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Do your email marketing right with Webgen Technologies, a full-service Email marketing agency in Kolkata. Improve your market reach and grab the attention of recipients with our smart email marketing strategies. Through our email and newsletter campaigns, we will direct your potential customers toward conversions.

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Being a renowned firm, we provide the top email marketing services in Kolkata. We help new and budding startups with their audience research and then, plan a definite email campaign strategy to reach out to prospective leads. For existing and large-scale businesses, we use powerful marketing tactics to market their products or services, retain old customers, and reach more high-quality leads. Moreover, we also make sure that your right email lands in the mailbox of the right person at the right moment. By leveraging our services, rest assured that all your email marketing processes will be managed flawlessly from start to finish.

Why Choose Us For Top-Tier Email Marketing Services in Kolkata

  1. Generate Leads

    Reach new customers with our email services and retain existing buyers by keeping them updated with the latest offerings, product launches, etc.

  2. Top qualified experts

    The knowledge and experience of our digital marketers guarantee the success of your email marketing campaigns.

  3. Real-Time Reports

    Track the performance of your email campaigns with our real-time reporting and feedback analysis.

Services Offered by our Email Marketing Company in India

Explore our extensive range of email marketing services for good outreach, better targeting, and the best results. Our marketing professionals have diverse knowledge and experience working with numerous businesses from different industries. Take a look at the services that can help you craft the best email for marketing.

Audience Research

Our highly experienced marketers conduct in-depth research to get a better understanding of your relevant target audience and their choices.

Campaign Design

Our designers will help you with outstanding email newsletter creation that catches the eyes of your subscribers as well as new recipients.

Email Optimization

We use advanced measures, monitor open rate, subscribe rate, bounce rate, etc. to optimize your email campaigns and increase conversions.

Marketing Automation

We use powerful email automation tools to ensure that the right email lands in the mailbox of the right person at the right time.

Analysis and Reporting

We prepare reports of your campaigns regularly after a thorough analysis of their performance in terms of audiences’ responses.

Trusted Leader in Email Marketing Solutions in Kolkata

Business owners seek the service of a reliable provider to help them with sending emails to relevant audiences and potential customers in bulk yet having a personal element in it. We help firms connect with their potential leads in a personalized manner and motivate them ta make a purchasing action.


Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring the services of email marketing companies in Kolkata, India.

We can give you not just one but many reasons to hire us to execute email marketing for your products or services. 

  1. A company with a highly experienced team – We have been in business since the year 2011 and hence, our experience is high and the quality of service is simply top-notch. Our email marketers, with 10+ years of experience in this domain, suggest ideal marketing ideas that suit our client’s needs best. 
  2. Tailored email solutions – We, after analyzing your business type and needs, plan out effective email campaigns and strategize how to advertise your brand. Our motive is to grow your list of subscribers and provide them with the latest updates, offerings, discounts, sales, etc. and increase their chances of buying from you. 
  3. Guaranteed Results – Email marketing is all about reaching new individuals, educating them about your products or services, and converting them into customers. Through email marketing, you can also retain old customers and convince them to re-purchase. At Webgen Technologies, we guarantee the success of your email campaigns and increase conversions. 
  4. Reasonable price – If you are seeking an email marketing agency in Kolkata that offers high-quality services at affordable prices, then Webgen Technologies is the best place for you. 
  5. Have experience working with diverse industry verticals – Our experts have been serving clients across the world hailing from various industries. We have provided them with great solutions and helped them expand their market. 
  6. Positive Reviews – We are a marketing firm that has earned 200+ positive reviews on Google and other review sites like Goodfirms, Clutch, etc.

Email marketing is one of the most popular and most effective types of digital marketing where business owners send emails to potential customers and old customers to increase brand awareness, generate leads and drive business growth. You can use email marketing services to send product or service-related info and aware your target audience of the latest offerings, attractive deals, product launches, promotional events, and a lot more. We, as one of the best email marketing companies in Kolkata, offer business-specific and goal-focused email marketing services.

The process of email marketing is very simple and easy to understand. Based on your intent, the process varies. For commercial or selling purposes, emails will be designed in a creative way with compelling content keeping in mind your audience’s interests, and will also have clear CTAs. Promotional emails are generally sent three to five times a week in order to alert the receivers regarding the latest deals and sales. 

Emails can also be sent for the purpose of educating the audience or making them aware of any topic related to your business or in general. Such emails are sent once or twice a week.

The step-by-step procedure of email marketing:

  • Identifying your target market
  • Determine your primary goal 
  • Understand which email marketing type to opt for
  • Use the latest marketing automation tools to analyze audience behaviors 
  • Design emails with highly engaging content
  • Start sending emails
  • Track progress

As a long-established and best email marketing company in Kolkata, India we provide nearly all the services that are essential to outreach successfully. Our list of services includes

Audience Research  – The first step before launching an email campaign is finding relevant audiences you want to target to market your brand. This is achieved through audience research and gathering information such as their choices, chances of opening mail, or taking any action. This helps us target better and reach only highly potential customers. 

Campaign Design – A distinctly designed email campaign with simple words, compelling images, and easy-to-understand CTAs increase the chances of a campaign’s success rate. Therefore, the creative and talented members of our graphic design team focus heavily on creating impeccable newsletters. 

Email Optimization – Simply creating amazing newsletters and sending them to your target audiences won’t fetch you any positive results. You have to make sure that your email is optimized for the best outcomes. This means they must be able to provide the readers with a flawless user experience. We use advanced tools that check whether the email addresses the exact requirements of the recipients. Furthermore, we optimize the open rate and email click-through rates after going through strict A/B testing. 

Marketing Automation – The digital marketing experts of the top email marketing company in Kolkata make use of the latest automation tools in order to send emails to prospective customers at the right time.  Services delivered through marketing automation include but are not limited to product recommendations, personalized greetings, birthday wishings, and membership renewal reminders.

Analysis And Reporting – To understand whether your campaigns are impacting your business audience, analysis and reporting are necessary. Our systematic analysis helps us know how you’re campaigns are performing and comprehend user metrics. We will be providing you with regular reports containing useful audience insights and also recommend suggestive measures to improve campaign performance.

Email marketing is all about reaching out to your target audience by marketing your brand through emails and increasing lead generation. The best advantage of using email marketing is that it can help you gain high-quality leads i.e those at the lower level of your sales funnel. Below are the major benefits of email marketing in business. 

Increase Brand Awareness – Email gives you the best opportunity to communicate with your audience directly. It demands your potential customer’s attention and hence, is a fantastic way to make them aware of your brand, latest offerings, new product launch, service benefits, and a lot more. 

Easy to start with – Anyone from anywhere can start with this marketing method right away. Yes, it is this much easy! However, collaborating with an experienced digital marketing agency have some befitting advantages. You have the best marketers by your side to craft the best email for marketing your product or service. This increases your chances of getting clients from email outreach.

Reach audience globally – Email gives you the perfect chance to show your brand to people of every nook and corner of the world. You can earn quality leads and also promote your brand in the international market. With email, you can send your brand message to thousands of potential clients in no time and gain immense popularity. 

Customer Loyalty – Email marketing is not only effective for reaching out to new leads but is also helpful in retaining old or existing customers. By sending personalized emails like birthday special discounts, loyalty rewards & points, festival offerings, etc. you can keep them affixed to your brand and also make them feel special.

So, without thinking much, connect with the best email marketing company in Kolkata, India to get started with powerful email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing has great scope because it helps in building meaningful relationships with your potential customer. Also, sending offer-related emails like personalized discounts, Thanksgiving sales, Christmas special deals, etc, keeps your old customers’ interest fixed in your brand. You can make your newsletter more engaging by incorporating interesting images, videos, and funny gifs that your customers can relate to, or something that makes them feel more connected with your brand.

Business owners use email marketing to acquire new customers and engage with old customers. The four main types of email marketing are:

Newsletter marketing –  Newsletters are mostly used for providing subscribers with knowledge related to your business. Unless you don’t want your newsletters moved to the trash folder, you must create insightful content in your newsletter that will add value to your subscribers. 

Acquisition emails – After sending a newsletter, it’s time to give your attention to those who have subscribed for more such emails. By providing lucrative offers like exclusive first-buyer discounts, you can convert your subscribers to active customers. 

Retention emails – Retention emails are extremely essential for small businesses in order to make sure that your one-time customer gets converted into a regular purchaser.  By asking for feedback and sending festive or occasion special offerings, you can achieve this. 

Promotional emails – This type of email play an important part in driving sales and pushing leads into the conversion funnel. Promotional emails are used to inform your subscribers and customers about a new product or service launch, openings in new locations, or cross-sell goods.  

Webgen Technologies, as a leading email marketing agency in Kolkata, can help you with all these types of email marketing.


Yes, definitely. Email marketing is very popular in India and is considered one of the best digital marketing methods to reach more people in less time and to every corner of the world. Any business, irrespective of its type and size, can use email marketing to drive sales and expand its customer base.

Being a reputed email marketing company in India, Kolkata, with 11+ years of expertise, we can say that most big and influential brands in the world rely heavily on email marketing to keep connected with their customers and acquire new clients.

Webgen Technologies is presently one of the best and top-rated service providers for email marketing services in India. The qualities that set us apart from the rest are:

  • The profound knowledge and wealth of experience of our digital marketing team helped us emerge as one of the bests in the country. They understand your target market like no one else and hence suggest the best email marketing tactics to entice your audience 
  • Our past clients’ testimonials and portfolio are proof of our remarkable quality of services. Our clients are extremely satisfied with our strategies and way of email outreach. 
  • We have experience working with myriad types of industries and hence know what best attracts your potential buyers. We will provide you with tailored solutions that suit your business type best. 
  • Our campaigns are optimized so as to reach the maximum number of people and guarantee positive outcomes in terms of an increase in email open rate and click-through rate. We will ensure that you get quality leads that turn into long-term customers. 

As a renowned email marketing agency in Kolkata, our services will provide you with the following features.

Campaign audit – We will, at first, analyze how your emails are being responded to by your receivers. Our audit report will give you insights into the actions taken by them.

Data-centric campaign – Our approach to email marketing is completely data-based. We use facts and data that are collected after studying your target audience, and their tastes, preferences, and interests. This helps us draft a perfect email that will instantly draw their attention. 

Email Segmentation – By using automated tools, we divide your subscribers into various small categories in order to target better and as per specific criteria. Email segmentation is a great way to market your brand with appropriate information and increase lead generation. 

Bespoke campaign ideas –  After studying your audience demographics, business type, and recent market trends, our marketing professionals come up with mind-boggling campaign ideas to leave a unique impression on your subscribers’ minds. 

Campaign Management – Our services do not just stop at designing innovative emails and sending them. We manage your campaigns, keep track of the responses, and simultaneously, will update you regularly regarding everything. 

Monthly reports – Besides keeping you updated on a regular basis, we will provide you with a monthly report to help you understand your campaign’s performance and also suggest measures to improve further if required.

Still, have questions? Reach out to our sales team of the email marketing company in India, Kolkata, directly to get answers to all your queries before hiring our services.

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