Empowering the Food & Dining Industry

Technology has a huge impact on how effective restaurants are. When technology is implemented in the industry, there is a decrease in labor expenses, order processing times, food production times, service times & payment processing times. The simplicity of managing & using services remotely is possibly the best benefit of digital solutions for the food & dining industry. E.g., the integration of POS technology with online ordering and reservation systems. With the right information at the right time, our restaurant technology supports management in making better decisions, resulting in more precise projections, more efficiency, and better marketing knowledge.

Revolutionizing how the Industry Operates

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

This technology is used in itinerant trade & automated delivery systems in the industry.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

It is used for all-encompassing administration in the food & dining sector.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Helps firms to build efficient permanent relationships with current, new & old customers.

Remote ordering or personalization

With tools like POS systems and online ordering platforms, it boosts the customer experience.

Technological and software solution

Many information technologies are successfully being used to organize the management processes in the food & dining facilities as well as to the approaches used in advertising products and services in this market sector. We provide the software and technology that the food service industry is currently using to increase its efficiency, production, and profitability.

Booking and Reservation Software
POS systems
Cloud solutions
Customer Self-service Apps
AI solutions
Blockchain Solutions
Digital Marketing
Web design and development
Mobile application development
Web Apps
Food Ordering System

Case Studies

Businesses in the food and eating industries frequently employ digital tools. That is so because technology gives restaurant firms a competitive edge, promotes productivity, raises profits, lowers expenses, enhances employee management, and enables the customization of consumer preferences. We are thrilled to realize that we have assisted several key global companies in achieving success.

The overview

Who is Surf the Menu?

Surf the Menu, a cutting-edge idea from the Tasguide company. It aims to provide comprehensive solutions to significant businesses in Tasmania’s food and dining industry as well as food enthusiasts. Users can browse by food and drink, as well as by suburb in their city, using this website. It currently only offers access to its services through a website, but it wants to swiftly make its official Android and iOS applications available to enhance the user experience and make it easier for users to use those services anytime they want with just a click.

How did we help them with our solutions?

As a platform that promotes Tasmania’s food & dining industry, Surf the Menu chose Webgen Technologies to design and construct their primary website. After the consultation meeting, we were able to fully understand their unique needs. With a quick & greater reach for food enthusiasts and food & eating companies through the digital world, they intended to make accessing their extensive features faster and easier. After thoroughly examining their software requirement criteria, we built the product architecture. The website was then created. After comprehensive testing, the website was put live, followed by post-maintenance support. We are currently developing the Surf the Menu apps for iOS and Android.

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