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The construction industry usually deals with risk due to the environment's dynamic & uncertain nature. And the impact of decisions is widely ignored. In addition to predictive ability, the sector also suffers from coordination errors, owing to the project actors' disorganized structures & disorderly teamwork. To meet these problems, the industry is embracing digital transformation. To expedite the process of digital transformation, we offer full-scale solutions. Our solutions enable more production & market share at the industry level. It can boost project performance & safety while boosting organizational competitiveness & cost reductions in construction firms.

Harnessing the power of technological solutions

Well-integrated project team

Cloud computing allows project members to access resources fast & with greater flexibility

Facilitates decision-making

Predictive abilities by AI technology & other integrated decision systems are helpful.

Easing complex tasks

Complex tasks can be simplified using technologies such as VR, BIM, and others.

Effective contract management

Smart contracts & other encrypted features offered by blockchain, etc., can be beneficial.

Ease of scheduling

Mobile apps and other scheduling software can help you easily schedule labor & equipment.

Technological and software solutions

The established uniqueness and specifics of the construction industry make effective management of the operation process the key to the success of not only projects but also construction companies. The implementation and use of advanced technology and software solutions such as the ones we provide are essential to ensure continuous performance and quality results.

AI solutions
Blockchain Solutions
Mobile App Development
Website design and development
Web Apps
Digital Marketing
Software Development

Our Case Studies

Over the past decades, the construction industry has undergone a steady but accelerating digital change. We have helped global clients in the industry harness the power of technology and implement the necessary solutions by analyzing existing business needs, planning for future requirements, and building a future roadmap.

The overview

Who is Heavy Machinery Care (HMC)?

Heavy Machinery Care (HMC) is a one-of-a-kind platform that connects the construction industry in India. It simplifies doing business in the industry by assisting users in locating simple solutions to all of their heavy equipment requirements. HMC makes it simple to locate the best-used equipment for sale or rental, as well as the best service providers, spare parts dealers, and equipment operators. It also assists you in searching for the best financing option for new and used construction equipment, as well as advice from industry experts on all heavy equipment-related issues.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Heavy Machinery Care (HMC) approached us looking for a company to assist them in developing a responsive app as well as an equally interactive and engaging website. Upon consultation, we understood their requirements, which were unique as well as precise. We proceeded with a carefully designed product architecture after clearly defining their software requirement specifications. That followed the development of the website and the app simultaneously. The products were deployed following a rigorous testing procedure. We continued to provide post-support and maintenance, as well as digital marketing services for the platform.

The overview

Who is Renavotio?

Renavotio is a forward-thinking company focused on the $93 trillion Global Infrastructure Movement. It plans to operate three infrastructure-based business models: fiber optic, 5G, and utility management, medical technology and personal protective equipment infrastructure products, e-commerce-based organization, sharing platforms, and database membership. Aside from a Senior Management Team with over 200 years of combined business experience, the company is planning to expand internationally and make more acquisitions.

How did we help them with our solutions?

When Renavotio approached Webgen Technologies, we were eager to take on a project that required their professional expertise as a website design and development company. They were very clear about their specific needs during the consulting process, which allowed us to design a product architecture with clearly defined requirements. Conveniently, the website was built, tested, and deployed in the proper order. Our in-house engineers worked hard to develop the official website for Renavotio, from creating a unique website model to infusing it with cutting-edge technology and an engaging UX and UI design.

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