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Facilitating the Growing Data Service Industry

Data has become the primary enabling technology for many recent advancements. Based on the speed at which data is generated, scalable solutions for information extraction from data are required. DaaS consequently became popular. Data as a Service (DaaS) is based on the premise that customers can access the product—in this case, data—on-demand, independent of the physical location of the supplier or the distance inside the company. With the same goal in mind, our cutting-edge DaaS solutions enable data users to isolate data cost and consumption from a particular program or platform, advancing innovation in the data service sector.

Solving intractable problems with smart DaaS solutions

Data decoupling

Gives firms access to more robust internal & external services with data-driven insights.

Data integration

Aids the data selection to transmission from many sources to a single central location.

Self-service data preparation

Analytics abilities to examine complex data at scale & assist firms in democratizing data.

Data Virtuality

A platform that allows fast data access, simple data centralization, & data governance.

Data analytics

It helps in improving client-facing firms' and B2B sectors' customer experiences.

Technological and software solutions

Data delivered as a service is now widely used both commercially and internally within organizations. It was initially mostly employed in online tools and applications. The availability of data is widespread, and data technologies are evolving swiftly. Businesses can use this information to seize new opportunities and gain a thorough understanding of intangible assets. We use our DaaS solutions to safely and efficiently distribute our data-driven insights throughout the cloud.

Blockchain solutions
AI solutions
Cloud solutions
Analytics Web Apps

Our Case Studies

In the past, firms had to manage and maintain a greater amount of software just to use specific data. Our solutions have made it possible for key businesses to lower data usage costs while enhancing security and making it simple to assess data that can be put to use.

The overview

Who is Resume Sending?

A division of Global Career Networks, Resume Sending is dedicated to helping job seekers by exposing their resumes to thousands of potential employers. It offers job seekers distribution services by submitting their profiles to numerous job boards, the major C-Level groups, the Recruiter Network on LinkedIn, Career Guides, and other career services. It offers extensive and well-curated services to aid job seekers in getting jobs. More than 40,000 recruiters are also accessible through the platform. They make sure to pair each applicant’s profile with the recruiters who will aid them in their job hunt the best.

How did we help them with our solutions?

After successfully completing a project for Global Career Networks, GCN Staffing & Recruiting, Webgen Technologies was contacted again to help the business construct a website for a platform that offers resume distribution services, Resume Sending. We conducted a requirement analysis and consultations in accordance with protocol. As a result, we saw that each project had a unique identity despite coming from the same parent firm. We were able to prepare for approval of our product architecture thanks to our grasp of the project. The ideal website for the project was developed, evaluated, and released. We made an effort to provide a customized solution that was appropriate for the brand.

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