Travel Booking

Travel booking apps and website have become commonplace in today’s digital world. As more and more travellers across the globe resort to the internet to plan their next trip, the online travel booking sites are serving a one stop destination to find all the information they need to go on their next trip. With the global boom of the travel industry, these online travel portals are becoming one of the mediums by which travel businesses can earn a high ROI.

Features of our travel booking app development:

  • Designing an all-in-one travel guide with flight and hotel booking options.
  • Geolocation tracking and weather forecasting to help people to plan holidays.
  • Tourism app development for giving tourists a complete guide around the city.
  • Cab service integration to help people travel around easily.
  • Integrating search and filter options to help pinpoint popular tourist attractions.

Our experience as a travel app development company


Webgen Technologies can help you design and develop travel guides, e-booking portal, flight booking apps as well as help you with the promotion of the same. The websites are designed with options to book flights and hotels, travel guides, and detailed information on vacation packages. We can develop travel app like expedia, priceline for you. You can customize your tourism app and website as per your requirement. The integration of hotel booking api and flight booking api is also executed by us to allow your users to book flights and find hotels when they land on your travel site. You can also include exclusive holiday packages to offer enrich your travellers’ experience.

We offer:

  • Flight Booking Apps
  • Hotel Booking Apps
  • Online Travel Guides
  • E-booking Apps
  • Tourism apps

Our work

Case Study

case study

Travel Booking Website For Tasmania

A comprehensive travel guide for the state of Tasmania, Australia.

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case study

Travel Booking Website For Tasmania


We were tasked with the project of creating a comprehensive travel guide for the state of Tasmania, Australia. The website was to include flight booking, hotel booking, car rental, event updates, listing of the local bars and restaurants and other complete information on Tasmania.

  • Putting together the client’s vision for accommodations, event listings, bars & restaurants, multi-tier subscription packages.
  • Integrating the APIs for flight booking and hotel booking

Webgen Technologies designed and developed We have integrated Expedia Partner API as well as ATDW data from V3 Leisure for hotel booking options. However, we have also implemented options for admin as well as user generated data for hotels/accomodations, bars & restaurants to be maintained parallely. The admin has full control over all data types.


Creating a travel booking website that offers travellers a one-stop-destination for all details related to travelling in and around Tasmania. We were able to fulfill each requirement creating the ultimate website that people should visit if they are planning a trip to Australia specifically Tasmania.