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Webgen Technologies is a niche-provider of sports betting and gambling websites for anyone interested in setting up their online sportsbook and online gambling business. We create mobile responsive websites and apps that are integrated with key elements of online gambling such as odds integration, live betting, online casino, gambling bots and multiple bookmaker APIs. From developing custom pari-mutuel applications, odds calculator, risk calculators, betting slips to incorporating innumerable data aggregation tools and back office management systems. We can also integrate various online wallets, payment methods including Bitcoin, along with multiple currencies with the latest exchange rates. The gambling websites we create include features like live sports betting, live casino, poker websites, and other betting games.

We create online betting sites that deliver a fast-paced betting experience. Users are able to place multiple bets simultaneously and enjoy the virtual wagering experience. The gambling websites we create serve as a one-stop destination for all types of betting like sports betting (soccer betting, baseball betting) playing online poker, live casino, fantasy sports etc. The gambling site can also include features like player bios, team standings, head to head, live updates, social sharing, predicting instances, tips etc. We can also develop gambling bots for casino games and poker that can keep on placing wagers on your behalf, throughout the day, while you focus on your daily life chores.

Build Custom Online Betting Sites and Gambling Bots

Webgen Technologies has years of experience in creating unique data aggregation applications for tracking statistics and odds. Our betting solutions provide support for all standard bet types like moneyline, parlays, spreads, over/under etc. The gambling bots are created to work with APIs of various casino games/poker games. The betting website projects begin after consulting with our clients, creating workable prototypes and finally integrating everything together. We help you to create a one-of-a-kind online betting experience that your users/players will love.

Benefits of choosing our sports betting website development company:

  • Online gambling and betting websites with multi-channel compatibility.
  • Real-time bet slips with live betting options.
  • A robust content management system (CMS) for manually adjusting the various features on the website.
  • Risk calculation and profit maximisation for bookmakers and website owners.

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