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Unmatched mobile application development for nonprofits that help them scale and serve the community better. Our long-standing expertise aids in the easy achievement of ethical objectives by non-profits or charitable organizations.

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Non-profit organizations, through their services, aspire to improve the standard of living of the people in many communities. We take great pride in assisting them with our resource-efficient solutions that streamline their functioning and the work process. For instance, our Non-profit donor management app facilitates easy management of the donors list and its related information. Further, it helps nonprofits accept and track donations in a hassle-free manner. By improving the efficacy of the volunteers and the management team through tailored mobile application solutions, Webgen Technologies ensures stability in these organizations. So, if you are one such mission-focused non-profit organization, we can definitely help you function better and perform at full capacity. We also provide high-quality web development services for nonprofits associations.

Time To Go Mobile With Our Nonprofit Mobile App Development Services

Reduces labor costs

By virtualizing paperless marketing, decentralizing services, & automating manual chores.

Donor management through apps

Enhances easy tracking of donor’s lists and acceptance of contributions through digital payments.

Boost trust & transparency

Blockchain-based mobile app solutions to ensure full security and safety of the organization’s data.

Improves the social effect

By linking volunteers, donors, and community people with digitized systems aided by mobile apps.

Efficient data storage

Data management apps that easily store & use vital data about fundraising efforts, donors list, volunteer recruiting, etc.

Personalized Fundraising tools

Create safe buttons for quick donation and integrate payment systems for hassle-free transfer of donations.


Find answers to some commonly raised questions before hiring our services.

We offer a variety of services, including fundraising platforms, volunteer management systems, event management apps, donor management systems, and more. From app design to development, and deployment, we also offer support and maintenance services to keep your app running smoothly.

Nonprofits leverage the services of Government Apps Development company to improve their donor management by building a mobile app that streamlines the process of collecting and managing donor information. The app can help track donor engagement and donations, and can also provide customized communications and updates to donors.

It can help nonprofits by streamlining their operations and providing them with custom solutions that fit their specific needs. By having a custom website, nonprofits can reduce the amount of time and money spent on administering their organization, and can focus more on their mission. Additionally, a custom website can help nonprofits improve their communication and outreach efforts, as well as their ability to accept online donations.

There are many potential benefits of developing a mobile application for your NPO.

  • ‌ A mobile app can help to increase awareness of the non-profit and its causes.
  • ‌It also provides a convenient way for people to donate or get involved.
  • ‌A mobile app can also help to streamline the process of organizing and managing volunteers.
  • ‌It can also help with fundraising efforts.

The app is designed to help nonprofit organizations manage their donations and volunteers. The app includes a database of potential donors and volunteers and allows users to create and manage campaigns. The app also allows users to track donations and volunteer hours and provides analytics to help nonprofits track their progress. It can also be tailored to suit the specific needs of each nonprofit organization.

The key features of nonprofit apps are features that allow nonprofit organizations to track their donations, manage their volunteers, and keep their donors updated on their progress. These features are important for nonprofits because they allow them to keep their operations organized and efficient, and to track their progress toward their goals.

There are several reasons to hire our app developers:

  1. Our developers have a deep understanding of the nonprofit sector and the unique challenges that nonprofits face.
  2. Our developers have the technical skills and experience necessary to build high-quality, custom apps that meet the specific needs of nonprofits.
  3. Our Government app developers are committed to helping nonprofits succeed and will work closely to develop an app that suits your needs.
  4. They are familiar with the latest technologies and trends, which means they can develop an app that is both up-to-date and relevant to your organization.

We set ourselves apart from other companies in many ways. But to name a few, we are a team of expert mobile app developers who have a passion for building high-quality, impactful mobile apps for nonprofits. We have a strong track record of delivering successful apps for nonprofits of all sizes, and we are committed to providing the best possible mobile app development experience to our clients. This is the reason why we are now one of the top Government mobile application development companies in India.

It can help in improving efficacy by providing a mobile platform for mission-critical tasks, promoting transparency and collaboration, improving communication and organizational efficiency, and creating a direct link between the organization and its supporters. So, without thinking much, hire our Government apps development company services to reach people faster.

Apps built by the best Nonprofit mobile application development company in India have features such as the ability to track and manage donations, manage donor information, and cultivate relationships with donors. The app can also provide donors with giving history and tax receipts.

Our Range of Impactful Government App Development Services in India

Webgen Technologies is here to help you scale your NPO with effective and affordable services. By supporting on the technical end, we aim to back you up and improve your workflows, donation management, and data insights. Our nonprofit mobile application development services provided by our top experts ensure perfection and efficacy. They are efficient at building native apps (iOS and Android) and hybrid apps.

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Volunteer Portal App
Chatbot Development
Membership Apps
Non-profit CRM System
Fundraising Management

Our Case Studies

We have assisted many reputable non-profit organizations in successfully undergoing a digital transformation. We did so by analyzing their needs and recommending solutions. Our industry-specific mobile and web development solutions have changed the way our clients now operate in this sector. We have also assisted them in maintaining a great online reputation with our exceptional digital marketing services.

The overview

Who are the Bible Disciples?

BIBLE DISCIPLES is one of the well-known non-profit organizations. The Non-profit Organization, Bible Disciples, trains followers all over the world. It utilizes cutting-edge communication technology, such as a website, to do the same. The organization provides its training and services around-the-clock, emphasizing the aim of assisting present and future leaders to fulfill their God-given mission. In addition to the same, Bible Disciples further offers rational, biblically-based mentoring, commissioning, and training to its users and disciples.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Bible Disciples, as a non-profit organization, seeks to incorporate and apply technology innovation to improve its effectiveness and transparency and strives to win friends rather than money. As a result, when we were asked to design and construct their website, the organization also asked us to create and build their strong online presence. We were able to understand their specific and detailed requirements after speaking with them. After establishing their software requirement specifications in detail, we created the product architecture. The website and app were then created after that. After a thorough testing process, the goods were put into use.

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