Embracing the New Dimension in the Industry

The industry is rapidly evolving. It is fueled by the need to cut operating costs while increasing revenue in the largely competitive & volatile markets. Hence, the industry has always been among the first to adopt new technologies. From digital books, Internet TV, digital games, & motion pictures to mobile phone apps, entertainment & media content are now delivered and distributed as a digital service. That is due to the rise in the number of connected consumers. Other factors entail global content intermediation & distribution and digital media advertising. Thus, our solutions are built to support the industry's evolving business models, content models, management, etc.

Using Digital Solutions to Transform the Industry

Harness the power of Big Data

Big data offers the ability to manage & disseminate data at unprecedented rates & scales.

Do More with Media Cloud

Users can now share music, build playlists, and rate it online thanks to the media cloud.

Analyze with AI solutions

It helps analyze audience trends, digital asset management, & social media analytics, etc

Digital Marketing for better ROI

It enables SMM, data warehousing, targeted marketing & the creation of new revenue streams

Achieve more with blockchain

Enables collaborative production and boosts IP & digital archiving revenue.

Mobile app your marketing tool

Helps in subscriber management, targeting niche audience groups & offerings, etc.

Technological and software solutions

The medium and quality of entertainment and media evolve rapidly, just as technology does. Customers and competitors are more linked than ever before in the media and entertainment industries. Similarly, customers are shifting their spending from traditional media items to digital services and media products, which are fast expanding. As such, digital advertising, personalized services, online portals and publishing, data journalism, mobile apps, and other services and functions relevant to the sector are all made possible by our technology and software solutions.

AI solutions
Portfolio Website
Blockchain Solutions
Mobile App Development
Custom Illustrations
Logo Design Services
Analytics Web Apps
Digital Marketing
On-demand apps
Cloud Services

Our Case Studies

Through technical headways, the entertainment & media industries are rapidly transforming into digital industries. Similarly, our groundbreaking technology & software solutions have revolutionized how several key media and entertainment companies create and share content with audiences.

The overview

Who is Golf News Hubb?

Golf News Hubb is a news platform that focuses on producing highly relevant, updated, and engaging news about golf from all around the world. It covers stories like the LPGA Tour event, the PGA Tour, and so on. With the aim of providing daily updates straight from the world of golf to its readers on their desktop and mobile screens, it publishes daily news about the golf world on its platform. As such, it is a highly reliable source of information and updates for every reader interested in or belonging to the golf industry.

How did we help them with our solutions?

When Golf News Hubb approached us to create a website that fits their business goals, we were eager to get started. For them, we built a WordPress-based Golf News site. But, it was not as easy as one might think. A news website, unlike a corporate website, requires a different approach to UX & UI design. A thorough consulting process that helped us define their SRS. Our in-house engineers could easily understand the challenge. Everything was done promptly & professionally, from product architect design to website development, testing, & deployment. As a result, we successfully designed & constructed a clean, crisp & highly user-friendly website design for them.

The overview

Who is Open Music?

“Open Music” is a non-profit organization that is developing an open-source protocol for identifying music rights holders and producers to assist students in receiving payment for their work. It is, in fact, the outcome of Berklee College of Music’s collaboration with MIT to help students monetize their music. Leading academic institutions, music, media business organizations, creators, technologists, entrepreneurs, and policy experts who love and respect music collaborated to build it. It is dedicated to making advancements in technology, advocacy, education, and policy.

How did we help them with our solutions?

“Open Music” approached us with a project that was both intriguing & demanding. They wanted a technology that could assist them in developing a transparent & protected platform, given the nature of the project. Because of our dependable blockchain service, Webgen Technologies was the best choice for the job. They were able to achieve increased transparency, security, & a decentralized platform thanks to our in-house blockchain development experts. We spent a significant amount of time learning about the project’s goals during our consultation session, including proposing a project architecture & more. We committed our best developers and resources to produce an amazing result.

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