Digitization of the Automobile Industry

The industry is evolving from the simple production of an automobile to the creation of an intelligent, connected digital transportation hub. Digitization has improved the value chain. It offered new ways to engage with customers, partners, & suppliers, interacting through data. In line with this, our automotive technological solutions have resulted in the personalization of services & individual customer interaction solutions. That includes omnichannel pre-sales engagement, personalized driving experiences, targeted mobility, IoT integration, personalized insurance portals, personalized data insurance, & car-sharing customer profiles.

Empowering the automotive industry to capitalize on the power of technological innovations

Predictive Automobile Technology

Giving businesses an edge, it aids in product development, pricing, & marketing decisions.

Smart Home Integration with IoT

It allows speech-enabled, AI-powered connectivity to smart homes from a car's assistant.

Car-as-a-service (CaaS)

A better app-based car hiring solution & a smooth, secure, global driving experience.

Biometric Seat Technology for enhanced safety

Sensors for monitoring drivers' health trigger automatic speed limit, audio warning, etc.

Vehicle data analytics

It uses real-time data and insights to connect drivers to their cars and surroundings.

Digital solutions boost sales & increase loyalty

It helps in making accurate predictions about future sales volumes and customer retention.

Better automotive production and assembly with Hybrid cloud & AI

Using data, optimize operations by improving product quality, efficiency, and so on.

Technological and software solutions

The industry is gradually but steadily shifting toward digital transformation. Our solutions, such as Prediction Model AI and AI-Based Sales Forecasting, fall into the same category. Similarly, our forecasting services are powered by cutting-edge ML algorithms that can predict demand patterns with high accuracy. We also provide apps for dealerships, manufacturers, and aftermarket parts and accessories companies, as well as a full range of automotive-specific digital marketing services. Again, we can assist you with anything from developing a new cryptocurrency to tracking the history of your car using our innovative technological solutions. In addition, we provide a complete ERP software development solution for the automotive industry.

Prediction Model AI
AI-Based Sales Forecasting
ML Demand Forecasting
Mobile App Development
Digital Marketing Services
ERP Software
Blockchain Solutions

Our Case Studies

The automobile industry is rapidly transforming with innovative digital solutions. Our technology and software solutions have been instrumental in transforming and supporting the transformation of many key players in the industry.

The overview

Who is Coudicar?

Coudicar is a luxury car rental company based in Montreal. Based in Canada, it is a car rental company that allows users to rent a car from a variety of cars, such as Sunset Suites, in 60 seconds and at incredible prices. It is extremely cost-effective. It also provides a wide range of booking options. In a nutshell, it offers unique services to each client. This includes things like free pick-up and delivery, the option to place an additional driver on the contract for free, mileage of 150 km on every vehicle, etc. Besides, it also guarantees the lowest car rental prices in Montreal.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Coudicar, a car rental company, required a website that met its business objectives while also providing its customers with an exceptional yet simple user experience. During the consultation, we performed their requirements analysis, planned for QA requirements, and identified project risks. After conducting a thorough SRS, we proposed a product architecture. Following that, we jumped right into developing, testing, and deploying the website. Resulting of our meticulous process, we created a unique website for them, complete with an appealing interface, improved UX, and dual-language compatibility.

The overview

Who is COMOS?

The Cohesive Mobility Solution (COMOS) is a mode of transportation that supplements & expands on existing public transportation infrastructure. It offers complete E-Mobility services by integrating various components of the EV ecosystem & value chain, such as EV users, EV charging providers, EV fleet operators, parking management operators, & telecommunication network operators, all under the umbrella of the “Cohesive Mobility Solution” (COMOS). It also offers public charging infrastructure, like a centralized network management system for electric vehicles & charging stations.

How did we help them with our solutions?

It’s one of those initiatives that we’re particularly pleased with. In fact, we were among the first in Asia to design an app for Malaysian electric vehicle car-sharing, COMOS, in 2014. Since this was a futuristic initiative, COMOS approached us to design an innovative, fully functional, and highly accessible EV car-sharing mobile application. From consultation to deployment, we were meticulous in our approach and in meeting our clients’ requirements. We successfully developed a state-of-the-art car-sharing mobile application for COMOS using clear communication, timely delivery, and our vast technological resources.

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