Google Search Updates: Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries

The one intent that every digital marketer has is to rank their web pages in the first page of SERP results. But what if you can do more than just get a first-page rank. This feature that has been around for a while is known as “Featured Snippets” or as the common jargon goes, the coveted “Position Zero”. Yet most businesses have a difficult time understanding how to get their site in the first page let alone get a link in this tiny box of curated answers in SERP results. It is this dilemma that keeps even experienced marketers worried. The reason being that there are no fixed steps that one can follow to get a featured snippet ranking. Though one can follow a list of steps and hope that the Google AI and algorithm consider their content fit to be given a place in a featured snippet. We have listed out the steps you can follow.

This article explores why you should fine-tune your content not just for a first – page rank but optimize it for rank zero. If your article ranks, not only do you get ahead of the crowd but the growth of your organic traffic also increases.

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