Top Real Estate App Development Company in Kolkata, India

Real Estate App Development Company in Kolkata, India

Bespoke real estate mobility solutions to transform the real estate ecosystem. Integrating excellence with innovation to build world-class scalable mobile apps best suited for the needs of real estate buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders.

Smart Tech-Driven Mobile Solutions For Real Estate Industry

We are a top real estate app development company in Kolkata with more than 11 years of domain experience. Webgen Technologies aims to digitize workflow and enhance efficiency in the real estate business. By creating custom and easy-to-use apps, we save you from the trouble and stress of managing complicated work processes involved in this industry. For instance, our real estate management app aids in the swift management of properties and lands in the real estate business. For a long time, the real estate industry was considered a slow-paced industry. Difficulty to find the right construction equipment, complicated contracts, time-consuming paper documentation procedures, etc. are some of the reasons for the industry being this slow. However, by embracing digitization, investors, brokers, and others in this real estate business can now speed up their workflows and become more competitive. Our varied tech solutions can drive your business forward through better project planning, faster implementation and accurate cost estimation.

Hire Real Estate App Developers from Kolkata to Disrupt your Industry

On-Demand Apps

Helping real estate businesses with effective on-demand property booking apps to create new revenue streams.

Enterprise Solutions

Our top-notch enterprise solutions help real estate firms streamline their work process and scale their businesses.

Smart Homes

Reliable home automated solutions for homeowners to control home appliances, lights, fans, etc. remotely from their mobile devices.

Real Estate Web Apps

If you need to build an effective cross-platform and progressive web app, we have got you covered


Find answers to some commonly raised questions before hiring our real estate app developers.

Our mobile solutions for the real estate industry include the following features:

  • Listing management
  • CRM integration
  • Lead capture
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Home search
  • Virtual tours
  • Agent profiles and more!

Some benefits of working with a reputed company like Webgen Technologies are that the company is likely to have a good understanding of the real estate market, and they will also be up to date with the latest technology and software developments that can be used to help streamline the real estate business. In addition, a reputed company is likely to have a good network for marketing.

The essential criteria to keep in mind while picking one company for outsourcing your project.

  • Technology Stack
  • Team Strength 
  • Years of industry experience
  • Past client testimonials

  • Our team of expert developers has extensive experience in developing high-quality real estate apps that are feature-rich and user-friendly. 
  • We always stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the market to offer our clients the best possible solutions. 
  • Our dedication and commitment to our work are some of the key factors that make us one of the top companies in Kolkata.

We offer a range of mobility solutions that can help businesses streamline their operations and improve efficiency. Our solutions include mobile property management apps, mobile lease management apps, mobile tenant screening apps, and more.

The development time for an app depends on the features and functionality required. A simple app with basic features may only take a few weeks to develop, while a more complex app with multiple features could take several months.

With more than 75 adept and highly-qualified mobile app developers, we have become one of the best Real estate mobile application development companies in Kolkata.

There are many reasons, but to name a few, they have a wealth of experience in developing real estate apps and know how to create a user-friendly and effective app. Second, they are up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in the real estate industry, so they can help you create an app that is cutting-edge and will meet the needs of your business.

Our developers are well experienced in programming languages like Swift, OBC-J, Java, Kotlin and CSS. As for mobile frameworks, they use React Native, Android Studio, Flutter, iOS SDK, Xcode, Xamarin, Cordova, and Iconic. If you hire a premier and market-leading real estate app development company like us, then rest assured, your mobile applications will be built using the trending technologies and languages. 

Our developers are well experienced in programming languages like Swift, OBC-J, Java, Kotlin, and CSS. As for mobile frameworks, they use React Native, Android Studio, Flutter, iOS SDK, Xcode, Xamarin, Cordova, and Iconic. If you hire a premier and market-leading real estate app development company like us, then rest assured, your mobile applications will be built using the trending technologies and languages.

Digital marketing has become an absolute necessity for all types of businesses and industries and real estate is no exception to this. You need digital marketing to establish a strong online presence and make your business easily discoverable to your potential customers. A solid online marketing strategy including Search engine optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM), can boost your website rankings on search engine results and also improves recognition on social media platforms. 


By using our digital marketing services, you can bring your real estate website to the top of organic search results in search engines and drive maximum traffic to your website. 

With the emergence of blockchain technology, new opportunities have opened up for real estate businesses. Blockchain is simplifying various functions and operations in the real estate industry through digital transformation. Hire a developer to integrate blockchain into your real estate app or website and explore its benefits.


It is used in the real estate sector to improve operational efficiency and streamline the following functions.


Smart contract development – It is a self-enforcing digital agreement where the terms and conditions of the agreement are automatically written in code and the contract is executed once the conditions are met by both buyer and seller.


Record Keeping – Real estate marketplace created using blockchain technology facilitates the safe storage of all the data related to the properties and lands listed on the sites. Blockchain ensures complete privacy and security of the information provided by the participants.


Tokenization – Asset security is the biggest challenge in the real estate market and blockchain solves this problem through asset tokenization. By converting the real estate into multiple digital tokens. These tokens can be bought by investors to own fractional ownership.


The steps involved in the real estate process utilizing blockchain technology are –


  • Profile creation by buyers and sellers in the online real estate marketplace or website.
  • Buyers will go through the properties to find a suitable property and gather information regarding the owner, location, price, and property area.
  • Blockchain is used by banks, investors, the government, etc for identity verification of the users.
  • When both the parties i.e. buyers and sellers agree to proceed further with the sale, the details of the agreement are recorded virtually in a smart contract.
  • The buyer acknowledges property ownership and the seller receives the payout as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the smart contract.
  • Blockchain technology makes the data and transaction details secure through time stamps.

Thus, there is no doubt that blockchain is necessary to increase efficiency in business operations. Blockchain development companies are helping real estate firms revolutionize their functions and easing out the process of property buying and selling.

Custom Real Estate App Development Solutions and Services

Webgen Technologies, one of the best real estate app & website development companies in India, delivers turnkey solutions that remove the major roadblocks in the real estate business and help firms grow faster. We ensure quality results that meet the expectations and emerging demands of the customers in this industry.

Property Listing App
B2B and B2C Real Estate App
Property Management App
Online Property Booking App
CRM and ERP System Software
Property Rental App
Real Estate Marketplace App
Inventory Management Software
Website for Property Dealers

Our Case Studies

Over the past few years, the real estate industry went through an accelerating digital change. As a best real estate app development company in Kolkata, India, we have helped global clients in the industry harness the power of technology and digitization. We do so by analyzing existing needs, planning for future needs, and lastly, implementing a roadmap for it.

The overview

Who is Heavy Machinery Care (HMC)?

Heavy Machinery Care (HMC) is a one-of-a-kind platform that connects the construction industry in India. It simplifies doing business in the industry by assisting users in locating simple solutions to all of their heavy equipment requirements. HMC makes it simple to locate the best-used equipment for sale or rental, as well as the best service providers, spare parts dealers, and equipment operators. It also assists you in searching for the best financing option for new and used construction equipment, as well as advice from industry experts on all heavy equipment-related issues.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Heavy Machinery Care (HMC) approached us looking for a company to assist them in developing a responsive app as well as an equally interactive and engaging website. Upon consultation, we understood their requirements, which were unique as well as precise. We proceeded with a carefully designed product architecture after clearly defining their software requirement specifications. That followed the development of the website and the app simultaneously. The products were deployed following a rigorous testing procedure. We continued to provide post-support and maintenance, as well as digital marketing services for the platform.

The overview

Who is Renavotio?

Renavotio is a forward-thinking company focused on the $93 trillion Global Infrastructure Movement. It plans to operate three infrastructure-based business models: fiber optic, 5G, and utility management, medical technology and personal protective equipment infrastructure products, e-commerce-based organization, sharing platforms, and database membership. Aside from a Senior Management Team with over 200 years of combined business experience, the company is planning to expand internationally and make more acquisitions.

How did we help them with our solutions?

When Renavotio approached Webgen Technologies, we were eager to take on a project that required their professional expertise as a website design and development company. They were very clear about their specific needs during the consulting process, which allowed us to design a product architecture with clearly defined requirements. Conveniently, the website was built, tested, and deployed in the proper order. Our in-house engineers worked hard to develop the official website for Renavotio, from creating a unique website model to infusing it with cutting-edge technology and an engaging UX and UI design.

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