How to Move Your Business Online: A Complete Guide

While technological innovations such as the internet and related industries have been disrupting the business world, the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus has magnified the significance and need for moving businesses online.


As the world was forced to stay indoors, businesses were faced with the challenge of reaching out to their customers without having them visit their physical stores. Social distancing made it essential for firms to deliver their services and products to their consumers without posing a threat to their health safety while enhancing the convenience of accessibility, service quality, and assistance.


Technologically advanced companies made the necessary transitions from physical stores to online stores with ease whereas, others faced a considerable amount of difficulty understanding the intricacies of the process. To assist such firms in their endeavour of moving their businesses online, the in-house experts at Webgen Technologies have curated a list below.


Steps for moving your business online:


  • Conduct your marketing research: Internet marketing techniques are different from offline marketing methods. Online marketing techniques and the required skills to achieve successful results are many and varied. To attain a thorough understanding of online marketing techniques, skills, and the overall process will require comprehensive internet marketing research.


  • Get your official domain name: Domain name serves as an address for an online store, that is, a business website. There are some guidelines to follow when purchasing a domain name, such as opting for “.com” rather than “.org” or more. Besides, one should avoid using hyphens and numbers on a domain name and trademarked domain that may have legal obligations attached to the same. 


  • Create a website: The website is nothing but an online store for a business. Besides, a website is essential for brand building, ensuring credibility for your business online, and more.


  • Ensure an engaging and interactive design: Having a simple, professional design that is both engaging and interactive while being appropriate for your customers will work better than a complex web design that might seem intimidating. One might add customizations over time to a website to reflect a brand’s personality while enhancing the ease of navigating a website.


  • Add content to your website: “Content is the king.” It indeed is when it comes to attracting and retaining customers to a website. The relevant, engaging, and well-written content of a website further enhances the credibility of a business. 


  • Determine what to sell: A business has to decide what to sell on their website from their existing offerings when moving a business online. Adding top-selling and lightweight items initially to a website selling product should be a great way to start.


  • Align your products and prices: There should not be excessive inconsistencies in the cost of online merchandise to the value of the same products in the shop. Besides, price differences would negatively affect the business.


  • Develop a refund and return strategy: A refund policy is the choicest way of establishing trust in customers for the products the business offers on their website. Besides, planning a displayed and appropriate policy refund and return strategy ahead of moving a business online will serve best in the long run.


  • Set secure payment gateways: Ensuring Secure and Simple payment processes are essential for making a sale online. Merely crowding a website with attractive images and descriptive content but failing to establish customer trust with non-reputable payment processors will negatively affect the business ROI. 


  • Utilize social media for organic advertising: Social Media are the best platform for marketing and branding a firm. It further enables businesses to collaborate with influencers or affiliates to make recommendations to businesses’ services and products to their online followers.


  • Use paid advertisement to get the word out: Paid advertising is efficient for both new offline and online businesses. Since the reach of various paid advertisements is wide while further empowering a business with real-time analysis of their efforts, it is indeed the best way to get an enterprise started in the online sphere.


Hence are the notable pointers that any business should adhere to when shifting their brick and mortar business online to achieve positive results for their firm. 


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