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Strengthen your finance and banking operations with secure and agile app development solutions. We can help you serve your customers better and improve business performance. Our fintech application development services are cutting-edge and innovative, suited for all kinds of financial and banking institutions.

Why Hire Outsourced Fintech Developers in Kolkata, India

As a leading fintech app development company in Kolkata, India we provide top-grade and advanced solutions. For competitive, agile, and bespoke web and mobile applications, we can be your perfect choice. Our company with 11 years of expertise in the FinTech space offers you great benefits:

  • Consulting services from top experts
  • Dedicated team augmentation
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Agile and secure development
  • Reliable technical support
  • Use of advanced tools and technologies
  • Continuous focus on R&D

Redefine Banking by Partnering with Top FinTech Software Company

Machine-led Interaction

Improves customer response time and quick service delivery with the least human intervention.

Tightens Security

Leveraging technology like Blockchain in Fintech Apps ensure your transactions are secure and safe.

Enhances Customer Experience

Managing personal finance and money transfer in just a few clicks in the comfort of your homes.


Improves users’ experience through a customized banking environment and easy interaction with customer support.

Fraud Management

Automated solutions for the detection and prevention of fraudulent transactions through Machine Learning.

Easy Integrations

Easy integration of dynamic features into your applications and providing your customers with a rich customer experience.


Find answers to some commonly raised questions before hiring our FinTech app developers.

The cost of your Fintech app development depends on the project requirements. The type and number of features you want to integrate into your app are also two major determining factors of your project cost. To get an exact cost estimate, please reach out to our team.

The 5 primary things to consider while outsourcing your project to  fintech app development companies in Kolkata are:


Technical Knowledge & Expertise – You should ensure that the app developers of the company you have hired have enough experience in developing first-rate web and mobile apps.


Industry Experience – Another criterion you need to check is that the developers have profound knowledge and experience in building Fintech apps.


Responsive Communication – The team and project manager should be readily available and accessible to answer your questions.


Flexible Approach – The developer should be ready to accept changes and integrate new features as and when required. Moreover, they should be able to overcome critical development challenges.

As a premier Banking & Finance app development company, we make sure to leverage trending and cutting-edge technologies for your applications. We work on React Native, Swift, Android Native, and Flutter to build scalable mobile apps.

Webgen Technologies have been serving the Fintech industry for more than 11 years. Based on our long years of experience and talented team on board, we are definitely a company you can rely on for powerful Fintech app development at the lowest cost.

Yes, you can. We are one of the top fintech custom software development companies that specialize in delivering software tailored to your specific business needs.

You can hire our mobile app development services by signing up very easily with just a few clicks.


  •  Drop an inquiry regarding your app idea
  •  Get connected with top consulting experts to discuss your project requirements.
  •  Select one of our hiring models
  •  Sign a contract
  •  Our team will immediately start working on your project

It will completely depend on your project’s complexity as well as project size. Usually, for any project, we allocated a consulting expert, project manager and developer. However, when the project scale is big and has diverse project requirements, we will allocate more resources or app developers. Hire a developer now to turn your Fintech app idea into a reality. 

The time taken to complete the project depends on the project size and requirements. Specifically, the below-mentioned factors determine the project completion time. 


  • Number of pages
  • Design and app elements to be included 
  • Push Notification features
  • Images
  • Payment Gateway Integration

We offer a broad suite of app development services to FinTech firms.


  • Mobile Banking 
  • Digital Wallet 
  • Payment Gateways
  • Mobile Banking
  • Lending Apps
  • Biometric Identification
  • Investment Management App

Besides app creation, we also provide exceptional website development services to top Fintech companies all over the world.

Yes, we can create a bespoke app with features, navigation and functionalities like Paytm. Our apps are integrated with dynamic and powerful features which are capable of competing with the top apps in the market.

Our Range of FinTech Application Development Services

We offer enterprise-grade solutions that aid in smooth digital transformation. That’s why, wealth managers, banking and finance companies rely heavily on us for Fintech app development in India. Also, we can develop peer-to-peer lending, equity crowdfunding, the IoT, big data, and mobile payment systems. In short, we eliminate the gap between offline and digital experience by providing first-rate software, Website Design & Development, and mobile applications. With our exceptional and client-specific app solutions, we have emerged as one of the Fintech software development companies in India. Join us in the revolution of new banking and make life easier for customers.

Digital Wallet
Payment Gateways
Mobile Banking
Lending Apps
Banking & FinTech CRM
Digital Identity
Investment Management App
FinTech Custom Software Development

Our Case Studies

Innovative solutions drive the expansion and digital transformation of the finance & banking industries. Being one of the top Fintech software companies in India, we offer state-of-the-art software solutions to push growth. Many key firms in the industry have gained from our FinTech application development services. We have been pivotal in their journey to digital transformation.

The overview

Who is Palayan Resources Inc.?

Palayan Resources Inc. (OTC: PLYN) is a publicly-traded holding company that seeks to manage transactions by acquiring controlling interests in acquisition targets through subsidiaries. With a team-driven road to success, it is poised and positioned to counsel, develop, create, acquire, and bring along as many enterprises as possible. They seek out and acquire lucrative, in-the-money operational enterprises with room for expansion. The company is industry-agnostic and driven by opportunity.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Webgen Technologies was approached by Palayan Resources Inc. to assist them in developing a website that is consistent with their brand image, as well as convenient, intuitive, and sensitive to the newest trends and industry standards. Thanks to our years of experience and technological know-how, we produced exactly what our clients desired. From the initial consultation to the deployment of the final product, ongoing accessibility and open communication were essential. We put our best effort into all we did, from needs analysis to preparing for QA requirements, designing a product architecture, creating, testing, and deploying the website.

The overview

Who is MZ Group?

MZ Group is a global leader in corporate communications and investor relations. Through a unique, completely integrated “one-stop-shop” business strategy, they deliver innovative, tailored services to domestic and multinational private and public companies. MZ serves all relevant markets by providing a comprehensive suite of products and services through a single point of contact, allowing their clients to develop a long-term public brand. They serve as a primary source of information for institutional investors, brokers, analysts, and individual investors.

How did we help them with our solutions?

MZ Group contacted Webgen Technologies to avail of our website design services. We had a consultation session during which we analyzed their needs and presented a product architecture. From concept through development, our technical & creative talents worked to produce an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional website that meets the highest industry standards. As a result, we created a website for the MZ group that, in addition to having excellent UX & UI designs, is also integrated with the latest technology to stay current with industry trends. We communicated with the MZ group throughout the project.

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