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The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made of put into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense (US DOD). In the 1980s it was made available for civilian use. It works in any weather condition, 24 hours a day without any subscription fees or setup charges. The satellites transmit unique signal that allow GPS devices to calculate the precise location of the satellite. The GPS tracking application in return can specify a user’s exact location. This is how mobile GPS tracking software can help you find your way home, measure the distance between two places, and even find the location of a user or a vehicle. Vehicle Tracking Solutions is one of the most common areas of application of the GPS system. With the growing number of vehicles on the street everyday, it has become important to ensure that fuel is efficiently used as well as recover them in case of a theft. The gps tracking system for car or school bus routing software can help you track the location of your vehicle and ensure that it is safe. Once it locates a position, it can be used to track a number of things like distance to a particular location, sunrise and sunset time, speed of the vehicle etc. The system is very useful for goods carrier companies, schools, oil tankers, refrigerated vehicles, personal cars and bikes, company owned vehicles, etc.

Features of our GPS tracking application:

  • The GPS software can be developed for both desktop and mobile applications.
  • The vehicle fleet management software can be integrated with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and other GPS sensors.
  • The GPS vehicle tracking system provides data on trip rerouting, fuel mileage tracking, speed monitoring, etc.
  • The software can also incorporate weather and traffic data sources to make it easy to understand weather conditions and reroute vehicles accordingly.
  • The gps tracking system for car, commercial truck and buses help you to track the position of these vehicles as well as recover them in case of theft or emergencies.
  • Our vehicle fleet management software lets you track all your vehicles from one place.

Our Experience as a GPS tracking application development company


Webgen Technologies offers GPS vehicle tracking system that can be integrated with mobile and web apps. We develop both software and hardware that lets you track your vehicles efficiently. The tracking devices are integrated into your vehicle while the mobile applications can be used to track the vehicle anywhere it goes. Some of our common services include development of commercial truck tracking devices, bus fleet management software and tracking device, car tracking system and anything else you need. We create mobile applications that come with each of our devices to provide real time and comprehensive tracking information.

We offer:

  • GPS Tracking System For Car
  • Commercial Truck Tracking Devices
  • Bus Fleet Management Software
  • School Bus Routing Software

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case study

Human Resource Management Solution for the Company


The development and design of a human resource management application was a need that the administration felt we needed to better manage the company and attend to the need of every employee. Hence our developers were asked to model an app that would offer the record of every employee, manage leave applications, generate salary slips, manage work time and more.

  • The challenge was to get the SDKs of the biometric scanner to work along with the app.

Our developers created the HRM app that has the basic details of every employee. The major challenge was to ensure that when the biometric scanner would register an employee’s fingerprint, the app would automatically register the entry and exit time. As we did not have the SDK of the biometric software we use, we had to create one and then use the same to get the entire system to work.


The in-house project was as challenging as any other that we did. We also had to develop it within a small span of time which added to the existing challenges. Our achievement was getting it to the app store.