEOptimer brings you a host of tools to assist you in the process of making your website fully optimized for SERP. With individual tools like Meta Tag Generator, Keyword Generator, Ping Tester, URL Shortener, Broken Link Checker, .htaccess File Generator, robots.txt File Generator, XML Sitemap Generator, W3C Validator, and Responsiveness Checker, you can easily ensure if your website meets the proper guidelines for SERP ranking.


Digital marketing - SEO Audit Tool

A page speed measuring tool that not only helps in determining the page speed and page size of a website but also tells you in details the areas that can be worked upon. It also gives a gradation on the metrics based on a score and a very detailed view of the codes that need to be changed or worked upon to make your website even faster. Given that search engines like Google take into account page speed as a factor of ranking, it is something that digital marketers should not neglect.


Digital marketing - SEO Audit Tool

Competitor analysis is an essential step to setting up an online marketing campaign for any brand or business. With SpyFu you can achieve this and a lot more. If you enter your domain’s URL, results covering several different topics are generated to help you understand how your website is doing. It also lists your competitors, the keywords your website ranks for and the status of those keywords, etc. It is one of the best tools in the market for a thorough analysis of a website and also for maintaining your SERP rankings through the years.

Google Analytics

Digital marketing - SEO Audit Tool

The easiest auditing tool available to anyone looking to audit their website is the Google Analytics. It is just enough to have a gmail account and a website and the linking process is rather easy. The metrics that Analytics offers is something that you can use to make small changes to your website regularly and stay on top of your competitors. With important tools to track your visitor demographics, visits on pages, conversion, bounce rate and much more, Google Analytics should be the first tool that you should invest your time in if you truly want to see your website make a mark.

Free SEO audit tools make it possible for both a digital marketer or a layman to do a comprehensive edit of any website. The metrics by which these tools offer their assessment is easily a good starting point for checking a website’s health.

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