Digital Solutions Improving the Logistics Sector

The competition in the logistics industry has vastly changed due to the rapid growth of digital technology, driving existing logistics service providers (LSPs) to adopt digital. Developing electronic links, digitizing logistical activities, & improving logistical coordination amongst partners are aided by digital technology. By offering more effective end-to-end services, businesses that adopt digitalization into their business models are pulling market share from established logistics companies. Also, suppliers are digitizing their services & business practices. Our digital logistic solutions are created to facilitate the industry's growth.

Facilitating the operations of the industry

Big Data Analytics

Speeds up operations, gives customers & partners visibility, digitizes value chains, etc.

Central API

Reduces downtime, boosts server compute power & efficiency, & storage capacity.

Supply chain transparency

Digital technologies like blockchain are necessarily effective to achieve this goal.

Cloud computing

Allows organizations to frequently track items at every point in the shipping process.

AI Solutions

It enables logistics center alliances to facilitate the ease of operations.

Technological and software solutions

Information management, openness, data analytics, and the customer have a big impact on the logistics and transportation industry. A process, information flow, and communication are formed each time a good is handled, shipped, or subjected to another process. As a result, our technology and software solutions—such as our blockchain-powered supply chain solution and our Logistic Regression ML—help the industry precisely support and aid its demands while also enhancing the efficacy and effectiveness of its operational procedures.

Logistic Regression ML
Blockchain-powered supply chain solution
Website design and development
Supply Chain Management ERP software
Digital Marketing
SCM Software Systems
Analytics Web Apps

Our Case Studies

In the effort to create a powerful global platform that transforms the customer's experience of logistics and secures the success of key players in the digital logistics industry, we have played a critical role in providing cutting-edge technology and software solutions to our international clients.

The overview

Who is Renavotio?

Renavotio is a forward-thinking company focused on the $93 trillion Global Infrastructure Movement. It plans to operate three infrastructure-based business models: fiber optic, 5G, and utility management, medical technology and personal protective equipment infrastructure products, e-commerce-based organization, sharing platforms, and database membership. Aside from a Senior Management Team with over 200 years of combined business experience, the company is planning to expand internationally and make more acquisitions.

How did we help them with our solutions?

When Renavotio approached Webgen Technologies, we were eager to take on a project that required their professional expertise as a website design and development company. They were very clear about their specific needs during the consulting process, which allowed us to design a product architecture with clearly defined requirements. Conveniently, the website was built, tested, and deployed in the proper order. Our in-house engineers worked hard to develop the official website for Renavotio, from creating a unique website model to infusing it with cutting-edge technology and an engaging UX and UI design.

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