Best Software Defect Management Services in Kolkata, India

Software Defect Management Services In Kolkata, India

Identifying, tracking, and fixing defects to ensure that your end-users get a seamless experience while interacting with your application or system. Our seasoned professionals with rich expertise in defect management and quality assurance aim to make your application appealing, user-friendly, and value-driven.

Software Defect Management Services With Full Accuracy

Defects are an inevitable part of any software development process and so, you need the best software defect management tool to save you from critical damage to the business, loss of credibility, and reputation. Most of the time, defects are identified by the end-users and can have a devastating effect on your application or software. Our quality assurance team conducts sufficient testing and uses the best trackers to eliminate bugs from your system. Besides, we go to the root cause of the problem, prepare a plan of action, and promptly resolve disputes.

What Sets Us Apart in Defect Management in Software Testing

  1. Increase ROI

    Our test and defect management tool improves ROI by letting your team focus on the issues aligned with customer satisfaction and helps to immediately analyze issue tracking.

  2. Customer Service And Retention

    We provide bug identification, tracking, and resolution that help you retain customers and provide them with a superior quality product.

  3. Faster Resolution

    Our software defect management tool follows a set of standards that helps to provide a faster resolution by analyzing historical data.

Range Of Our Software Defect Management Services In India

Defect Identification

We follow a standard, accessible, and a single system for identifying the defects in your software that helps you manage the fluctuating variables of cost, quality, features, and time.

Defect Prevention

Our defect management tool helps to resolve any loopholes at the earliest stages of the product, which helps to provide software quality assurance to our clients.

Defect Prioritization

Our team prioritizes the defects by analyzing the quality, accuracy, ease of update, and purpose of the data.

Defect Resolution

We collaborate, track, and close software disputes through our effective software defect management tracking system.

Process Improvement

We offer process improvement consultancy and prevent the occurrence of any defects that may impact system failure in the future.

Stay Ahead With Best Software Defect Management Services

You need a strong test and defect management service provider if you don’t want to risk a product recall. Besides, you will gain faster NPD cycles, brand integrity, better cost controls, reduced risks, and happier customers by utilizing our defect management software testing services. So, connect with our team and launch flawless applications with our defect management services.


Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring our software defect management services in Kolkata.

Defect management implies the identification of defects or bugs and fixing them to ensure the smooth functioning of your application. Since no software can be built perfectly without any flaws, we need testers to detect bugs and other errors before making the software available to the public. Defects are nothing but deviations from the anticipated behavior or performance of the software. Put simply, when an application or website or its features functions in a way that is different from what the users are expecting, then it is considered a defect. The contemporary software is integrated with complex features and is multilayered.  Moreover, a large number of intertwined coding languages increases the chances of bugs or defects. Hence, these bugs need to be identified and fixed. Defect management is, thus, a time-consuming process that requires the right strategy and the right set of testing tools for proper execution. 

Defect management is a method of fixing bugs in software or any application. Hence, without proper identification and resolution of defects, the user experience might get adversely affected and can cause severe damage to your business reputation. The need for defect management is:


  • Record and track defects  
  • Analyze the root cause of the defects
  • Investigate the bug 
  • Fix the bug

Defect management helps in enhancing the quality of your application and software by minimizing the occurrence of bugs or defects. It also makes sure that the project is delivered on time and that too within the specified budget. The primary advantages of the defect management process are:


High-quality applications – The purpose of defect management is to lower the chances of encountering defects. This results in the development of top-notch quality software or applications that are error-free and give the users the best experiences. 


High user satisfaction – Bug-free applications will definitely give your users a better and more satisfying experience compared to any application that has flaws. Satisfaction of users means lesser complaints and greater loyalty which ultimately leads to repeat business. 

Lowered costs – As the number of defects reduces to a great extent due to early detection, the cost arising due to product damage, recalls, and low customer satisfaction gets eliminated.

The whole process of defect management in software testing consists of 5 essential steps. Let’s discuss it below:


Defect Identification – You cannot manage or eliminate bugs unless you see them. Hence, it is the job of our testing team to find all the defects and categorize them to help developers resolve them. Testers test on real user conditions such as real devices and browsers to detect as many as possible defects.  


Defect Categorization – Once testers identify a defect, the data about the bug is captured to analyze the cause or reason for it. Capturing data is essential as it helps the developers to figure out a solution to fix that bug. The data includes information like a description of the bug, severity, cost of fixing, feature where it was detected, and defect type. 


Defect Resolution – Now when all the bugs are spotted and categorized with relevant information, the decision regarding how to solve each defect needs to be made.  The earlier the defects are fixed, the lesser will be the cost. Also, the effort required to fix them will be lower compared to the later phases when the features of the software get more complicated. 


Defect Analysis – After resolving the defects comes an important part – analysis. Defect analysis is imperative to prevent such in the future. It is the study of defect types, priorities of resolving them, issues observed, resolution history, and developers required to solve the defects. 

Management Reporting – It is the last stage of the defect management process and as the name says, it involves evaluating and reporting the information of the process of detecting defects and managing defects.

Defect management tools are systems that aid in the easy tracking of bugs that occur in the software development process. Here’s a list of top bug and defect management tools. 


Backlog – Backlog is an easy-to-use bug detection and reporting tool that helps testers prepare a full history of defect types, issue updates, and status changes. This also makes tracking bugs easy.


Jira – Jira is a defect management tool that helps in easy integration with the development environment and thus, makes it convenient for developers. 


BugHerd – If you want to identify and track bugs and at the same time gather feedback from web pages, then BugHerd is the appropriate tool for you. It captures bug information and helps in the easy resolution of defects. 


Katalon TestOps – It is a free tool for helping developers with the bug-tracking process. TestOps helps in bug detection by giving a clear idea of the right test needed to run and at what time.


QA coverage – It is an effective tool for managing defects and building bug-free and high-quality software. Its capabilities include defect identification, test case design, test execution, and lastly, defect reporting. 


Zoho Bug Tracker – This bug tracker is a defect management software that allows you to create tasks, and project milestones apart from tracking and reporting bugs. 


Thus, if you are seeking a professional agency that can help in defect management, then Webgen Technologies can help you. We effectively detect bugs and fix them so as to ensure that your users have the best experiences while using your application. 

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