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Manage your logistics in a seamless manner with our logistics app development services. We help logistics firms gain full control over logistics operations, get real-time supply chain management, and boost the delivery process.

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The rapid growth of the online retail industry has resulted in an increase iindian logistics requirements. However, with new demands come new challenges. In such a scenario, technological advancements have helped logistics service providers sustain business growth and function efficiently. As a logistics app development company in Kolkata, India, our aim is to support the logistics industry in the handling of every single aspect of its operations. From the implementation of automated application systems, order processing, and freighting to fleet & transportation management - our innovative app development services take care of all of these. In fact, we have improved the supply chain visibility of global companies with our intelligent mobility solutions.

Transport & Logistics App Development Solutions To Help The Sector Thrive

Data Reporting

Speeds up operations, gives customers & partners visibility and streamlines communication.

Central API

Reduces downtime and boosts efficiency by facilitating the easy exchange of information among intermediaries.

Supply Chain Transparency

Adoption of the latest technologies like blockchain promotes transparency in management.

AI-based Solutions

Eases operations through demand forecasting, invoice processing, and automating repetitive tasks.


Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring our top logistics app development companies.

Deploying a logistics management app for your business becomes essential, especially when the business environment is rapidly adapting to the latest technological advancements.

Integrating innovative developments in logistics management, such as mobile apps, can help the sector in many ways.


Automation of work processes –

The introduction of mobile apps eliminates the need for lengthy and tedious paperwork to keep track of necessary data related to orders and vehicle information. Filling forms manually increase the chances of errors or incomplete information.

Thus, if you have a mobile app that allows easy submission of forms online in just a few clicks, it would benefit the organization as a whole. Also, drivers, vehicle managers, and administration can access the data easily to gain information whenever required. Hence, mobile apps developed by an established logistics & shipping app development company will help in boosting the productivity of your logistics business.


Reduces cost –

A mobile app performs those functions that were earlier done by humans. Maintaining records, optimizing driver routes, and supervising warehouse operations can be done easily through a mobile app. So, it reduces your company’s operational costs as you no longer need extra resources to handle these tasks.


Real-time information –

With the help of a mobile app, you can have access to real-time data such as tracking orders, dispatching shipments, getting location updates from drivers, and many more.

All this would help in better and quick decision-making wherever there is any problem in supply chain management. Thus, by getting an app you can enhance the operations of your logistics organization.


Warehouse Management –

Another important part of the logistics business is warehouse operations and management. Maintaining records of every single order and keeping track of the time when it is dispatched is necessary for the smooth running of a warehouse.

Instead of spending hours on keeping records manually, warehouse managers can maintain a database in a mobile app that would store all the information regarding inventory and orders dispatched. Hire logistics app developers of Webgen Technologies to build such an app.


Tracking Vehicles –

Mobile solutions allow logistics firms to track cargo shipments and vehicles.

Easy tracking of the route taken by the drivers and minute-to-minute updates of their locations becomes possible with a GPS system in mobile technology. Thus, supervising crews’ whereabouts and tracking orders can be done in real-time without requiring extra resources.


Monitoring Performance –

An efficient logistics management app improves visibility in terms of supervising staff’s performance and load management. Managers can oversee their task details and assess the performance gaps and predict problems that arise in regular operations.

Proper supervision and monitoring improve the productivity of employees. Our transportation & logistics app development company in Kolkata, India can help you in creating an effective and business-friendly app for your courier agency.


In a nutshell, a mobile app can help your firm operate more efficiently and eliminate all the obstacles that generally occur when handled manually. You can use mobile apps for collecting and storing data, optimizing traffic routes, and preventing order delays.

To build an app like DHL, or FedEx, you need to ensure that your app has all those necessary features that these popular apps possess.

Integrating these features in your app ensures that your users get all the benefits that they expect and you can gain a competitive edge over your competitors.


Route planner –

Most of the time drivers do not have adequate information about the best routes that they need to take to ensure timely delivery. Either they take longer routes, thus burning more fuel or they get stuck in the huge traffic.

Thus, if an app provides them with pre-planned routes, it can be useful for the drivers. They can avoid the troubles that come while taking an unplanned route.


GPS tracking –

The top transport & logistics app development company makes sure to integrate a GPS tracking system in their logistics apps.


This facility would help everyone involved in the supply chain from warehouse managers, drivers, and customers in tracking the status of the orders, vehicle locations, routes taken and time required.


Real-time notifications –

In logistics, not only vehicle tracking is important but also getting real-time alerts for each movement taken during the entire operation is necessary. Getting real and timely updates streamlines the process of order delivery.

Customers get notified when an order is dispatched from the hub and also have access to driver details and routes taken. They also know the exact time the order is going to be delivered and plan their availability accordingly.


Payment Integration – Every logistic app built by a logistic mobile app development company is integrated with a safe and secure payment gateway so that customers can enjoy a smooth checkout process while leveraging the services of the courier companies.


Payment gateway integration is a must-have feature in every logistics and transportation app. However, payment security and data privacy are also a concern here. So, testing security features to prevent threats like security vulnerabilities and unauthorized access is essential after integration.


Driver logs –

This feature allows drivers to log their daily information such as vehicle used, the number of orders delivered, route taken, and so on. Regular upload of driver log details will help in seamless truck and vehicle management by supervisors. This would also reduce the need for human intervention as the driver log process is completely automated and standardized.

Chatbot support –

Helping customers and drivers with their queries should remain one of the top priorities for a logistic mobile app development company.

A chatbot system would provide answers to all the questions that are most commonly raised by either customers or drivers. This would simultaneously lessen the burden of the customer support team and they can focus on more critical problems of those involved in the supply chain.

The logistics sector comprises four parts – Transportation, inventory management, vehicle management, and order processing. There are different types of logistics applications based on these primary functions. Hire transport and logistics app developers from India to build a bespoke solution.


On-demand logistics app –

An on-demand app like Uber Freight will help in easing the work process of users by fulfilling their needs instantly and efficiently. Whether it’s tracking order status, receiving notifications, and locating drivers – you can have them all in your on-demand app.


Warehouse Management app –

This app simplifies warehouse management and operations through easy record keeping, task monitoring, and storing data. To ensure packages are delivered safely to their correct destinations, it is important to track the status of the shipment. The warehouse management app will provide real-time updates and help in boosting the efficiency of warehouse staff.


Fleet Management app –

This kind of mobile application development is also included in our logistics app development services in Kolkata, India. Considering the size of the vehicle fleet of every logistics company, managing and keeping track of each vehicle becomes difficult. Thus, a fleet management application can track vehicle and truck information, and check vehicle maintenance expenses, fuel consumption stats, and other such details.

Order Tracking App –

This app is a customer-centric application that helps customers check their order status, track the driver’s location, and know the expected time of delivery. The DHL express app is one such example of logistics tracking app.

The total cost of app development by any on-demand logistics app development company depends on various important factors. These are:


  • The choice of the technology stack for your app development
  • App features and functionalities you want to incorporate in your app
  • The platform you decide to develop your app in (Android or iOS or both)
  • The choice of backend and frontend 
  • Strength or size of the development team
  • Project scale and complexity
  • Support and maintenance cost


Based on these factors, we will determine the total cost for your project cost after having a discussion with you, understanding your project goal, and the budget you’ve planned to invest in your app. Our pricing structure is reasonable and much lower compared to other app development companies in India. Connect with our sales team to schedule a consultation today.

There are several deciding parameters for selecting a trusted and reliable app development company. Let’s discuss them in detail in the section below.


Technical Skills – Before anything else, you should make sure that the firm you are going to hire have the technology stack and necessary skills required to accomplish your project goal. Hiring experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge and capabilities to use next-gen technologies and cutting-edge tools ensures that all the project complexities are handled seamlessly.


Cost – Cost is the next important thing to consider before outsourcing your app development project. The purpose to hire transport and logistics app developers from an offshore agency is to reduce in-house expenses. Therefore, we keep the price of the app development feasible for our clients. However, many Indian app companies offer services at an extremely low rate. Make sure not to fall for these companies as your quality gets compromised in such cases.


Team Size – The availability of resources is an important criterion for selecting an app development agency. A larger team size implies you’ll have enough resources to look after your project from scratch, overcome challenges easily and provide end-to-end support during and even after the development process.


Past Portfolio – Hiring a company without taking a glance at the portfolio is a major mistake that you cannot afford to make. Going through their portfolio will help you in analyzing their technical proficiency, specialization skills, and relevant experience. This would also give you an idea about their capabilities and experience in working on your project type. You can even ask the logistic mobile app development company to show you some similar apps that they have developed earlier for other clients.


Customer Reviews – Reviews and testimonials are a great way to understand the quality of services of the company that you are going to hire. A few positive and satisfactory words from clients who have already worked with the company are enough to garner trust and faith in the firm. Thus, taking a look at customer testimonials will help you in selecting a reliable and trustworthy agency.


Communication – Continuous communication between you and app developers is necessary to streamline the development process. Communication gaps or any kind of misinformation can cause delays in project completion and  results in poor-quality app development. Hence, two-way communication regularly is important to maintain transparency at work. Our logistics app development company in Kolkata, India always assigns a project manager to look after the entire development process and answer all the queries of the clients.


App Testing Services – After development comes the testing of the app’s usability, security, and performance. If your hired agency doesn’t provide testing services, then you need to find a tester to test your app and this involves a certain cost. Thus, you should go for the one that has app testing included in their service package.


Support and Maintenance – Our app development team also provides support and maintenance for the apps developed by us. A company that doesn’t offer post-development support shouldn’t be considered for hiring as this would raise your cost. A top logistics app development company in Kolkata, India like Webgen Technologies has an additional support team for app maintenance after development.


Although there are several companies currently in India that make transportation and logistics apps, you need to do some research on the above facets to determine their quality level, competency, and time.

Yes. We, as an industry-leading transportation & logistics app development company in Kolkata, India, provide post-app development support and maintenance services. Our services would ensure that if your app encounters any major issues, they would be fixed immediately without hampering user experiences. Our tailored mobility solutions with continuous support help in enhancing the performance of your app.

Our Array of Logistics App Development Services in Kolkata

Trust our dedicated team of app developers to optimize your distribution process, get competitive advantages, and enhance user experience. At Webgen Technologies, you get industry niche expertise that facilitates planning, reduces operational costs, and improves the firm’s efficiency. We help our clients meet their logistics requirements with scalable solutions.

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By cultivating best practices, we aim to create robust mobility solutions that alter logistics customers' experience. Our solutions have helped vital players in the digital logistics industry achieve success. Being a logistics app development company in Kolkata, we have transformed many international businesses with our turnkey solutions.

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Who is Renavotio?

Renavotio is a forward-thinking company focused on the $93 trillion Global Infrastructure Movement. It plans to operate three infrastructure-based business models: fiber optic, 5G, and utility management, medical technology and personal protective equipment infrastructure products, e-commerce-based organization, sharing platforms, and database membership. Aside from a Senior Management Team with over 200 years of combined business experience, the company is planning to expand internationally and make more acquisitions.

How did we help them with our solutions?

When Renavotio approached Webgen Technologies, we were eager to take on a project that required their professional expertise as a website design and development company. They were very clear about their specific needs during the consulting process, which allowed us to design a product architecture with clearly defined requirements. Conveniently, the website was built, tested, and deployed in the proper order. Our in-house engineers worked hard to develop the official website for Renavotio, from creating a unique website model to infusing it with cutting-edge technology and an engaging UX and UI design.

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