Why A Travel Booking Website Is Necessary To Boost Your Travel Business?

Travel and tourism is a booming industry which continues to grow. According to UNWTO’s Report,  2017 saw 369 million travelers to destinations all over the world in the first few months of the year, which is a growth rate of more than 6% compared to the same period in 2016.

Importance of travel portal development

The increasing number of people ready to pack their bags to the tourist hotspots around the world, travel companies, and associated industries have a potentiality of a huge profit the coming year. The internet technology plays an important role in travel as people choose to plan their holidays with online travel booking sites. It is therefore important that tour and travel companies invest in building travel sites dedicated to the popular tourist destinations. This would not only help travelers to plan their trips easily but also serve as a handbook to them throughout their vacation.

The Top Tourist Destinations Of The Year 2018: 

Siem Reap- Home to the famous Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, Siem Reap is fast becoming a center of Cambodia’s contemporary culture. It is an ideal destination for a memorable walk among ancient temple grounds, a breezy tuk-tuk ride around the city, visiting the floating villages or shopping at the local markets. 

Seoul- South Korea’s capital city has something for everyone. An intermix of the traditional and contemporary, this dynamic city is the heart and “soul” of South Korea. A visit to Seoul is incomplete without a travel guide of the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Changdeokgung Palace, shopping at the Dongdaemun or Namdaemun night markets, walking in the alley between the hanoks or taking the subway that interconnects this busy metropolis.

Marrakech- The market town at the edge of the Sahara nicknamed the “The Red City” makes you want to get lost in its ancient lanes and the vibrant city life. The best examples of Islamic Architecture with European influence is visible at every nook and corner. Walk around the Bak Doukkala market, grab a bargain at souks or explore the Bahia Palace, the green cacti garden of Jardin Majorelle or enjoy the evening at Djemaa El Fna.

San Juan- Puerto Rico’s capital is a real treat for tourists. The Isla Verde and Condado boast of sandy beaches, pastel-colored buildings, and cobbled streets while the authentic Puerto Rican dishes can get your taste buds to water. Explore Fort San Cristobal, visit the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art or enjoy the captivating aura of this exotic city.

Tallinn- Estonia’s capital on the Baltic, Tallinn is a melting pot of Nordic, Teutonic, Baltic and Russian culture with a vibrant contemporary era. Explore the sprawling beaches and promenades, the beautiful Old Town, the hip streets of Telliskivi or the museums scattered all around. The best thing about Tallinn is that the city is accessible from the airport, train station as well as the ports.

La Paz- The commercial and cultural capital of Bolivia is a fascinating city set in a deep valley, about 3500 meters above sea level. A unique focus in La Paz is the “El Teleférico”, a cable car system perched above the city and only one of its kind in the world which makes getting around easier in this overcrowded city. Take a walk around the Witches’ Market, enjoy the incredible Valle de la Luna, watch a match at the Cholita Wrestling event or explore the southern region of Zona Sur.

Crete- The Greek island of Crete is an ancient land overlooking the Mediterranean. With sprawling beaches lining the beautiful blue waters, walk around old historic villages, cycle among the orchards at Lasithi Plateau, explore the old churches and monasteries, try the exquisite Greek cuisines and the warm hospitality of the locals.

Istanbul- The meeting ground of the east and west, Istanbul offers a stunning skyline of minarets, historic palaces, noisy streets and modern towering buildings. With the Byzantine and Ottoman influence still looming, Istanbul is home to both the old world and the new.

Hanoi- Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi packs in the busy city life with more laid back village life. With a war-torn history that the various museums here rightly portray, Vietnam has a busy street life with scooters zooming by, the night market filled with finger licking delicacies, the historic town of Old Quarter, or just walking in the rice fields.

Hoi An- Another one of Vietnam’s popular destination, this picturesque town by the river is a delightful gateway. With a heavy influence of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and European architecture, Hoi An boasts of quaint yellow houses, wooden street side shops, and free from the pollution of cities like Hanoi. This is the perfect place for anyone looking to enjoy a quiet holiday.

Cusco- The heart of the ancient Andean culture, Cusco means “the center of the world” in the native Quechua language. The historic city is not only home to the archaeological ruins of the great Inca empire but also boasts of colorful fiestas and carnivals. An intermix of pagan South American culture and Christian culture is observable in the life of the locals. It is one of the places to go for enjoying the natural beauty of the mountains and the lush green forests that adorn these.

Tulum- Mexico’s laid-back beach destination has quickly become a popular tourist destination. From historic Mayan ruins, Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, luxury eco-hotels to fashionable designer shops, Tulum is the ultimate escape from the fast-paced life of the city.

Build Responsive Travel Booking Websites for the Travel Industry

These above locations are going to be major tourist hotspots to look out for in the upcoming year. It’s a pity that most of these places do not have a dedicated travel booking portals for potential visitors. If you are a travel and tourism operator looking to make a difference, it is imperative to provide a boost to e-booking systems, in order to ensure a global reach. Not only that e-booking portals can substantially help a travel company to significantly increase their revenue generation. Webgen Technologies is your one-stop shop for all your web presence needs. Our web design company has the necessary expertise to help you create your own travel guide, e-booking portal, mobile apps and would also be able to promote the same for you. The websites are designed with options to book flights and hotels, travel guides, and detailed information on vacation packages. Get in touch with us for making the best travel booking website.


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