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Get incredible mobile apps that attract and engage audiences and make them conversion-ready. As a company with a global presence, we create inspirational designs and provide innovative solutions for mobile application development. Our enthusiastic team of developers has almost a decade of experience in handling a diverse variety of projects.

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We, a fastest-growing iOS and android application development company in Kolkata, India are committed to delivering superior solutions. Our passionate developers work with a complete sense of ownership and build functional apps for your business. Most importantly, we focus on crafting one-of-a-kind and intriguing apps that reflect your brand’s uniqueness to the world. Our mobile apps not just visually stand out but also give your users an immersive experience.

Why We are your #1 Choice as Mobile App Development Company in India

  1. End-to-end Services

    We are a mobile application development agency in Kolkata that provides full-cycle services from concept ideation to app launch.

  2. Highly Skilled Developers

    Handpicked talented developers who have solid technical expertise in Android, iOS, and Hybrid app development.

  3. Extraordinary Results

    By using high-end technologies, we deliver apps like no one else and help businesses achieve digital success.

Mobile App Development Services We Deliver

We, as an android and iPhone application development agency in Kolkata, have earned the trust of numerous esteemed clients by serving them with user-centered solutions. Our top-notch and robust suite of mobile application development services are sure to provide you with rewarding experiences.

Android App Development

Firms stride towards excellence with our high-performing and bespoke android apps built using cutting-edge technologies and best strategy integration.

iOS App Development

Our exceptionally talented iOS app developers help you to stay ahead of the curve by offering you customized iOS solutions that exceed your users’ demands.

Hybrid App Development

With extensive experience and knowledge, we can build highly intuitive and superior hybrid apps that provide seamless experiences and boost engagement.

On-Demand App Development

We can help you with any kind of on-demand app development such as food delivery, cab booking, logistics, grocery apps, fashion apps, medicine delivery and others.

Progressive App Development

Our developers are proficient in developing progressive web apps with beautiful interfaces and rich features to give your users a smooth browsing experience.

Wearable App Development

If you need to create an advanced wearable app for your smart gadgets like watches, fitness bands, jewellery, smart glasses etc. then Webgen Technologies can help you.

AR/VR App Development

Our expert developers have profound knowledge and deep expertise in creating AR/VR apps like Snapchat, gaming apps like Pokemon Go, home decor apps etc.

IoT App Development

Our app development service offerings also include apps for controlling smart home appliances, car driving apps, retail, healthcare, etc.

dApps Development

Our Blockchain engineers are experts at building decentralized applications for Fintech and other various industries using blockchain technology.

Our Delivered Projects

A Mobile App Development Company in India You Can Always Trust

Embrace the world of mobility by partnering with the premier iOS and android app development company. With our award-winning app solutions, you can unlock new revenue-earning opportunities. We convert your idea into a reality in a flawless manner. Thus, wait no more and schedule a call today to get started!


Find answers to some commonly raised questions before hiring our Mobile app development services in Kolkata, India.

At Webgen Technologies, we offer a wide variety of mobile app development services to meet the needs of our clients. These include iOS Application Development, Android Application Development, Flutter App Development, React Native App Development, and Hybrid App Development.

We also offer cross-platform app development, allowing you to reach a wider audience with your app. In addition, we can help you with custom app development, ensuring that your app is just what you want it to be. Whether you need a simple or a complex app, we can help you get the desired results.

Our mobile app developer company in India builds apps integrating various features that improve the user experience and provide a wide range of functionality. Some of the features included in our mobile applications are listed below.

  • User accounts
  • Push notifications
  • Messaging
  • Location services
  • GPS tracking
  • Social media integration
  • In-app purchases
  • Advertising
  • Analytics

Moreover, our developers make sure to go for a mobile app and website usability testing before the final delivery of the product.

There are many reasons to hire us as your mobile app development company in Kolkata, India. Some of them are listed below:

  • We have a proven track record of delivering quality mobile applications for different types of clients.
  • We have a team of experienced and talented mobile app developers who are passionate about their work and deliver the best results.
  • We have experience working with various platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • We use the latest technologies and tools to develop mobile apps that are indeed innovative and stand out from the crowd.
  • We offer a hassle-free development process designed to save you time and money.
  • We also offer competitive pricing for our mobile app development services.

These factors have helped us become one of the best companies for app development in Kolkata, India.  If you’re still not convinced, then have a look at our Portfolio page to see our latest works for our clients.

The mobile app market is growing at a rapid rate. In fact, according to studies, mobile applications will yield over $935 billion in revenue by 2023. Besides, in the past few years, we have seen a surge in the number of people who use their phones and tablets to access the internet and perform various tasks. 

This trend is only set to continue. That is why businesses should have a presence on mobile devices. It also presents a great opportunity for business houses to reach new customers. To add to that, our app development company in Kolkata delivers mobile solutions that assure you great user engagement and expand your market base.

Being a business owner, you would always like to stay connected with your customers on a personal level. And these days, that means being on their mobile phones. App development is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your customers. Here are ten reasons why you should leverage app services from a mobile app developer company in India for your business:

  1. Apps are where your customers are: Mobile apps are indeed where your customers are. In fact, studies show that people spend more time on apps than they do on the internet. Besides, more and more people use mobile devices as their primary way of accessing the internet. That’s why it’s vital to focus on application development.
  2. The best tool to keep your customers: There’s no denying that apps are the best tool to retain your customers. By providing a convenient, easy-to-use experience that is accessible at any time, apps make it simple for customers to stay engaged with your brand. In addition, apps can be customized for individual users, which makes each person feel valued and appreciated. All of these factors come together to create a powerful tool for retention. However, to make sure that your app gives your users an enjoyable experience, you need to seek the help of the best Android, hybrid and iOS app development company in Kolkata.
  3. Better accessibility for your customers: With an app, customers can quickly and easily find the information or services they need without having to search through a website. That can be a great time saver, and it can also lead to increased customer satisfaction. In addition, apps can be designed to work offline, which is a vital consideration for businesses with customers in areas with poor or no internet coverage.
  4. Customer service: An application can be a great way to improve your customer service. You can use it to send notifications about special sales or events, answer customer questions, and provide other information that would be useful to your customers. Also, applications offer businesses a direct line of communication with their customers. That is a huge benefit when it concerns providing customer service and support.
  5. Enable easy shopping: An application can make it easy for your customers to shop with you, whether they’re looking for something specific or just browsing. That way, you can also increase the sales and revenue of your business with apps. Also, collaborating with one of the top-rated 10 mobile app development companies in Kolkata, India will ensure that you get an app that provides users with immersive experiences and get them converted instantly into paying customers.
  6. Applications can help businesses save money: They can do this by reducing print and advertising costs and increasing efficiency and productivity. It can also help improve your overall marketing since this is a great way to expand your customer base and reach new people at a minimal cost.
  7. Gain a better understanding of the tastes of your audience: While there are many reasons to focus on application development for your business, one of the most important is the availability of customer insights. With it, you can collect data on how your customers use your product or service, what they like and don’t like, and what their overall experience is. That information can be used to improve your business and customer experience by developing targeted marketing campaigns and personalized offers.
  8. Boost consumer engagement: Applications offer a variety of features and benefits that can help businesses boost consumer engagement. These include the ability to offer personalized content, a seamless, interactive, and convenient user experience, and the ability to collect data that can be used to improve the app and the overall customer experience. Moreover, merely developing an app for a single platform won’t be able to engage customers on all levels. If your app is for Android devices, then potential buyers using Apple devices will be missing out on great opportunities. Thus, get connected with an eminent iOS app development company in Kolkata, India or someone that develops apps for the platforms.
  9. Helps build brand awareness and recognition: A mobile app is a powerful tool as it can help build brand awareness and recognition. You can significantly increase your visibility and reach by creating a branded app and making it available to your target audience. In addition, a mobile app can help to solidify your brand identity and make it more memorable to your users. By investing in a mobile app, you can reap the benefits of increased brand awareness and recognition.
  10. Additional convenience for your audience: A mobile app can be additionally convenient for your audience by providing them with a way to access your content on the go. That is especially important for audiences who are always on the go and need to be able to access your content quickly and easily. A mobile app can also offer push notifications. That can keep your audience up-to-date with new content or special offers.

In conclusion, you should start focusing on building mobile apps and we, as an affordable and high-quality mobile app development company in Kolkata, India. Mobile apps are convenient, portable, and easy to use. It is also a great way to reach a larger audience.

The app market shows a growing trend. Any company that wants to expand its business should not miss this trend. Creating a mobile application has many advantages. But it is also essential to take into account a few steps during its development to achieve the most profitability.

The eight essential steps below will help you develop a successful mobile application that meets your customers’ needs and helps achieve your business goals. Hence, consider hiring a reputed iOS and android mobile app development company in Kolkata, India that follows these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to developing a great mobile app!

  • Understand your market: When developing it, you must understand your market. That means understanding who your target audience is, what are the needs of your target audience, and what your application can do to solve those needs. Without this understanding, creating it will be very challenging to create a successful app.
  • Specify your target audience and idea for it: Before you even start developing it, you must specify your target audience and be clear about what your application will be about. Trying to build it without this clarity is likely to fail. Your target audience will largely dictate what kind you develop, what features it will have, and how successful it ultimately is. So take the time to point out who you want to target and what things would interest them before you begin developing it. Besides, outsourcing to an experienced app development company in India will give you complete peace of mind on this matter. Because they would first figure out your audience and then start working on the design and development.
  • Choose whether it will be native, hybrid, or web-based: The type you develop will impact the overall experience for your users. As such, when you want to create a fast, responsive, and reliable app, native is the way to go. A hybrid is a good option if you want to develop an app quickly and inexpensively. Webgen Technologies has highly skilled hybrid app developers to help you out. Also, they can support you with website design and development of web-based apps. The web is the way to go if you want to create a more complex app with many features. No matter what kind of app you’re looking to build, deciding on the right type is an essential step you can’t miss.
  • Weigh your options for monetization: When developing your application, you need to think about how you will monetize it. There are many choices available to you. And you need to weigh the pros and cons of each one to decide which is best for it. You can charge for downloads, sell in-app purchases, or show ads. However, each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. So you must carefully consider your application and your audience before decision-making. As a professional android and iOS app development company, we can suggest some best ways to increase your earnings through apps.
  • Create your marketing strategy: An application marketing strategy is essential when developing it. It will help you to define your target audience, set your goals, and create a plan for how to reach those goals. Without a marketing strategy, it will be challenging to make it successful. You increase your chances of success in the mobile app market by building a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Strategize how you would optimize it for the app store: If you want to ensure that your application is successful, you need to take the time to strategize and optimize it for the app store. That includes keyword research, considering the competition, and creating a well-designed and user-friendly UX. By taking these steps, you can give it the best chance for success. A capable mobile app development company in Kolkata, India can help you with this definitely.
  • Identify and use your resources: When developing a mobile app, you can’t afford to miss any essential steps. One of the most important steps is to specify and utilize your resources wisely. You can easily spend too much time and money developing it without getting the desired results if you’re not careful. To avoid this, you must take the time to identify all the resources you’ll need to develop it successfully. That includes things like market research, software development tools, and, of course, human resources. Once you have all your resources in place, with confidence, you can begin developing them, knowing that you have everything you need to succeed. Seems complicated? Not to worry! We have got you covered. Connect with the best mobile app development company in India to create a world-class app for your brand.
  • Make it secure for your business and users: As the number of mobile applications has increased, so have the instances of data breaches and security issues. If you are developing it for your business, you must take security measures to protect it and your users’ data. Many things can help make it more secure, such as ensuring that all data is encrypted, using secure authentication methods, and providing a mechanism for reporting security issues. By taking these steps, you can help keep your and your users’ data safe.

When developing a mobile application, there are eight essential steps you cannot miss and a mobile app development agency will always follow them in order to build an app that connects with audiences effectively. These steps include research, planning, monetizing, strategizing for marketing, and more. Each step is crucial to its success.

Mobile applications are all the rage these days, and there’s no denying their popularity or utility. For businesses, having an application can be a game-changer as per reach, engagement, and conversions. And, this has caused an increase in demand for mobile app development company services. But before you can reap the benefits of it, you need to make sure that it is developed on a solid foundation – and that’s where mobile application architecture comes in. 

In simple terms, it is the process of designing and planning the structure of a mobile app. That includes everything from the user interface to the backend systems. It is the set of rules, systems, and processes that govern the development, deployment, and management of applications. 

It is vital to get the architecture right from the start because it will have a notable impact on the development process, the performance of the application, and its overall success. 

In fact, it is a crucial factor to consider when developing an application for your business because it can impact the cost, quality, and speed of development. 

If you want to develop it for your business, you must understand the different types and platforms for it. You can choose to develop for android devices or iOS devices or both. For this reason, you need to reach out to an android and iOS app development company in Kolkata, India. Hiring from India will reduce the cost of developing your app to a great extent. You should also know the benefits and drawbacks of each. Here are a few points to help you learn more about application architecture and how it can impact your business!

What factors to consider while choosing it?

The choice of application architecture is a complex decision that must weigh various factors, including its nature, the target devices, performance requirements, and more. Some of them are stated below:

  • Consider its nature: Is it a simple app with limited functionality, or is it a complex application with many features? The answer to this question will help you determine which type of architecture is best suited for it.
  • Consider the target devices: What type of devices do you want them to run on? Different architectures are better suited for different device types. 
  • Consider the type of business you’re in: This will determine the type of it you need. For example, if you’re in a retail business, you’ll need it to handle vast traffic and data. If you’re in a simple trade, you might be able to get away with a less complex architecture.
  • Consider your budget: It can be expensive, so you’ll need to ensure you have the funds to invest in the correct type of architecture. Webgen Technologies is one such agency that offers affordable packages for mobile app development in India. We have customized pricing structures to fit our client’s budgets. 
  • Consider your team and skill set: Not all architects are created equal, so you’ll need to find someone with the right skill set to build what you need.

Different types of it: 

Applications come in all shapes, sizes, and unique architecture. The most common types of architectures are native, web, and hybrid. It’s always better to consult with a good app development firm in India, to understand which architecture will suit your needs best. No one is better than them in explaining the reasons behind choosing a particular architecture.

Native apps are built specifically for a certain operating system, such as iOS or Android. These are usually more responsive and perform better than web or hybrid applications.

Web applications are those that are accessible through a web browser. These apps are usually less responsive and have poorer performance than native apps.

Hybrid apps are those built using a combination of web and native technologies. These usually perform better than web applications but are not as good as native apps. For hybrid apps, you can always count Webgen Technologies as your reliable hybrid app development company.

Advantages of using it correctly:

There are several advantages to using the proper architecture. 

  • The most vital advantage is that it can help to ensure that your application is scalable and reliable. 
  • When well-designed, it can make it easier to add new features and functionality to your app and to ensure that existing features continue to work well as your app grows. 
  • Additionally, good architecture can help make your app more efficient, both in terms of processing power and battery usage. 
  • Finally, when it’s well-designed, it can help to make your app more secure by making it more difficult for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities.

Is there a risk of performance issues while using the wrong application architecture?

There is always a risk of performance issues when using it wrong. When incorrect, it can lead to problems with the application itself and with the devices it is used on. Incompatible architectures can also cause data loss or corruption. In fact, it can lead to bottlenecks and data duplication, which can impact performance. Also, this can make it difficult to scale the app as needed. That can also lead to performance issues. Therefore, leveraging the services of one of the top mobile app development companies in India will ensure that nothing goes wrong during the process of app creation.

How to choose the correct mobile app architecture for my business?

Since there are so many different types to choose from, sometimes it becomes hard to decide which one is right for your business. But, you can consider some key factors that will help you choose the most appropriate architecture for your needs.

  • Consider the scale of your business: If you have a large firm, you’ll need it to handle a lot of users and vast data. But, if you have a small business, you might not need as much scalability.
  • Consider data security: If you’re handling sensitive data, you’ll need it to be secure and compliant with all the necessary regulations. And, for an app development company, the data security of you and your users is the utmost priority.
  • Consider what type of functionality you need: Do you need a simple app with a few basic features? Or do you need a complex app with many advanced features? 
  • Consider what type of devices your customers use: Do they use iPhones, Android phones, or both? 
  • Consider what operating system your customers use: Do they use iOS, Android, or both? 

In conclusion, there are many advantages to using the correct mobile app architecture. It can save you time and money, and it can improve the performance of your app. A professional developer of a renowned app development company in Kolkata, India will always consider the above-mentioned factors carefully before deciding on the architecture. This ensures that the final app delivers flawless performance to its users.


Our development process for successful apps starts with a deep understanding of your users and their needs. We use a data-driven approach to understand what your users are looking for in an app and how we can provide value to them. The app is then designed and built to be functional and engaging. Our graphic design team works dedicatedly to create a visually stunning app. After that, we test our app extensively with real users to ensure that it meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. Only when our app is perfect will we release it to the public. Our business-centric approach while building apps for our clients makes us the best app development company in Kolkata.

There are many different technologies available for building a mobile application, and the specific technology used can vary depending on the platform being targeted, the exact features and functionality, and other factors. Some popular technologies we use for app development include native tools for developing, such as Xcode for iOS applications or Android Studio for Android apps, and cross-platform development tools like React Native or Flutter. In addition, mobile applications often utilize various backend services and APIs. That may be offered by a third party or developed in-house. With our 11 years of experience in this domain, we have become an industry-leading iOS and android app development company in India.

As a mob android, iOS, and hybrid app development company in Kolkata with long-standing expertise, we typically employ a process that includes the following steps:

  • Identify the problem or opportunity that the app will address.
  • Sketch out a rough idea of the application’s functionality and UI.
  • Research and select the best platform (iOS, Android, etc.) and development tools for the job.
  • Begin coding the app, starting with the essential features and working towards the more peripheral ones.
  • Test it frequently on actual mobile devices to ensure that it is functioning as intended.
  • Launch the application to the public and continue to monitor its performance, making changes and additions as necessary.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the cost can vary greatly depending on the specific needs and requirements of the client.

With the advent of new technologies, the business landscape is rapidly changing. A large part of this change is due to the growing importance of mobile apps. Businesses need to have a strong presence in the mobile sphere.

But with so many companies that develop apps, how do you select the top one for your business?

Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Consider your needs: There are many development firms. And so are the case studies, blog posts, articles, etc., written about selecting the best one for your business needs. Even though all of that is useful, we believe that the first step towards finding the top app development firm for your business starts with taking a closer look at your own firm and understanding your needs.
  • Portfolio of previous work: The quality of a company’s past work is one of the best indicators of the quality of its future work. It will give you a good idea of their quality of work and will help you understand whether they’re a good fit for your project. Of course, the portfolio is just one factor when selecting companies that develop apps. Other factors include its experience and customer service. But the portfolio is a great place to start your search for the correct development partner.
  • Experience in developing apps: You should look for a firm that has experience developing apps for businesses like yours. 
  • Also helps in Digital Marketing: We have a team of professional marketers who can help you with your App marketing so that everyone comes to know about it.

The additional questions to consider include before outsourcing to a mobile app development company in Kolkata.

-How long has the agency been in business?

-What kind of experience do they have with developing mobile apps?

-Do they have a good track record of successful projects?

  • Understanding of your business’s needs: The best development companies have a deep understanding of the needs of businesses in various industries. That is because they know what features and functionality are most important to these businesses. They can therefore tailor their apps to meet these needs. That means firms can save time and money by having an app specifically designed for them. They do not have to depend on the generic one. It will also not meet their specific needs. This understanding is vital in determining which firm is best for your business.
  • The platforms they specialize in: You should go to an android app development company in India if you want to launch an app for android devices only. Different companies may have various areas of expertise, so it is crucial to find one that specializes in the platform you are interested in. That will ensure that your chosen firm has the knowledge and experience necessary to create a successful app.
  • Look at the reviews and ratings: It is crucial to look at reviews and ratings to select the top firm. That will give you an idea of the quality of work it produces and its level of customer service. Checking out reviews and ratings is a great way to ensure you select the best firm for your app needs. The top mobile application development companies in India will have positive reviews and ratings from their past clients.
  • Ability to provide creative solutions: A firm that can think outside the box and comes up with innovative solutions is likely to be a top-notch developer. If a firm has a portfolio of well-designed and popular apps, that is another good indicator that they are a top app development service provider. Do your research and take your time in selecting a firm, and you will be sure to find the best mobile app development company for your needs.
  • The company’s transparency and communication style: A firm that is open and honest about its process and prices is more likely to be a reputable company that will deliver a high-quality product. A company that has good communication and is responsive to your questions is also more likely to be a company that will offer a good product.

There are many factors to consider when selecting an android or iOS app development company in Kolkata, India.  The most important factor is probably its experience and track record. Other important factors include the company’s portfolio, the platforms they specialize in, and more. Hence, you should hire a firm that you can trust and that has a good reputation.


There are many reasons: Some of them are:

  • First, our team has a wealth of experience developing successful mobile applications. We have a proven track record of designing and building high-quality apps that meet the needs of our clients. 
  • Secondly, we use the latest tools and technologies to create our applications for our clients
  • Thirdly, we offer competitive pricing for our services, which makes us an attractive option for startups. 
  • Finally, we have a great deal of experience working with startups, so we understand their needs and can provide the best possible service.

Mobile app development can be a complex and lengthy process, so understandably, you might want regular updates on the progress of your project. But when you delegate this job to a trusted mobile app development company in India, you’ll get process updates regularly on your project through our company’s communication channels. We use the latest project management tools and processes to deliver the best possible results to our clients. You can expect regular updates on the progress of your project and access to our team of expert app developers.

We take several security measures to protect the mobile app ideas. As a superior mobile app development company in Kolkata, India, we always assure our clients that their ideas are absolutely safe with us. For this:

First, we create a nondisclosure agreement that our clients must sign before we begin working with them. This agreement protects their ideas from being stolen or shared without their permission. Second, we encrypt all communication between our customers and our team to protect against eavesdropping. Finally, we store all client data on secure servers only accessible by authorized personnel.

We certainly offer post-project support to ensure that your mobile app continues to perform as expected. This support can be in the form of bug fixes or new features that you may want to add down the line. Whether it’s an iOS, Android, or hybrid app, we will give you full support after the project delivery. This is the reason most business owners go to agencies and not freelancers for their app development projects. When you outsource to one of the best companies for app development in India, their team will be there to assist you every step of the way.

It is our responsibility to submit your app to play stores (both Apple and Google Play). Publishing your app in the app stores is included in the service offerings. So, we ensure that your iOS and Android app gets submitted and approved properly in the Apple store and Google Play store respectively. 

There are many mobile app development companies in India offering a wide range of services. But overall, Webgen Technologies is considered the most reliable and reputed app development firm in India that can help you with the creation of top-notch quality mobile apps. The reasons why you cannot go wrong with the app developers of our company in Kolkata, India are –


  • They have ample experience i.e more than 11 years working in this app development domain.


  • They have served businesses from all types of industry verticals with their diverse knowledge and extensive first-hand expertise.


  • When it comes to our Portfolio, none can match our design and quality of applications built for Android, iOS, and Windows systems.


  • Our team of developers is well-versed in top programming languages, and the latest app development frameworks, tools, and technologies.


  • Our mobility solutions are cost-effective and also include post-app deployment support and maintenance.


  • By hiring our mobile application company in India, you can complete ease of communication as our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with all your queries and keep you updated regarding the progress of your project.

Yes, as a full-cycle app development agency, we start from scratch and will be with you till the final launch of the product. Even after your app is deployed and published in the App stores, we will take care of the support and maintenance of the app. The end-to-end app development process followed by our app developers includes the following stages –

Consultation – Our clients share their app ideas with our team of experts to understand the project scope and visibility. 


App UI/UX design – The skilled and creative designers of our graphic design team design the interface and layout of the app as per the client’s requirements. 


Platform selection – We will discuss with the client which platform or platforms they want to choose for their app development – Android, iOS, or, both. 


App development – Our team uses the best tools and their knowledge of programming languages and frameworks to build your app. 


App testing – After developing your app, our certified testers will perform security, usability, and performance tests on your app to ensure your app works flawlessly. 


App launch – This is the final stage of our end-to-end development where we deploy our app and release it to the market by submitting it to the app store. 

Support and maintenance – This is the additional service that we provide to every customer after their project is successfully deployed, We provide consistent support and ensure that your app is glitch-free and bug-free.

On one hand, Java and Kotlin are considered the top popular languages for Android app development. On the other hand, Swift is every developer’s preferred choice of programming language for iOS apps. Here is a list of all the languages that our developers are proficient in and use most for building apps. 

For Android:


Java – It is the most used programming language supported by Google and is utilized for creating robust and high-level applications. 


Kotlin – It is open-source and easy to understand and comes with best-in-class features.

C# – It is a high-level language integrated with the .NET framework and offers a vast library with a range of pre-defined functions. 


C++ – Developers can use this language using the Android Native Development Kit (ANDK) for the implementation of various components of the app in C++ native code. 


For iOS applications:


Swift – iOS apps are superior quality apps with high-level functionalities and Swift is the appropriate programming language for iOS app developers. 


Flutter – Launched by Google in 2017, Flutter offers several advantages to developers like a collection of ready-to-go widgets, flexibility in implementation, and less coding. 


Objective C – It is derived from the open-source general-purpose programming language C and C++ and is now high in demand because it is simple to use and offers great run time. 


React Native – It is the most common programming language for hybrid applications and so app developers using React Native for creating iOS apps can also deploy them on the Android platform.

So, these are the list of the top-preferred programming languages by our mobile app development company in Kolkata and if you need any help regarding app development on any platform, please feel free to contact us.

Yes, we are always ready to sign NDA in order to ensure that trust and transparency is maintained from our end. Your app idea is completely safe with us and we follow all the NDA rules and regulations to keep your app concept and information confidential. 

To answer this question, we first need to comprehend the factors that mainly impact app development time. It is hard to provide you with an exact timeline for your app project before knowing your requirements in detail. However, after having a consultation session with you, we will understand your app type and purpose, features to add, and project scale. Getting a detailed insight into your app requirements and the complexity of the features will help us estimate a time period for your app development. According to the opinions of our in-house experts, a simple app with basic features needs 2-4 months to complete, an average app with moderate complexity requires 4-6 months, and a large-scale app with advanced and highly complex features requires more than 9 months to develop and deploy. 

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