Artificial Intelligence trends to look forward to in 2021

Artificial Intelligence has been instrumental in revolutionizing business processes around the world. From streamlining the supply chain to extending improved customer service to accumulating, validating, and analyzing valuable market data to help enterprises make informed decisions, AI is reshaping the prospect of practically every industry and every human being on the planet.

The in-house AI solutions developers at Webgen Technologies have carefully curated a list of trends below to look forward to in the following year. This list will enable our audience to stay ahead in their business by understanding what will work in their favor to help them boost their business.


AI trend to follow in 2021 are as follows:


AI-enabled Chatbots: Already functional in various popular social media outlets apart from official websites and apps of multiple firms, AI-based Chatbot is going to be one of the popular trends to look forward to in 2021. The Conversational AI will see further improvements in the sector to enhance its capabilities to fully comprehend what the human says and needs and provides a more natural, near human-level communication.


Intelligent Automation: After the outbreak of the current pandemic situation, businesses inclined towards better back-office processes and business resilience. The amalgamation of robotic and digital process automation with pragmatic AI and low-code tools will revolutionize the organizations’ automation processes.


Data Analysis with AI: AI will enhance our ability to apply machine learning problem-solving to massive, real-time global datasets to enable us to analyze enormous data to make informed decisions with heightened efficiency and accuracy.


Predicting behavioural transformation with AI: The current pandemic situations have altered customer behaviors for online businesses. Already in use, AI tools and platforms empower enterprises to understand how their customers are adapting to the new normal. As such, AI tools enabling customers to avail services and products with heightened convenience and personalization will be a detrimental factor for the success of firms in the digital space in the following year.


Computerized Detection and Prevention: AI will be extensively used to analyze data obtained through cameras on the drones and notify authorities or local administrators of statistics and probabilities of any unforeseen danger of any kind. AI-driven surveillance will indeed be one of the most significant artificial intelligence trends to look forward to in 2021.


Hence are the notable AI trends that would dominate the industry in the year to come as seen by the in-house AI solutions developing experts at Webgen Technologies. However, as the developers get adept at developing finer solutions using AI technology, many more trends may surface as well.


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