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Media & Entertainment App Development in India

Be a part of the digital revolution by leveraging the service of a top-level media and entertainment app development company. Get secure and compelling digital solutions so as to give your users limitless access to rich content. Webgen Technologies helps media companies improve their production efficiency and manage the content supply chain effortlessly through powerful software, web and mobile app solutions.

The Best Place for Entertainment App Development in Kolkata

As a media and entertainment app development company, we render effective solutions that maximize the value of content. Stay updated in your industry by making the most of our specialized services. We will help you to keep pace with the fast-evolving media ecosystem by introducing phenomenal and state-of-the-art solutions. Challenges in media & entertainment that we help businesses overcome :

  • User experience
  • Customer retention
  • Content integration
  • Content monetization
Wait no more and contact us to get realistic solutions for your media firm and enjoy high user engagement.

Agile Mobility Solutions for Media and Entertainment Industry

Live Media Streaming

Driving customer engagement through online streaming of the latest episodes, games, and matches on mobile phones.

Offline Streaming

Users can now download and save content for offline streaming when they have no access to an internet connection.

Mobile Gaming

Turn your creative game ideas into a reality and give gamers an addictive experience.

Video Sharing

Easy sharing of music videos and other useful content to effectively engage audiences and generate revenue.

Social Networking

Social networking portals and apps to help users stay connected to close ones or meet people across a specific niche.

Digitizing Advertising

Running online advertisements or digital ads on websites, social media channels, mobile apps, and other digital platforms.


Here are the answers to some of the commonly raised questions by clients from the media and entertainment industry.

Well, there is not just one but a myriad of reasons to choose us for your entertainment app development in India. We offer benefits that no other company can provide you with. 

  • An experienced team of developers with professional excellence 
  • Proven track record of delivering A-grade apps for media & entertainment businesses
  • Flexible and affordable hiring models
  • Delivering results that ensure 100% client satisfaction

The cost for such an app is dependent on various factors such as:

  • Complexity of design
  • Search features 
  • Image quality and resolution 
  • Social media integration 
  • Push notification integration

Rest assured, if you hire entertainment app developers of Webgen Technologies, you can get all the essential features incorporated in your dream app at the least cost. Reach out to our team to get an exact cost estimate.

You can drop an inquiry by reaching out to our sales team. They will connect you with the top app consulting experts. Discuss your idea and share your requirements in detail. The next step is to select a hiring model that suits your needs and sign a contract. Your dedicated entertainment app developer in Kolkata will immediately start off with your music app. Go to our Hire us page for more details.

Yes. We sign an NDA and comply with all the NDA rules to ensure that your app idea is protected and completely safe with us.

Yes, you can. With proficient iOS as well as android app developers on board, we can build the exact type of app you need for your business. Webgen Technologies is considered one of the top entertainment app development companies because of its capabilities and strong skills in delivering mobility solutions for both operating systems. Our seasoned app developers are experts in frameworks and programming languages like React Native, Android Native, Swift, and Flutter.

Yes. Certainly. To keep pace with the fast-changing demands of audiences, you need to build music, video and movie streaming apps. If you don’t have an app, you are losing a great portion of your sales. An interesting entertainment app that gives users easy access to diverse content will always stay on top in the list of trending apps. Thus, to engage the audience in a better way with gripping content, you need to leverage the expertise of a proficient entertainment app developer in India.

Yes, we provide full-cycle development services for your media & entertainment apps. Our team of mobile app developers will start from scratch and will work throughout the entire process of development till the launch of your app. Share your innovative app idea to get started now.

Yes. Absolutely! An app can give a boost to your business by captivating the audience. Moreover, our app development services can offer several benefits to startups/

  • Keeping up with the latest market trends
  • Integrating social media 
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Content Integration

Our key expertise lies in delivering mobile applications integrated with rich features like live chatting, push notifications, reminders, localization, GPS facility etc.

Emerging Solutions for Entertainment Mobile App & Website Development in India

Rise to the next level in the media industry by joining hands with a leading entertainment app development company in Kolkata. In this phase of interactive videos, Live TV entertainment, and digital gaming, we ensure that your business not just performs well but also surpasses your competitors. Utilize our media and entertainment software development solutions to become a brand that is known for entertaining the crowd with its immersive content.

Media Streaming Apps
ERP Software
OTT Platform Apps
Mobile Gaming Apps
Video Editing App
Photo Editing Apps
Social Networking Apps
Music On-demand Apps
Dating Apps

Our Case Studies

The entertainment and media industries are rapidly transforming into digital industries as a result of technological advances. Similarly, our entertainment app development company in India has revolutionized how several key media and entertainment companies create and share content with audiences. Below is the overview of some projects successfully delivered by our entertainment app developers in India.

The overview

Who is Golf News Hubb?

Golf News Hubb is a news platform that focuses on producing highly relevant, updated, and engaging news about golf from all around the world. It covers stories like the LPGA Tour event, the PGA Tour, and so on. Intending to provide daily updates straight from the world of golf to its readers on their desktop and mobile screens, it publishes daily news about the golf world on its platform. As such, it is a highly reliable source of information and updates for every reader interested in or belonging to the golf industry.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Golf News Hubb approached us to create a website that fit their business goals. We were eager to get started. For them, we built a WordPress-based Golf News site. But it was not as easy as one might think. A news website, unlike a corporate website, demands a different approach to UX & UI design. A thorough consulting process that helped us define their SRS. Our in-house engineers could easily understand the challenge. Everything was done promptly & professionally, from product architect design to website development, testing, & deployment. As a result, we successfully designed & constructed a clean, crisp & highly user-friendly website design for them.

The overview

Who is Open Music?

“Open Music” is a non-profit organization that is developing an open-source protocol for identifying music rights holders and producers to assist students in receiving payment for their work. It is, in fact, the outcome of Berklee College of Music’s collaboration with MIT to help students monetize their music. Leading academic institutions, music, and media business organizations, creators, technologists, entrepreneurs, and policy experts who love and respect music collaborated to build it. It is dedicated to making advancements in technology, advocacy, education, and policy.

How did we help them with our solutions?

“Open Music” approached us with a project that was both intriguing & demanding. They wanted a technology that could assist them in developing a transparent & protected platform, given the nature of the project. Because of our dependable blockchain service, Webgen Technologies was the perfect choice for the job. They were able to achieve increased transparency, security, & a decentralized platform thanks to our in-house blockchain development experts. We spent a significant amount of time learning about the project’s goals during our consultation session, including proposing a project architecture & more. We committed our expert developers and resources to produce an amazing result.

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