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Business Analysis Consulting Services

Accomplish your business goals and push the limits of your success with top-quality business analysis consulting services. By identifying core areas of improvement in your business, we uncover new potential and guarantee the best outcomes in the long run.

Strategic Analysis by Top IT Consulting Company in Kolkata

At Webgen Technologies, we follow a goals-first approach to ensure the best and most practical solutions for your business analytical needs. Our diverse industry experience not just helps us to go deep into the root of the problem but also makes us efficient problem solvers. By applying the best methodology, we create business models with tangible results. The profound knowledge of our top analytics experts results in the delivery of outcomes that help your business reach unprecedented heights. Brands from different parts of the world connect with us to grow and maximize business value.

What Our Business Analysis Consultants in Kolkata Do

  1. 1. Manage Bottlenecks

    Our business consultants are experts at managing bottlenecks effectively and provide you with fresh business ideas.

  2. 2. Increase ROI

    We assess your current operation workflows and help you to discover new opportunities that address the needs of your target audience.

  3. 3. Accelerate Time to Market

    We assess the feasibility of your current technology and offer recommendations that reduce the time to market your products.

Business Analysis Consulting Services by Industry Experts

Our premier business analysis consulting solutions help organizations overcome complexities and make better decisions. You can adapt seamlessly to the present day’s market dynamics and gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the expertise of our consultants.

Process Mapping

Our mapping services are designed to identify current business processes and uncover new opportunities that will improve operational efficiency.

Process Documentation

Create easy-to-understand manuals, instructional documents, helpful drawings, and recognizable visuals to save time and improve the performance of your organization.

Process Evaluation

We eliminate potential risks and assure project success through careful process evaluation and thereafter, providing recommendations to increase business profitability.

Product-market Fit Analysis

Best consultants from the industry perform competitor analysis of your product market and draw meaningful & data-driven insights to recognize your target customers.

Strategy Analysis

Through business process analysis, we reveal potential opportunities that accelerate the processing speed and uncover additional resources to leverage growth.

Business Data Analytics

Providing business intelligence solutions using data analytics so as to discover valuable insights, identify failure reasons, and set priorities to drive growth.

Value-driven Business Analysis Consulting Services in India

We go the extra mile to understand your business priorities and help you with solutions that guarantee the best results. By leveraging disruptive technologies, we convert large volumes of raw data into purposeful information that assists firms in making reasonable decisions. Connect with our business consultants team to predict market trends, unfold opportunities and set new benchmarks in the industry.


Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring our business analysis consultancy services in Kolkata, India.

Businesses require analysis consulting services in order to grasp ongoing market trends, make suitable changes, and design solutions as per evolving market needs. Without business analysis consulting services, it would be impossible to beat the competition.

Business analysis adds value to a company by offering better and more innovative solutions to your customers. By analyzing and interpreting customer data, you can predict business trends and improve the efficiency of your company. The primary reasons why you need business analysis consulting are:


  • Study the business objectives and goals that help in identifying where the company is lagging behind. This help in enhancing resource management, speeding up the work process, reducing company expenses, and increasing revenue. This objective-oriented approach to business analysis is useful for pursuing the right methodologies to move forward with your business operations.


  • It is difficult for the management team of an organization to process and work with raw data and hence business analysis is important. It helps them have a clear idea of the business situation and instruct their resources accordingly. Through business analytics tools, you can extract quantitative information from humongous volumes of raw data and intangible observations.


  • Business analysis is also necessary for dealing with market changes. It, first, understands the reasons for changes, finds resources available to help you with changes, and then drafts a comprehensive plan or strategy to implement the changes.

Thus, it is clear that every business needs a consulting company to guide them and help them perform better.

A business analysis consultant is one who discusses business needs with clients, reviews the internal business processes, figures out the problems, and comes up with solutions. A consultant will prepare reports where he or she will provide suggestions on where the business can improve its functions.


The consultant plays the following roles at Webgen Technologies for your business.


Performing SWOT analysis – SWOT means recognizing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of a company or a particular department. SWOT analysis is a mandatory practice that every consultant performs to assess the company’s position in the market, and how competitive it is compared to others. SWOT is done to evaluate the internal and external factors and find out the future potential that the company might be missing out on.


Review organization systems – A consultant also looks after the ways a company runs its operations, departments, and branches. This is done to seek potential improvements in the business systems and procedures. Through the review process, a business analysis consultant sees whether your customers’ needs are properly met and what needs to be done further to make them fully satisfied with your products or services.


Analyzing the marketplace – Comparing your performance level with your competitors helps you to determine your stand in your industry. Also, with marketplace analysis, you can come to know about the opportunities that your contenders are taking advantage of and that you’re missing out on.

Hiring consulting companies from India has multiple benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.


Cost-effective – The main reason why businesses from various parts of the world hire consultants from India is affordable pricing. Indian companies charge competitive pricing for leveraging the rich knowledge of their business consultants. Their business analysis consulting solutions fit the budget of businesses of small, medium, and large sizes.


Highly skilled professionals – Webgen Technologies is one of the top 10 business analysis consultancy companies that houses the best professionals from the industry. The exceptional skill and knowledge help our clients understand the current state of the company in the market and simultaneously find ways to improve efficiency and drive growth.

Comprehensive Planning as per business type – Business consultants first study your business, product, or services so as to get a clear picture of your business type and try to identify the primary business goals. They will be responsible for finding potential solutions to all types of business problems and initiating improvement measures.

Strategic advice –  Being a top IT consulting company in Kolkata, we make sure to provide you with a fresher perspective on your company mission and address the core problems in a strategic manner. Our consultants see that all the problems are addressed attentively.

Saves time – Training an in-house staff for business analysis consulting or hiring extra resources is time-consuming and complicated. Thus, when you outsource business analysis consulting services you can save a lot of your crucial time and use it for more important business operations.

Thus, it is evident now that you can always have peace of mind when you hire Indian companies for business analysis consulting. So, what are you thinking? Reach out to our sales team to hire us.

Our consultant experts have the following key responsibilities:


  • Understand your business and work processes
  • Evaluate the company’s cost and assess the work efficiency
  • Recommend the new-age impactful technologies and tools to improve the work process
  • Lead the R&D team and aid in the design or implementation of new process
  • Have a solid and technical understanding of all the analytics tools and share the knowledge within the team to enhance efficiency
  • Take responsibility for project management, monitor team performance, and build a project plan to ensure timely delivery to the clients
  • Act as a medium of communication between team members and clients to share the information related to changes and recommendations.

Constantly stay connected with the business leaders so as to give them all the updates regarding the changes or implementations.

The top agencies in Kolkata offering business analysis services set their priorities first and then provide definite solutions to maximize your organization’s value.

The consulting companies first articulate the requirements for making any changes in an organization and then find out ways to streamline that change. They further help in the 5 leading stages of business operations i.e. management, operations, finance, marketing, and distribution.

How many types of business analysis consulting services are there?

In the field of analysis, organizations use three main types of consulting services to help them in their decision-making.


Descriptive Analysis– It is the analysis of large volumes of historical or past company data using two techniques – data mining and data aggregation. Descriptive analytics is primarily used to spot market trends and uncover hidden insights and patterns that help them to understand their audience better.


Predictive Analysis – This advanced tool of business analysis is used to predict future trends and assess the outcomes by using Machine learning, statistical modeling, and data mining techniques. Predictive analytics is used to solve problems that arise during business operations and unlock growth opportunities.


Prescriptive Analysis – This method is used by organizations to find out which course of action is best for achieving business objectives. The prescriptive analysis recommends measures that a business should take to optimize outcomes, achieve measurable results, and save time and money.


Although there are several approaches to delivering business analysis consulting services, we follow an integrated methodology. This means, we, as a consulting firm, will study and thoroughly analyze your business, your requirements, your goals, and your target demographics. As a top IT consulting company, our solutions are integrated with data-based facts that help a firm improve its business performance as well as technology environment.  Our approach has a completely unique perspective that aims to provide you with result-oriented outcomes. Our integrated approach includes the following –


  • Data collection and analysis
  • Setting of benchmarks
  • Conducting fact-related research
  • Design advanced solutions
  • Creating better scenarios to make firms understand the situation better
  • Managing communication between stakeholders
  • Mitigate risks related to operations
  • Tracking the progress
  • Preparing the reports for leaders
  • Realize the benefits of business analysis consulting


When you hire us as your consulting company, you will enjoy the below advantages from our consultants.



Consultants at Webgen Technologies high qualified professionals with more than 12 years of experience. They are experts at


  • Preparing a detailed and insightful business review
  • Outlining the major obstacles that your business might face
  • Deteriming effective solutions and identifying opportunities for your business case
  • Focusing on all the functional, as well as non-functional aspects of your business,
  • Performing data analysis and data modeling
  • Having deep domain knowledge and expertise on popular industries like retail, finance, hospitality, supply chain, transportation, etc.
  • Helping in a seamless transition of business processes.
  • Aiding in process documentation and business specification authoring

Moreover, our business analysis consultants, first look from the technical perspective and then suggest solutions. They will also work with your delivery team and organize pre-sale engagements to boost your business sales.

A company’s value is determined by Return on Investment (ROI). Our business analysts’ aim is to maximize returns or investment benefits while minimizing company expenses. Doing both together will definitely boost your ROI.  Our consultants provide you with cost-effective solutions while suggesting ways to lower costs. They do so by prioritizing your business needs, determining the urgent ones by value, and then moving on further with the implementation.

With budget constraints, project priorities, and differences in opinions among stakeholders, it is very difficult to find one ideal solution. Hence, you need a consulting company by your side to help you successfully pull off all the business requirements in an efficient manner. Our consulting firm brings value to your business by assisting you in accomplishing your goals on time and within your predetermined budget. Consultants bring real value to your organization by assisting you with process documentation and mapping.  They consider the employees’ roles, responsibilities, and industry standards to visualize how the business functions. All of these help in better decision-making, enhance workers’ efficiency and accelerate the speed of final delivery.

When you hire us as your consulting company, you will enjoy the below advantages from our consultants. 


Defining business needs and objectives – We will help you clarify your business scope, requirements, and goals. This is done through competitor analysis and following market trends. Our consultants will also help you in determining the right technology solutions, assess the company costs, evaluate all the project risks and lastly, find ways to mitigate those risks. 


Business Analysis – In this stage, we would analyze the method that we need to pursue to achieve your business goals. We will help you select the right technology stack, prepare a roadmap for implementation, help with project documentation, and provide cost estimation. 

Ongoing Maintenance – Our business analyst consultants will also help with executing enhancements, fixing errors, and reducing risks or problems that arise during business functions, and parallelly train your employees to improve their efficiency.

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