Best Software Architecture Consulting Services in Kolkata, India

Software Architecture Consulting Services in Kolkata

We perform precise software architecture evaluation and recommend the best architecture framework that aligns with your business needs. Our adept experts offer next-level software architecture consulting services that will enhance your business value.

Enterprise-grade Software Architecture Consulting Services

Fulfill your business objective effortlessly by making the most of our software architecture consulting services. Our consultant experts cherry-pick superior architecture and state-of-the-art frameworks for your business software. As a leading service provider, we ensure that our stakeholders get complete satisfaction with our pertinent architecture plan. Moreover, we provide a detailed and well-explained structure beforehand. Whether you need complete planning from the start or require customization of existing systems - we are always ready to serve you. Our user-focused approach helps us deliver unique solutions for every business.

Why We are #1 Software Architecture Consulting in India

  1. Personalized Consulting

    Professional architecture consultants with rich domain expertise offer you customized software architecture consulting solutions.

  2. Accurate Results

    By understanding your specific needs and leveraging industry-recommended practices, our team delivers solutions with hundred percent accuracy.

  3. Comprehensive Solutions

    Our range of architecture solutions includes software architecture blueprints, tool & technology assessment, modernization, and reporting.

Full-scope IT Software Architecture Consulting Services

We address your software architecture problems with solutions that are evolutionary and capable of redefining your business ecosystem. Our solutions are not only scalable but are also highly compatible with all types of business ventures.

Architecture Planning

Business-specific architecture design, planning, and strategy implementation after carefully studying the IT environment, human dynamics, and quality attributes.

Architecture Analysis

We provide a performance analysis report after evaluating and assessing the architecture and bringing to light the weak and strong points.

Cloud Architecture

Our cloud experts drive innovation by building cloud ecosystems that replace legacy applications and ease business operations while enhancing software security.

Architecture Modernization

Assess your existing IT infrastructure and modernize it to an all-new and unique architecture integrating new-age and advanced functionalities.

Architecture Optimization

We provide infrastructure optimization and runtime monitoring services to help clients understand whether the IT infrastructure aligns perfectly with the business.

Enterprise Application Transformation

Aids in the modernization of outdated enterprise applications to meet the current market demands and ensure minimal disruption while upgrading.

Future-Ready Software Architecture Consulting Services

By adhering to the strong principles of software designing, we provide relevant architecture plans for different scenarios and use cases. In fact, the secret of our success is our extensive industry experience and the presence of the smartest minds tackling complicated problems. Make your enterprise future ready and conquer the digital space with our exceptional software architecture services.

Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring IT software architecture consulting services in India.

Software architecture is the foundation or the core structure of a software system before the final implementation. It explains how various components and structural elements will be assembled and what are their properties. It functions as a blueprint for a software system. From it, we can get an idea of the software and how its components interact with the other features, and what frameworks, languages, and tools are to be used for the design and development of the final product.

Software architecture consulting is the first and most important stage of software development. Our services are designed to meet your customized needs within your pre-specified budget. Our consultants will discuss in detail whether to make changes to the existing software system or need an architecture plan for your new software. The entire process of consulting involves the software design and analysis of APIs and other elements. It also looks into various intricacies in the project like web application development, cloud operation, data management, or anything else. Our software architecture consulting services in Kolkata will help you get a clear picture of the technical aspects of your software infrastructure.

A software architect is a person who prepares the design and structure of the software system. This includes high-level designing combined with components and application programming interfaces (APIs). The expert defines how the components and features of the system interact with each other as well as with the external structure. The vision of a software architect helps a firm get an idea of the final product and its relations with the users.

The key technical aspects of the software that an architect looks after are

  • Functionality
  • Scalability
  • Stability
  • Performance level
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Security
  • Technological limitations

Apart from these, IT architects also check what tools, frameworks, and coding standards to use for development and implementation. Further, he or she supervises the maintenance and support of the system. To carry out all these functions, an architect needs to have a strong grip on software programming knowledge.

Here we’ve listed the 5 most common software architectures that are used to build software systems. However, every infrastructure has its own set of pros and cons. So, it would be better to hire a well-known software architecture company in Kolkata that would explain to you the strengths and weaknesses of each software program and which suits best for your business project.

Layered Architecture

Also known as n-tier architecture and is mostly used to build a system where the internal architecture is divided into n-layers. This architecture is useful for dividing n-system components into logical layers where each layer has its own specific functions.  Ecommerce applications are mostly developed with a layered architecture. The four basic layers that are present in the majority of software architecture patterns are –

  • Presentation or user-interface layer
  • Business layer
  • Application layer
  • Data layer.


Client-Server architecture

This architecture basically involves two elements – server and client. The server contains all the necessary resources like data and files and it is the client who requests any particular resource from the server. The client’s requests are then processed and responded to by the server. For banking software, email software, and file-sharing apps, Client-serve architecture is ideal.

Event-driven Architecture

Under Event-driven architecture, software operations are initiated by events. This means when any user acts upon an application that is built using this architecture, a reaction is induced which is referred to as an Event. For Javascript websites, this type of architecture is generally leveraged.

Microkernel Architecture

This architecture has a core software system for handling the primary functions of an application.  Apart from the core system, Microkernel architecture has plug-in modules that aid in the easy handling of customized processing and extra functionalities. This IT architecture is appropriate for building product-based applications or apps with dynamic features like reels and short videos.

Micro Services Architecture

This pattern integrates multiple small programs which are then combined to create a new application. These tiny programs have independent features and functionalities which are then bundled together to form a single extensive application. And, if you need to add a new function or modify any existing service, then you have to again create a new microservice. To build websites and web apps with multiple built-in small components, this microservices architecture is used.

Deciding your architecture type is essential to determine your software’s final outcome and therefore, you need expert advice from a professional software architecture consultant. Reach out to Webgen Technologies, one of the best providers of software Architecture Consulting Services in Kolkata to help you decide on the right architecture for your software.

The primary objective of an architecture consultant is to study your project goals, understand the metrics, and advise the best architectural solution. A consultant will focus on your application requirement and propose a strategy that aligns perfectly with technological and operational needs. Software architecture design in India is done after a deep analysis of the organization and its customers’ needs. A consultant also reviews legacy systems and detects the risks and errors before architecture design, evolution, and feature integration.

IT architecture defines the basic structure of a software system that includes all the components, features, and the environment where it will operate. The initial conceptualization and organization of a system are planned during software architecture consulting. It is the job of the consultant experts to identify the constraints that developers need to act upon during the application development process. The steps involved in IT architecture:

  • Brief or short description of the software system
  • Defining its fundamental elements need to be incorporated into
  • Determining the high-level design and structure components
  • Describing the final output after development

Software design, on the other hand, comes after the stage of the IT architecture plan. It is, in fact, the prerequisite to proceed with software development. During the software design phase, the developers evaluate and analyze the approach or method to be applied to building the software. After keeping in mind the specific business requirements of stakeholders and customers, developers move on to the development process. A high-quality software design contributes significantly to development by enhancing correctness, understandability, efficiency, and maintainability. The stages of software design include:

  • Design of individual components, features, and modules in the system
  • Software properties, frameworks, and language in detail
  • Specifications that developers need to implement

Webgen Technologies offers top-level software design and IT software architecture consulting services in Kolkata, India. Contact our sales team for more information.

Architecture consulting is vital for the efficient and seamless development of your software. To disrupt your industry and drive business growth with dynamic software, you must employ software architecture consulting services. The reasons why this service is important for business.


  • It does the primary groundwork and gives you an overview of your project
  • It sets the course for success for your software
  • Suggests ways to make your system robust and scalable
  • Analyses the capacity of the IT infrastructure and upgrades its features
  • Aids in improving the performance of existing software by fixing errors and issues
  • Helps in software renovation of outdated and legacy systems
  • It lowers development costs and avoids code duplicity
  • Figures out the areas where you can optimize resource usage and save cost
  • Enables easy and quick modifications in the system

A software architecture consulting company works on the planning and design of customizable software solutions that cater to the business requirements of clients.

Webgen Technologies, one of the leading companies for software architecture consulting services in Kolkata, India has qualified experts whose expertise you can use to harness the benefits of software architecture. They, specifically, advise on how to make the foundation of your software system strong and also help in the transformation from old to modern-age architecture. The main functions that a consulting company performs are:

  • Research and analyze thoroughly the project requirements of clients
  • Create an architecture roadmap, specifying the product design and features
  • Identify the errors or risks of existing systems and simultaneously offer solutions to them
  • Analyze the performance, security, scalability, and usability after feature integration
  • Devise a plan for software architecture development from scratch or make revisions to the existing system
  • Also, aid in the smooth migration of the architecture from the legacy system to the new system
  • Guide the developers in the process of software design, development, and integration
  • Assess whether the software after development meets the client’s needs and aligns with the business goals.

The long-standing expertise and deep knowledge of our experts help us to deliver promising architecture solutions to clients globally. They will build the technological foundation of your project, take strategic decisions, and ascertain specific requirements to give your project the final shape and functionalities.

The process of software architecture consulting involves 5 stages –

Analysis – Deep analysis and study of the existing system, finding out technical drawbacks, and documenting them to explain to the clients. For new system development, the software architect consultant will provide you with an architecture roadmap incorporating the components and features.

Architecture Design – In this stage, the architects design a scalable, long-lasting, and feasible architecture for your software.

Refactoring – Our consulting experts will recommend measures for improvement of the existing architecture.

Planning – This step plans how to implement the features, components, and other functionalities into the system.

Coaching – The recommendations and knowledge of the architect consultants are passed to the development team for successful implementation.

Software architecture comprises elements that interact with each other, perform specific functions, and act as a connection between the data and end users. Each component or element of software architecture combines together the processing logic, data structures, and APIs.

Yes, we do. Our software architect consultants have years of experience working for big clients of large organizations. They have all the skills, knowledge, and expertise to provide efficient architectural solutions. By understanding your mission, they try to analyze your requirements and then design a software architecture containing all the necessary elements and functionalities.

We ensure to deliver future-ready software architecture solutions that match your business needs and satisfy your customers. We aim to provide tailored solutions that are flexible and have the capability to undergo a transformation from legacy ecosystems to new-age systems. With the technical proficiency of our software architect consultant, we assure you that the final results will be highly satisfactory for our clients.

To sum up, here are a few straightforward reasons to choose our services.


Client-specific tailored solutions – Our consultants have extensive experience in working with clients from varied industries and hence, are experts in providing a personalized solution to every client, be it industry giants or small enterprises. Our professionals go the extra mile to ensure that each and every specific requirement of our clients is met properly.


Reasonable rates – The software architect consulting rates at Webgen Technologies are quite affordable and sustainable in the long run. We provide realistic architecture solutions for your software, accompany you during the development stage and also transfer technical knowledge to the developers – all at an extremely reasonable cost.


10+ years of domain-specific experience – Our architect consultants have more than a decade of experience in software architecture, planning, and designing. Moreover, they are well-versed in modern and cutting-edge tools and technologies and are familiar with the latest IT infrastructure trends and practices. They are proficient in suggesting architecture that complies with industry standards and regulations.


Past performance – You can also go through our past portfolio and client testimonials to understand our quality of work. We have successfully delivered efficient architectural solutions to global enterprises and have also helped many clients with migration from the existing structure to new systems.

The rates charged by our software architect consultant vary greatly on the project type and requirements. If you need enterprise software with multiple features and rich functionality, then the cost of architecture consulting will automatically rise as lots of components need to be incorporated. Thus, depending on the project scale and complexity, the rates will change.

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