Internet Of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things or IOT as it is commonly known refers to the system where physical objects have an IP address for connecting to the internet for communication between these objects and other internet-enabled devices and systems. With the wide range of application, there has also come about an increase in the number of iot network providers and iot cloud service providers. Smart homes, smart offices, smart cars, etc are the few areas of application of IOT technology which can be further used by a wide range of industries to save on resources, costs, and time.

Features Of Our IOT Application Service:

  • Designing and developing scalable internet of things applications.
  • Ensuring security of connected devices with multi-layer protocols.
  • IOT advisory services and technical support post development.
  • Remote asset monitoring system with full controls for overseeing operation of connected devices.
  • Connecting a large number of devices for smart homes and smart offices with one touch mobile apps.

Our Experience As An IOT Application Service Provider


Webgen Technologies is one of the top iot application service provider companies with experience in creating connected digital ecosystems. We leverage the power of internet of things technology to offer sustainable business solutions to our clients. From connecting your smart devices to a mobile app to creating other efficient solutions, we strive to help you save energy, resources and time. As an IOT services company, we help businesses to boost productivity, and achieve greater customer retention.

We offer:

  • IOT Applications and Analytics
  • IOT Cloud Services
  • IOT Advisory Services
  • Data Storage and Device Management

Case Study

case study

Human Resource Management Solution for the Company

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case study

Human Resource Management Solution for the Company


The development and design of a human resource management application was a need that the administration felt we needed to better manage the company and attend to the need of every employee. Hence our developers were asked to model an app that would offer the record of every employee, manage leave applications, generate salary slips, manage work time and more.

  • The challenge was to get the SDKs of the biometric scanner to work along with the app.

Our developers created the HRM app that has the basic details of every employee. The major challenge was to ensure that when the biometric scanner would register an employee’s fingerprint, the app would automatically register the entry and exit time. As we did not have the SDK of the biometric software we use, we had to create one and then use the same to get the entire system to work.


The in-house project was as challenging as any other that we did. We also had to develop it within a small span of time which added to the existing challenges. Our achievement was getting it to the app store.