Big Data Analytics Services & Solutions Provider in Kolkata, India

Big Data Analytics Service Provider in Kolkata, India

Your one-stop solution for data analytics consulting, management and visualization. We provide organizations with critical information after deeply analyzing their data. Our experts use powerful analytical algorithms and cutting-edge tools to ensure accurate results.

Data Analytics Services and Solutions

We harness the potential of data intelligence in the best possible way to unlock insightful facts. By extracting maximum value out of data we help businesses make important decisions. Our data analytics team is highly committed to turning big data into winning strategies. We help companies overcome the 3 key business challenges: 


  • Handling large volumes of data

  • Drawing meaningful conclusions from the data

  • Streamlining business operations 

How Our Data Analytics Services & Solutions Can Help Your Business

Get connected with highly trained professionals with years of experience in the data analytics industry. They are proficient in providing the best data analytics services and solutions by understanding the pain points of clients. Team up with us to implement a perfect roadmap to reach your business goals faster. Our efficiency and superior expertise in using trending data analytics tools make us extraordinary. We are distinctly capable of solving complex problems and bringing fruitful data visualizations. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your needs with our top analytics experts.

Our Range of Data Analytics Services & Solutions in Kolkata, India

Data Acquisition

As a big data value chain service provider, our first step is to help in the collection of all types of data, structured and unstructured and then digitize them into real-time phenomena.

Data Architecture

We are a futuristic data architecture firm that leverages proven methodology and practices to ensure enterprises have a well-defined and infallible data infrastructure in place.

Data Modernization

Easy validation and merging of data to ensure efficient migration. Data modernization builds a data ecosystem that is agile, adaptive and capable of providing real-time insights.

Cloud Migration

We deploy the best tools to move data from legacy databases to modern cloud databases. Further, by connecting all data points, we prepare them for successful analysis and reporting.

Data Management

We also assist in the process of combining data from various sources into a single and unified data format, thus making it easy for the users to view and understand.

Processing Big Data

Our meaningful predictions from data analysis help businesses grow faster by resolving critical problems. We leverage advanced statistics and analytics models to process large-scale data.

Big Data Analytics

We use the latest techniques like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data modeling to forecast future trends and customer behaviors. Our data miners are adept at using R, Python, and other analytics software.

Data Reporting

We prepare reports by presenting the extracted insights and predictions in the form of graphs and charts. Plus, our detailed analyses help our clients improve operational efficiency and drive more revenue.


Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring data analytics service providers in Kolkata, India.

Data analytics is the service involving the processing and analyzing of massive volumes of raw data and extracting meaningful information from them. These insights help the leaders of the company in better decision-making. Data analytics is necessary to predict market trends, understand customers’ preferences, and track company progress. Any business action is powered by an informed decision that is derived from big data analytics. 

In present times, the application of data analytics is felt almost in every industry as well as in human life. Here are some use cases for data analytics in real life.


Finance – It is used in the banking and finance industry to draw crucial information from customer data, detect fraudulent activities, and comprehend & scrutiny important metrics.


Transportation – Data analytics is also used in the transportation industry for optimizing routes, avoiding congested roads & traffic, and minimizing the occurrence of road accidents.


Logistics – Courier agencies and other logistics service providers use data analytics services to manage logistics operations, find the best shipping routes, and track the delivery time and status of your order.


Manufacturing – Manufacturing units use data analytics services and solutions to handle their day-to-day operations through advanced tools like budgeting, regression analysis, and predictive analytics. These methods are helpful in tracking the demand for goods from the data collected.


Healthcare – Maintenance of patients’ records and determining their illness from medical history becomes easy with data analysis. The healthcare industry, now, can discover precise treatment solutions and drugs through a detailed study and analysis of patients’ data.

Ecommerce – Another important application of data analysis is in the ecommerce sector. Online businesses depend heavily on insights derived from customer data analysis to take important business-related decisions. It also helps  them to manage inventory efficiently.

In business, big data analytics play a major role in overcoming challenges and unveiling great opportunities. Three significant factors make big data analytics important to every organization:


  • Company’s cost reduction
  • Amplify the decision-making process of business leaders
  • Helps in the improvisation of new goods or services

Hence, you need the help of a data analytics company to help you with the above 3 factors. Webgen Technologies is one of the best data and analytics service providers in Kolkata, India that can help your business grow and perform better.

Data analytics services involved drawing meaningful conclusions and lucrative information from large data sets of any business firm or organization. These insights are then used for devising marketing strategies, analyzing production techniques, and making informed decisions. 

Data analytics holds importance in places where industry experience or intuitions of top leaders fall short. So, in your business, you can utilize data analytics to understand your target demographics better and assess the market competition. Further, it helps you to identify the areas of improvement and then take corrective measures against them. We, being one of the top 10 data analytics companies in India, make sure that our clients are able to make purposeful and meaningful sense of their data and make superior decisions based on those findings.

We provide four types of big data analytics services which are as follows:


Prescriptive Analytics – With this, you can make an optimal choice among various choices and unlock opportunities in the future.

Predictive Analytics – This tool is helpful in predicting sales and forecasting the market environment.

Diagnostic Analytics – This analytics service is used by businesses to detect and diagnose what went wrong when any unexpected or unfortunate events occur.

Descriptive Analytics – To examine and analyze recent market trends and assess customers’ behavior, businesses use descriptive analytics.


If you need any or all of the above big data analytics services, then reach out to Webgen Technologies, the most reliable big data analytics service provider in Kolkata, India.

The greatest advantage of big data analytics is that helps businesses avoid mistakes and make well-informed decisions that would boost productivity and drive growth. By forecasting sales volumes, and predicting customers’ demands and choices, you can set your production goal clear and then strive toward accomplishing that goal. 


Other benefits that it provides are:

  • Provide personalized and customized experiences to your customers by understanding their behavior better.
  • Improve workflow efficiency by streamlining business operations 
  • Mitigate risks and prevent such instances in the future
  • Prevent data breaches by protecting company data 

Our data analytics services & solutions in Kolkata, India are curated to help you get valuable insights that would aid in recognizing your target market better. Moreover, you can design your marketing and sales strategy based on your audience’s behavior and attract them to your product or service.

Why Hire Us As Your Big Data Analytics Service Provider

Our personalized approach helps our clients to create new revenue streams and reach their business goals faster.  We help businesses realize the true potential of their data through our services, helping them make crucial business decisions.

  • Top Analytics Experts - You have the best manpower with rich analytical capabilities at your disposal.
  • Data Security - Your data is safe with us. We undertake enhanced security measures to protect your data.
  • Result-oriented Solutions - Fact-based and reliable results at your fingertips to amplify your decision-making process. 


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