Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise solutions refers to integrated software solution for businesses that allows exchange of information about the various business processes in one place. It is a comprehensive tool that attends to the needs of both small and large and helps in keeping all databases, employee information, statistics, and process information in one place. Enterprise business solution allow in the dissemination and retrieval of important information across the organization and its access can be adjusted according to the roles that each individual play. Enterprise Software Solutions has an important role in the efficient working of every kind of business. Once you start using an enterprise software you would not want to go back. It is one of the most efficient and paperless ways to store information. For company administrators it is an indispensable tool that helps them keep track of the daily activities and see to the efficient execution of each project. For retail sector, a point of sale software is helpful in keeping track of sales, inventory, revenue and for simplifying customer service. This is another example

Features of our enterprise application software:

  • Customer Relation Management Software for managing tasks within a business organization.
  • Human Resource Management Software and hardware for tracking and storing employee information.
  • Hospital Management Information System for efficient management of a hospital.
  • Point of sale software and hardware for the retail and commercial sector.

Our Experience as Enterprise Software Company

Enterprise Solution Experience

Webgen Technologies offers enterprise software solution and point of sale software for all kinds of businesses. Aimed at the B2B market, our goal is to offer solutions that are designed to meet all the needs business organizations and simplify the process of information transfer. Admins can easily track goals, project updates, employee status, lead information all from one place. It reduces the wastage of paper while point of sale systems for small businesses and large ones help in better customer management and keeping track of all sales.

We offer:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • HRM (Human Resource Management)
  • HMIS (Hospital Management Information System)
  • POS (Point Of Sale Terminals & Software)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Case Study

hrm-screen case study

An Employee Management Solution- HRM

Human Resource Management Software and Mobile Application - HRM

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hrm-screen case study

Human Resource Management Software and Mobile Application - HRM


Creating a Human Resource Management software that efficiently takes care of the management and daily tracking of employees within our own organization.


The major challenge we faced was integrating the various organizational processes both in the website as well as the Android App. We had to track employee attendance, apply for leave, count the number of leaves entitled within a contract period, check for holidays as well as enable the admin to update and check every employee profile.


We created the HRM web solution using PHP MySQL and developed an Android application that our employees and admins can access from anywhere.


With HRM we made it possible to track the daily activities in our organization and offer a better mode of communication between the employees and the organization. The mobile app has solved the problem of leave application that our employees faced if they were not able to access the web app. Overall HRM has helped automate the work process of our organization and made it easy to take care of every need of the employees keeping in mind the rules and regulations of our company.