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Smita D Talukdar

A very helpful and encouraging working environment. WG technologies, while sustaining its professional approach also enables the new comers to learn and grow with the company. With many exciting projects and mentors to guide you at all step, it helps you become the expert of your field. Glad to be a part of such organization.

Bijit Chakraborty

I am happy to be the part of Webgen Family. It is a good company, with good environment and perfect coordination. It is nice, comfortable and knowledgeable to work with talented colleagues and managers. Thank you Webgen Technologies for giving me such a great opportunity.

Surjya Jana

Great place to work at.. I feel very happy working at Webgen Technology. Company culture is very positive and transparent. Benefits: Work from home , on time salary, colleagues are friendly and good learning scope.

Shouvik Das

Just love to work here. The culture and work environment are really good. Having got an opportunity to work from home I am very happy about that. very good and supportive management team. Colleagues are very supportive, treat like friends.

Tista Dutta

The work environment of the company is very good and motivating. As a fresher one can learn various new technologies and there are good opportunities for them. The leadership team is also very much efficient and helpful.

Tania Mukherjee

Webgen is a great place to work. I joined here a few months ago. I am really thrilled to work here with great support from the seniors, management as well as peer members. Getting opportunities to explore new arenas and upgrade myself. Wish WGT all the success and expect to grow more with the company!!!

Priyanka Hazra

As an employee of Webgen Technologies, I am going through a great journey, learning web development a lot, work culture is great and seniors all so helpful.

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