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Are you looking for a software development company that can help you with your banking software needs? Webgen Technologies is a software development company that offers financial software development services. Unlike your regular banking software development company, we offer comprehensive financial software development services.

Digital Solutions that Enable the Industry to Grow and Deliver Value

In recent years, digital transformation has been at the forefront of the finance & banking industries. Traditional banking & financial institutions have either evolved into or adopted the methods of FinTech companies to serve modern & digitally aligned customers better. It aims to create user-friendly, efficient, transparent, automated, and secure finance & banking products and services. Hence, we provide comprehensive banking software & solutions to support the future of the business, spanning from finance & banking domain consultancy to generating analytics tools to harness the power of data in the banking & finance sector.

Adoption of Digital Technologies in Banking and Finance

From human to machine-led interaction

Possibility to improve response time, accuracy, credit scoring, & fraud management.

On-demand banking & financing services

The ease of accessing financial & banking services via a mobile app at your convenience

Enhance the customer experience

IoT sensors, unlike traditional systems, help financial & banking firms offer a better UX.

Low business process costs

With big data & AI-powered analytics tools, collecting data from remote areas is simple.

M-banking APIs

Built on existing systems or from scratch, boosting capacity & allowing better oversight.

Accept and process digital deposits & transactions

Blockchain technologies let customers deposit CBDC or cryptocurrencies, for improved UX.

Technological and software solutions

We offer development services for Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, AI, ML, peer-to-peer lending, equity crowdfunding, the IoT, big data, and mobile payment systems. These are a few of our technology solutions that have assisted many credible finance & banking companies in their digital transformation.

Web Design
Design and branding
Web App development
Mobile app development
Corporate & Interorganizational Software Systems
Departmental Software
Software for a Specific Business Function
Customer Self-service Apps
Financial ERP software

Our Case Studies

The expansion and digital transformation of the finance & banking industries have been driven by innovative technology and software solutions. Many key companies in the industry have benefited from our solutions in their journey to digital transformation.

The overview

Who is Palayan Resources Inc.?

Palayan Resources Inc. (OTC: PLYN) is a publicly-traded holding company that seeks to manage transactions by acquiring controlling interests in acquisition targets through subsidiaries. With a team-driven road to success, it is poised and positioned to counsel, develop, create, acquire, and bring along as many enterprises as possible. They seek out and acquire lucrative, in-the-money operational enterprises with room for expansion. The company is industry-agnostic and driven by opportunity.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Webgen Technologies was approached by Palayan Resources Inc. to assist them in developing a website that is consistent with their brand image, as well as convenient, intuitive, and sensitive to the newest trends and industry standards. Thanks to our years of experience and technological know-how, we produced exactly what our clients desired. From the initial consultation to the deployment of the final product, ongoing accessibility and open communication were essential. We put our best effort into all we did, from needs analysis to preparing for QA requirements, designing a product architecture, creating, testing, and deploying the website.

The overview

Who is MZ Group?

MZ Group is a global leader in corporate communications and investor relations. Through a unique, completely integrated “one-stop-shop” business strategy, they deliver innovative, tailored services to domestic and multinational private and public companies. MZ serves all relevant markets by providing a comprehensive suite of products and services through a single point of contact, allowing their clients to develop a long-term public brand. They serve as a primary source of information for institutional investors, brokers, analysts, and individual investors.

How did we help them with our solutions?

MZ Group contacted Webgen Technologies in order to avail of our website design services. We had a consultation session during which we analyzed their needs and presented a product architecture. From concept through development, our technical & creative talents worked to produce an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional website that meets the highest industry standards. As a result, we created a website for the MZ group that, in addition to having excellent UX & UI designs, is also integrated with the latest technology to stay current with industry trends. We communicated with the MZ group throughout the project.

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