Augmenting the knowledge industry with digital solutions

The knowledge industry has come a long way since the introduction of the first e-learning system, known as PLATO, in 1960. The recent pandemic made it difficult for educational institutions and companies to disseminate their knowledge through traditional channels. Although incorporating technology into teaching and learning is not a new challenge for educational institutions and businesses, online education has emerged as the savior during such times. Hence, to supplement or replace traditional instructional delivery methods, we offer technological solutions like e-learning apps and software, AI-powered e-learning platforms, cloud solutions, etc.

Accelerating the knowledge industry's digital transformation

Convenient learning

Students can learn anytime & anywhere with digital solutions like Mobile Learning Solutions.

Automated solutions for KI

Smart classrooms powered by digital solutions can increase students' learning potential.

Enhancing flexibility with WBT

Scheduling or planning time for the completion of courses available online is easy.

Machine learning-powered TAs

Makes monitoring learners' progress over the learning duration easy, manageable & accurate.

AI-enabled learning systems

Digital solutions like AI-powered learning systems enhance personalized learning

Technological and software solutions

Digital solutions enable institutions and organizations to satisfy the expectations of students, employees, and trainees, who have grown accustomed to technology being integrated into all parts of their lives. Thus, we provide custom-tailored e-learning solutions to ensure that learning is smooth, efficient, engaging, well-coordinated, and student-centered at all stages. Whether you are an educational institution or a corporation seeking ways to improve the process of educating their staff overseas or otherwise, we offer technology and software solutions designed to fit unique requirements.

Mobile Learning Solutions
Web-based Training (WBT) Software Development
Student Information System (SIS) Development
Knowledge Management Solutions
Learning CMS Solutions
Digital Marketing
LMS Software Development
Cloud solutions for e-learning

Our Case Studies

In the knowledge industry, technological advancements bring additional chances to improve learner outcomes. That stands true for our clients, who have greatly benefited from our cutting-edge technology and software solutions for the knowledge industry.

The overview

Who is X10D?

X10D is a web/app interface platform that allows users to consolidate their beef operation information on a single website. X10D has three components: manage, connect, and learn. Dr. Les Anderson of the University of Kentucky and Dr. Justin Rhinehart of the University of Tennessee developed it. These gentlemen have worked with thousands of beef producers throughout their careers and have over 40 years of Extension Beef Specialist experience. The X10D beef production tool was inspired by their experiences in the beef cattle industry.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Webgen Technologies was approached by X10D, a beef educational content information service provider, for assistance in developing a website and app for their product. They needed a dynamic solution that would allow their users to easily manage, learn, and connect with each other in the cattle industry. After consulting with them, we understood their requirements, which were both distinctive and exact. We designed the product architecture after clearly defining their software requirement specifications. Following that, the website and app were developed. The products were deployed after a rigorous testing procedure.

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