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Alleviate cyber security worries and meet your security needs with our tight-knit cyber security solutions. As a turnkey solution provider for the best cyber security in Kolkata, India, we ensure secure IT operations and complete data security for businesses across the globe.

Solution-driven Cyber Security Agency In India

In today’s day and age, technology is of paramount importance but having control over the technology is the need of the hour. Webgen Technologies is a prominent leader in the IT cyber security domain, specializing in consulting solutions, internet security, hardware and software security, and managing risks/ compliances. We aim to help businesses grow and gain a competitive edge by delivering safe, secure, and enhanced business outcomes. We follow a client-first approach while providing rock-solid Indian cyber security solutions. With our cutting-edge services, we help our clients eliminate all types of inherent security threats to business data.

Why Are We The Trusted Partner For Cyber Security?

  1. Top-tier Solutions

    Whether it's protection against cyber attacks, IT infrastructure security, or safeguarding company data, we are the one-stop solution for all your security needs.

  2. 12+ Years of Experience

    We have more than a decade of experience in cybersecurity managed services and help clients with top-grade security solutions.

  3. Comprehensive Protection

    We build a robust security program by integrating cutting-edge security tools in a single platform for the overall management of cyber threats.

Our 360-Degree Cyber Security Solutions In India

As one of the top computer and internet security companies in Kolkata, India, we empower businesses by simplifying security measures and aim to make a safer future together. Trust us to ensure cohesive protection of your business-critical IT infrastructure and networks.

Consulting Solutions

As one of the top cybersecurity consulting firms in Kolkata, we provide guidance and strategies to clients based on their unique security needs, business environments, and specific goals.

Security Assessment

Security risk assessment is an important step in our cyber security solutions where we identify and assess potential threats and implement key security measures.

Infrastructure Assessment

Infrastructure assessment is the process of a complete evaluation of the IT environment of your organization and finding any security vulnerabilities or loopholes in your existing IT ecosystem.

Risk & Compliance Services

With our risk management and compliance services, we ensure that your organization's IT ecosystem complies with the established industry standards, rules, and regulations.

Cybersecurity Managed Services

Renowned organizations worldwide delegate their IT functions and cybersecurity management to us as we specialize in handling these types of responsibilities.

Endpoint Security Services

We ensure privileged identity management and end-to-end encryption to deliver a seamless experience and top-notch security for all users.

Network Security Services

We simplify the management of remote access of members in your organization and also detect and block attempts of unauthorized access to your network.

Data Security Services

We protect your organization from sensitive and business-critical data loss by implementing a Data Loss Prevention & Encryption (DLP) strategy.

Cloud Security Services

We safeguard valuable data and company assets stored in the cloud servers and offer robust security Virtual Machine (VM) encryption capabilities to safely host data in the VM.


Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring the best cyber security companies in Kolkata, India.

Cyber security is the process or practice of protecting your computer systems and IT networks from potential and targeted online attacks. This process is offered and managed by a cybersecurity & infrastructure security agency that deploys a series of security solutions and protection policies to keep your system, network, data, and user privacy safe and immune against any kind of cyber attacks, hacks, or unauthorized access.

Data is the most crucial and precious possession of every business in present times. Without data, it is impossible to function efficiently and grow properly, especially in this tech-driven world. To stay ahead of the curve, you have to be well-prepared and consider the latest advancements, and trends in your industry. You also need to analyze all the possible threats that your business poses if your data is leaked or if the overall security is compromised. This is why companies are seeking the services of cyber security IT companies to ensure full protection of their data, user privacy, and network security.

Webgen Technologies offers cyber security for small businesses as well as large corporations against the following threats.

  • Phishing attacks – Phishing involves the fraudulent sending of emails and text messages pretending they are from reputed and authorized sources.
  • Ransomware – Ransomware is the process of deploying malicious software or malware with the purpose of extorting business-sensitive files, and information, and threatening the data owner to destroy the data if not compensated.
  • Adware – Adware is the unwanted ads of popups that appear on the device’s screen by entering the network server either to slow down the traffic or to harm the device.
  • Server worms – These are computer worms that replicate multiple copies of the files present in the system and deploy them on the common network to infect the servers or access data stored in the network.
  • Insider threats – An organization can also have threats from its internal members, business partners, 3rd party contractors, and employees. So, it is important to hire network security providers to safeguard company data and assets from these insider threats.

Although establishing cyber security within a business organization is a daunting process, having an experienced and trustworthy cyber security company by your side can make your job easier. A company that has a credible reputation in the market will go to great lengths to ensure 100% security and protection of your company data, network, servers, and IT infrastructure.

Webgen Technologies is one of the best cyber security companies in Kolkata, India offering IT security solutions tailored to your business needs. We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies to constantly establish, monitor, and secure your network, IT infrastructure, and data.

As a trusted cybersecurity partner, we practice well-planned and advanced strategies for the overall security and protection of businesses. We offer technological vigilance and safeguard data from possible cyber threats, security breaches, data misuse, and hacking. 

By availing of the cyber security managed services offered by Webgen Technologies, you get to enjoy the following advantages –

  • Continuous protection against cyber-attacks, ensuring safe and uninterrupted access to all users.
  • Establishing trust and credibility for users accessing the network.
  • Prevention of unauthorized access and fraudulent or suspicious activity in the network.
  • Restricting access to specific users or outsiders who pose a threat to the network’s security.
  • Safeguarding business data from data breaches and potential hacking threats.
  • End-to-end encryption and privacy of the end-users in your network to eliminate cyber security risks.

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Protect Your Business With Top-tier Cyber Security Solutions

Build a secure, scalable, and adaptable cyber defense system with our end-to-end cyber security solutions powered by leading modern-day technologies like Artificial Intelligence and automation. We better assess, detect, implement, and provide comprehensive security solutions that help our clients protect against and recover from cyber threats and online vulnerabilities. We, as one of the top cyber security solution providers in India, carefully select security control measures to overcome various challenges that arise in the process of business operations in the internet and IT ecosystem.

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