AR/VR App Development

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is a technology that augments the human visual, auditory, haptic and olfactory senses and enables them to enjoy computer-generated environments, elements or objects either in a complete virtual world or as virtual objects overlaid on real worlds. VR Apps and augmented reality applications enhances the virtual experiences of human beings. With AR/VR apps you can see what your new home would be like even before it has been constructed, or repair your broken car by yourself with step-by-step instructions overlayed on the car body. Medical students can study human anatomy without dissection and you can even check how a piece of furniture will fit your interior without first buying it. The application of these two technologies are varied and with time will change the way human interactions occur in the digital world as well as in the real.

Features of our ar/vr app development service:

  • AR/VR apps for Android and iOS assures an engaging experience for customers.
  • Using ARKit and ARCore to build scalable augmented reality applications.
  • VR enabled marketing applications to make engaging promotional campaign.
  • Immersive virtual world experience with 3D glasses and VR apps.
  • Mixed reality apps that create a more compact virtual experience.

Our Experience as AR/VR App Development Company

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Webgen Technologies has been experimenting with AR/VR technology and has successfully delivered some major projects. We create interactive and immersive AR/VR applications that create a rich experience for our users. The apps we develop help our clients get more customer loyalty. We help different industries like retail, tourism, healthcare, banking and many more to create stronger bonds with their clientele.

We offer:

  • Augmented Reality Applications
  • Virtual Reality Applications

Our work

Case Study

case study

AR App For Detecting Slide Against Swimming Pool - Aqua Action

AR application that lets users decide the position of slides against pools in real-time.

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case study

AR app that checks the position of slides against pools in real time - Aqua Action


Building an AR application in both Android(ARCore) & iOS(ARKit) for pool-slide business where the App will enable potential customers to check how the slides look like against pools in real-time.

  • The major challenge was detecting the pool.

For detecting the pool, water was the primary element that needed to be identified. Also we had to make sure that an user was able to use the app to detect the pool without water. So we then realized that the App needed to detect the pool edges by making the user anchor the same as per pool shape.


We are finding it much easier to build a face detection App where we are predicting almost the same detection theory to be applied unless directed otherwise.