Graphic designing trends to help you take your skills up an extra notch

Design trends dissolve as fast as they appeared. Designers can’t overlook these freshest trend. So, to update their skill and furthermore to keep themselves up in demand, they analyse plus understand the modern trends.
Amid all these trends, following five trends of 2019 listed out here will assist you to gain some brownie points in the world of graphic designing:

1. Splashes of Vivid Colours

This year is all about vivid colours. To stand out against the competition, brands need to make use of vivid colours like lighter hues that are sharp, vibrant and bright. Colour remains as an example of the most important tools in the designer’s toolkit. It can attract attention, establish a mood, impact users’ sentiments, thoughts and activities. So, for every design choice, colours demands a certain amount of consideration. In this global age, where everyone strives to do everything within their capability to draw attention, vibrant colour stands out from the background. Besides vibrant colors throb with energy. Designers use vibrant colours to get people to focus their attention upon important features of their designs. It lends their designs a retaining quality.

2. Prime focus on Powerful Typography/ Fonts

The type achieves much more for the design than simply share the written message. Fonts go an extended way to establishing the mood of a piece while also creating a dependable brand identity. It can create a strong statement while also attracting eyes toward your message. As brands strive to showcase its USP, novelty and strength, graphic designers happen to lean towards strong and bold fonts. Bold decorative fonts help a design state a specific idea and emphasize the important aspects of your design.

3. Visionary Influence Are Prevailing

With the innovation taking place all around, there’s a feeling of “living in the future” prevailing in the air. This futuristic detail is somewhat common in the field of graphic designing. Now designers go for geometrical shapes, abstract patterns and futuristic colour palettes. Preferring futuristic designs allows these designers the freedom to experiment with their creativity, as nobody knows what the future holds. This creativity helps their design stand out from the noise across the internet. Blending colours with pattern and abstract designs helps them produce something unique out of every design.

4. Colouration using Light and Dark Colors

Reoccurring versions of the same design in both light and dark palettes are something important that techs continue to opt for this year. Contrasting light and dark colour palettes can serve your brand to draw some attention at this moment. This technique makes a design compatible with a wide range of audience. While a dark version of the design may work with a particular group of an audience using a device, the other version will serve the remaining.

5. Mixed Duotones and Gradients

Extending from 2018, the trend of gradients and duotones has attained a higher level in creativity and complexity. Best graphic designs this year are the ones that have found a way of mixing this complexity and creativity in their designs. Duotones can create a classic and timeless look or brightly-coloured campaigns. This is very much based on the choice of colour that the designer makes. Whereas, gradients help to heighten flat designs, add a colour overlay to photos and add texture to backgrounds. Both these techniques used in combination lends an attractive quality to the whole design.


So to conclude, these are a few trends that you can adapt to make your design stand out from the rest this year. Follow these trends and you should be good at your path of achieving success.

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