Mobile Tutoring Apps: The Future of Educational Excellence

How Mobile Tutoring Apps Are Changing The Private Tutoring Landscape?

Sarah has a Math test on Monday morning, it is Sunday evening and she feels that she is underprepared. She has queries that warrant immediate clarifications as she is short of time. What if she had access to a mobile app which offered a pool of tutors ready to provide the necessary answers within a few minutes. Now wouldn’t that be ideal?

Thankfully Sarah has access to WebGen’s mobile tutoring platform which not only offers her with an immediate solution to her predicaments but also offers her similar solutions for other subjects. She opens her camera, takes a quick snap of the textbook page(problem area) and posts the questions. She receives an immediate response from several Math experts who offer to assist her in return for a very reasonable sum. She checks the expert’s bio and track records and chooses a Tutor as she deems fit. She not only gets an instant reply through the chat board but also is given a short lesson on the subject. Sarah is one of the new generation of students who use mobile tutoring apps to find immediate solutions to problems, homework help when required and short to long-term tutoring on subjects of her choice. No restrictions! No strings attached!

Private tutoring has become an increasingly expensive proposition, especially for students coming from low-income families. Finding temporary/emergency help can literally become a nightmare of sorts. Beyond the educational institution environment, these smartphone applications are creating a platform for communication between students and teachers for one-time, short term or long term help and that too at extremely affordable rates. With these apps, learning is no longer restricted to a formal student-teacher/tutor interaction.

The above scenario was just one of the many aspects of this App. Now, lets cut to a different scenario. Even though Sarah needs frequent assistance with Math, she excels in Physics. Now in order to earn a little more for herself, she switches her role to that of a tutor with the touch of a button and helps fellow students facing similar predicaments with Physics, as she did with Math.

A teacher with a classroom of 15 or more students might not be able to focus his/her attention to each student in the class. Due to this very reason, students often face the common fall-asleep-in-class syndrome. Mobile apps, on the other hand, have on-demand tutors who can answer questions 24/7. A student can get access to these tutors and other handy tutorials, exam tips and lessons for a small fee. The apps are not meant to be a replacement but rather they are designed to compliment ones learning process, beyond the classroom environment.

The benefits of using mobile tutoring platforms:

These type of platforms not only bridge the financial gap but also offer parents a detailed insight with respect to their ward’s progress. It is, therefore, no wonder that parents too are relying on these tutor apps as well as encouraging their children to use them. With changing syllabuses, expensive tuition rates, parents are looking for ways to make it easier for their children to learn and stay engaged.

  • Convenience: The tutoring apps can be easily accessed from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet making it easier for students and tutors to collaborate with ease from within the comfort of their own space.
  • Flexibility: Students can access the necessary information at any time of the day. With little to no wait time, one can expect instant answers, guidance, and solution to a problem.
  • Personalized Approach: Every student has their own pace when it comes to grasping a subject. Studies have revealed an increase in stress level among students when it comes to homework pressure. But an on-demand tutor is always there to make this seemingly stressful task, easier on the nerves.
  • A wide variety of subjects: Students and parents have the option to choose tutors, according to their specialisms. Therefore it really becomes a one-stop-shop for students/parents to choose from.
  • Cost-effective: Tutoring offers available through Virtual tutoring apps can be very reasonably priced especially when compared to conventional tutoring rates.

Mobile tutoring platforms are revolutionizing the way students are learning. Virtual learning, in fact, is turning to be more effective to a generation of mobile-savvy students who can now learn on the go. A simple touch of a button and a few snaps of the textbook page is enough to discover the answer to an important question or get one’s homework ready for submission. As for the tutors, these apps serve as a way to make some more money on the fly, as well as share their knowledge with an eager bunch of school and college goers.

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