The 2017 web design trends

The cyberspace is an evolving creative sphere. And when it comes to design, you can expect it in all styles, forms, and every day you come across something new, something you have never seen before. In a world of oversaturation, design sets one website apart from the other. Design is driven by the experience of the real world. With a strong focus on UX & UI design, creating websites that challenge conventional wisdom is what any web design company is looking to achieve. Today a web page is not just text or pictures but a work of art.

Five web design trends to look out for:

  • Rich Typography:  The case for rich, bold typefaces has been around for some time now. And it keeps on getting bigger and better with the focus on content. Also, it is not always that the font has to weigh more but more on how they are placed within a space.
  • Video and sound: Increasingly more designs in 2017 are trying to appeal to the visual and auditory sensibilities of human beings. It is become increasingly common to see a blend and use of sound and video in different settings within a web page which is bound to capture a person’s attention in a way that just texts or pictures cannot do.
  • Geometric elements: A mix of geometric elements and colors are being used to deliver a rich visual experience. These shapes add depth to a page and augments the user experience.
  • New Navigation Patterns: The navigation has undergone many changes over the past year. Instead of the traditional horizontal navigation bar, the latest trends are all about making the navbar more engaging. From scrolling across the screen, pop up and the drop down getting a makeover, menus are not all the same anymore.
  • Blend of Tactile and Material Design: 2017 is seeing the perfect blend of material design with the tactile design. Real-world objects, shapes and elements are dropped in the digital space which are then blended seamlessly to tell a more powerful visual story.

Today design is more than just texts, pictures and content. Envisioning the unconventional and rendering art digitally. Using human emotions and implementing inspiration drawn from real life scenarios, imagination and context are all beginning to be translated into designing websites. If you are looking for web design services seek out a web design company in USA to conceive and deliver you the website that you have envisioned for yourself.  

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