Nurturing the future of currency

The market for cryptocurrencies is growing swiftly. In fact, the wave of the future of money is cryptocurrency. A growing number of businesses worldwide use bitcoin and other digital assets for several financial, operational, and business objectives. Three things are driving the industry's expansion. First, there has been a substantial talent shift from large tech to cryptocurrencies. Institutional funding for bitcoin initiatives is the second modification. Third, more individuals are utilizing cryptocurrency. As a result of our zeal for the potential of this innovative business, we offer our technology and software services in an effort to advance it.

Creating New Prospects in the Industry

Reach new demographic groups

Access new capital & liquidity pools via tokenized conventional funds & new asset classes.

Effective cash substitute

Inflation won't cause the value of cryptocurrencies to decrease over time.

More choices than fiat money

With clarity, real-time & precise revenue sharing, it eases back-office reconciliation.

Lower transaction cost

Decentralization & deregulation, two key aspects, make them inexpensive to transact with.

In fund distribution

Cryptocurrency improves the security, accountability, & transparency of distributed assets.

Technological and software solutions

The introduction of cryptocurrencies has completely overtaken the market. It is a sector that is expanding quickly. Being created by mining via the blockchain using cryptography technology, the industry was founded as a result of technological breakthroughs. Inventions like yield farming, smart contracts, NFTs, Stablecoin, DApps, and the rise of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) apps are some of the key advancements on the list. We offer our cutting-edge technology and software solutions, specially created for the crypto industry, to meet the sector's booming market for innovative solutions.

Decentralized Exchange
Blockchain dApps Development
Blockchain Wallet and Tokenization
Metaverse/NFT marketplace
BigchainDB Application
Web Design
Mobile app development
Web Apps

Our Case Studies

We are both passionate about and talented at offering cutting-edge cryptocurrency solutions to streamline the industry's operations. From well-established FinTech firms to crypto startups, our technology and software solutions for the crypto industry have been crucial in progressively raising their valuations, popularity, and market caps in the industry.

The overview

Who is Black Dragon?

Black Dragon is a fully-reporting public company that benefits from its intrinsic value across its whole ecosystem through its large and dynamic asset base of priceless and rare art. Selling such artwork is the company’s main business, which it does to preserve and increase the value of its assets. They provide distinct value to each customer of their fantastic collection today and in the future with the preservation of current market variables and the release of digital freedom to profit directly from future demand.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Black Dragon, a Next-Generation High-Value Art Dealer, contacted Webgen Technologies seeking our knowledgeable NFT blockchain services. In response to market demand, as indicated by digital certifications, often known as NFTs, the company is looking forward to expanding swiftly. We provided comprehensive solutions and took care of everything from ideas to launch and deployment to create a smooth and secure NFT experience for Black Dragon. We have been their consistent and most dependable partner, helping them build Draco coin, providing them with a platform to assist their users in opening Ethereum accounts, and more.

The overview

Who is Spera?

Spera is the only real stable coin with a golden edge. Regulated third-party financial institutions holding the proceeds from the coin sales in trust ensure the SPRA market value and ongoing freedom of exchange of coins. Spera Coin intends to serve as a link between fiat and cryptocurrencies by establishing a strong foundation in the US dollar and producing genuine intrinsic and exchangeable value. It is designed to gain widespread adoption as a digital currency backed by the US dollar that will promote quick payments and member trust while participating in escrowed transactions.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Spera approached Webgen Technologies to discuss how blockchain technology might help them improve and streamline their business goals. They asked us to assist them in creating a stable coin along with a blockchain wallet for cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. Our in-house blockchain development professionals have assisted them in creating transparent, decentralized, and incredibly secure solutions that are consistent with their business strategies. We have helped them accomplish their goals. We provided a number of services to Spera, such as the development of stable coins and the drafting of white papers, and more.

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