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Black Dragon

Black Dragon Portfolio

Black Dragon Collection comprises art assets which are works of original, sanctioned pieces in varying forms, incorporated of some of the most famous, exclusive, and desirable expressions of man’s creative genius in the world. All of our art is appraised, insured, bonded, secured, and owned by Black Dragon, with exquisite provenance displayed with each piece Black Dragon


Spera Portfolio

Webgen Technologies has assisted many brands with its expert blockchain development services. Spera is one such brand. It is the only genuine Stablecoin with its Golden Edge. Spera is designed to bridge the gap between fiat currency and Cryptocurrency by anchoring itself to the US dollar to create authentic intrinsic and exchangeable value. They approached Spera

Open Music

Open Music Portfolio

Open Music is a non-profit initiative creating an open-source protocol for uniform identification of music rights holders and creators to help students get paid for their Music. Considering the nature of the project, they needed a technology that could help them create a transparent and secured platform. Webgen Technologies, with its reliable blockchain service, was Open Music


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