Bot Development

A bot is a piece of computer generated code that helps in task automation. To converse across different digital mediums, a user has to follow a set of different steps to reach the desired goal. Bots help you understand customer behavior to tailor your services to fit the demand. A bot can be programmed to carry out conversations and perform tasks like human beings using artificial intelligence. They are transforming user experiences and connecting people and companies.Bot development is thus becoming essential for reaching out and servicing customers on your online site.

Features of our bot development service:

  • Chatbots make it easier for users to engage in conversations to deliver them the required services.
  • Intelligent chatbots engage users and lead to more sales of products and services.
  • A ChatBot development company can build bots at affordable rates.Bots generate insights about the way users connect to your website or ecommerce shop.
  • AI bots are utilised to provide a smooth customer experience.

Our experience as a chatbot development company


Webgen Technologies as a bot development company understands the importance of simplifying communication. We have an expertise in creating an array of bots ranging from chatbots for social media, gambling bots, gaming bots and AI bots. We have designed conversational entities that has increased the customer retention of an ecommerce business by almost 35%. We are adept at designing chatter bots like Facebook messenger bots, Slack bot, Telegram bot, etc. We use technologies like NLP (Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding) and NLG (Natural Language Generation) to build chatbot agents.

We offer:

  • Chatbot
  • Gambling Bots
  • Crawler Bots
  • Gaming Bots
  • Transactional Bots
  • Informational Bots

Case Study

case study

Gambling Bot for placing bets in a casino website

Developing a gambling bot that could place bets on behalf of the client throughout the day while he focuses on more important tasks.

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case study

Gambling Bot for placing bets in a casino website


Our bot development team was tasked to create a gambling bot that would place bets on the player’s behalf at The bot would visit the site at the scheduled time of the day and place bets on behalf of the client in accordance with the daily stake amount as defined by the user.

  • Our challenge as gambling bot developers were to make the bot function perfectly within which was a third party website.
  • The player can define the daily stake amount that the bot can use to place bets.

We had to create the bot in a manner so that it follows a series of steps to reach the final goal of placing bets.

Following are the actions performed by the bot:

  1. The bot logs into the account and finds the existing balance.
  2. It goes to deposit section and checks for bonuses.
  3. If no bonus was found, it asks if the user wants to continue (this can be auto-set). If the answer is no, the bot exits.
  4. If multiple bonuses are found, it selects the one with maximum benefit and deposits amount accordingly.
  5. If deposit fails due to invalid credential, user gets notified.
  6. If deposit succeeds, the bot continues to play the game.

The bot was coded using the Microsoft Bot Builder SDK for .NET that leveraged C# as the programming language.


The personalized gambling bot was our first bot development project that involved multiple call to actions and emulations of real life user. We were successful in delivering our client’s requirement and we ourselves took away a lot from this successful undertaking.