Transport & Logistics

Transportation is the movement of goods and people from one place to another while logistics refers to the supply chain management and inventory management. A viable transport and logistics app becomes an important addition to these businesses and helps them to seamlessly keep track of their goods and services. With the rise of on-demand apps like uber and package tracking apps, there is a lot that the transportation and logistics businesses can simplifying using these solutions.

Features of our logistics app development service:

  • Custom logistics application software development.
  • Easy tracking solutions with customized solutions.
  • Supply chain management with enterprise level business app development.
  • Tracking website development along with easy to use admin dashboard.
  • Secured payment integration for transportation apps for android and iOS.

Our Experience as a transportation & logistics apps development company


Webgen Technologies have been offering innovating logistics app development service since our inception. Our team of app developers are efficient in creating on-demand apps and delivery logistics apps. We can also implement map features, pickup and drop-in feature along with easy to use user interfaces. You can customize every aspect of your app or website for complete control. We are the transportation & logistics apps development company that addresses all the business requirements of our client to create immaculate products.

We offer:

  • Cargo transport app
  • Delivery logistics app
  • Truck logistics app
  • Apps like Uber

Case Study

case study

Role based site for packers and movers - Clic and Move

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case study

Role based site for packers and movers - Clic and Move


Clic and Move is a multilingual role based site for packers and movers. Users are able to register themselves as a ‘Mover’ or an ‘User’. Movers can be hired by an User depending on availability and location. After the completion of the agreement between the two parties, the User should pay money to the Mover.

  • Calculating the distance, fuel price, extra kilometres in a realistic way.
  • Integration of the Mangopay payment gateway with 3d security.
  • Integrating a custom booking option with additional features.

We had to formulate a realistic system where when moving, one can calculate the distance to the new place from the old one, take into account the floor they are shifting to, input the number of furniture they are moving as well as keep a deposit for emergency situations. PHP was used as the server side language with Laravel 5 framework and MySQL as the database.


The project seemed easy but turned out to be a feat to achieve given that the website was to have many features that would completely take care of the packers and movers business and make it easy for both the parties to negotiate deals and make shifting from one place to another hassle-free.