Website, Mobile App, Software Performance Testing Services in Kolkata, India

Performance Testing Services in Kolkata, India

Our comprehensive performance testing ensures that your software, website, or application excels in performance. By using industry-leading techniques and automated testing tools, we check your system’s stability and functioning under normal as well as stressful conditions.

Flawless and Efficient Systems With Our Performance Testing Services

Performance Testing is necessary to achieve end-user satisfaction by providing them with an exceptional customer experience. Our performance testing experts have extensive experience in performance testing methodology and validate the functional capabilities of your application, website, or software. It gives you the opportunity to avoid unfortunate incidents like system crashes, poor response time, recovery failure, etc. Thus, you get to predict your system’s behavior prior to the final launch, eliminate bottlenecks, and mitigate risks. Hence, we help you to launch future-proof systems with high scalability and responsiveness.

Why We Are #1 Software Performance Testing Services in India

  1. Experienced Resources

    With 11 years in service, our team has extensive hands-on experience in performing accurate testing using proven methodologies and advanced tools.

  2. Reasonable Pricing

    Get high-quality website load-testing solutions in Kolkata and analyze site performance and load issues at competitive rates.

  3. Greater speed and accuracy

    Component-wise testing of your application allows quick and accurate detection of potential flaws before the final development stage.

Performance Testing Services We Conduct

Webgen Technologies focuses on your business needs and software specifications to conduct accurate performance testing and help you in improving your system’s stability.

Load Testing

We check your system’s responsiveness and behavior under some predetermined load conditions to assess the number of connections your application can handle.

Stress Testing

We test your software and application under extreme workloads to identify the breaking point of the product and its maximum operating capacity.

Scalability Testing

This service helps you understand your system’s capabilities to scale under excessive load and hence, identify the point to stop scaling or find ways to expand capacity.

Stability Testing

Stability testing assesses the stability of your system and evaluates downtime possibilities by checking how long it remains stable during a specific time span.

Volume Testing

Our volume testing services validate the performance of the software when it processes large sets of data in a given timeframe.

Code Review

We analyze the performance requirements of your system by looking at the potential issues during code reviews.

Expert Performance Testing Services To Guarantee Best Results

We are a dedicated performance testing company in Kolkata offering the best QA and performance testing services to clients all over the world. Our testing process ensures system reliability, helps businesses handle extreme loads, and overcome critical performance problems. Our performance engineers accomplish load testing for complicated systems and provide high-quality load testing services to versatile industries like finance, banks, communication, retail, media, and healthcare companies.


Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring our performance testing services in Kolkata.

Performance testing is one of the software testing methods that focus on application speed, reliability, scalability, and stability. This testing helps companies identify the resource consumption factors and the primary causes. With performance testing, you can gain real-time insights into your application’s performance, detect defects or flaws in the early stages of development and resolve the risks before it impacts the actual performance.  Apart from mobile applications and software, we also execute performance testing of web services with advanced and optimal tools to assess the consistency in performance and eliminate bottlenecks.

Ensure the best performance of your system with the sheer expertise of our passionate engineers who are proficient in conducting performance tests using the best tools. The benefits of using Performance testing are as follows:


Increase in system flexibility and scalability – We conduct performance testing in cloud services to look after the scalability and flexibility of your application and how it affects traffic across various geographical locations.


Identify the system flaws and errors  – We integrate performance testing flawlessly into the development phases to understand and assess the errors earlier before final deployment.


Get valuable insights in real-time on application performance – We also run regular performance testing on realistic situations such as after making changes in coding or before any expected peak load.


Increase speed and performance stability – Our team holds rich knowledge and first-hand experience in using industry-recommended testing tools to improve speed and ensure stability in performance.


Achieve optimal performance of your system – Our intelligent monitoring system combined with in-depth reporting ensures scalable and optimal performance.

Improving user experience and ensuring customer satisfaction – Our performance testing services in Kolkata ensure your application is scalable and consistent and gives your users a smooth experience.

Performance testing is done in eight steps which are as follows.


  • Studying the testing environment
  • Identifying the metrics or criteria to perform testing
  • Plan the way to conduct performance testing
  • Design the performance testing method
  • Configuration of the testing environment
  • Implementation of the testing design
  • Running and monitoring tests
  • Analyze the test and retest, if necessary

The key performance testing tools that we use are 


JMeter – It is an open-source tool that is used for testing the load and variety of functions of web applications under different extreme environments. To test the strength of your application, JMeter is an ideal tool.   


Locust – This one is also an open-source load testing tool where testers define user behaviors in simple code i.e. Python language and do not require complicated XML and UIs. The best part is that with Locust you can run tests on multiple machines. 


WebLoad – It is an enterprise-grade testing tool to test the performance of web applications and examine whether they can endure a heavy user load. For complex and multiple testing requirements. WebLoad is used by our QA team. 

LoadNinja – It is a smart testing tool that reduces the testing time, debugs errors, creates scriptless tests to run on real browsers, and helps you get actionable insights very quickly, at ninja speed.

It is always advisable to hire our performance testing services in Kolkata in the early stages of development because with the delay of testing, more issues will arise. Also, the cost will increase. So, without waiting for the end moment, we conduct performance tests along the ongoing process of development.

The notable issues that users experience in performance testing of a website or application are


  • The longer loading time of the site
  • Poor or non-responsiveness
  • System crash downs
  • Error pop-ups
  • System failure, and consequently data loss


Our high-quality and long-standing expertise provides the best website load-testing solutions in Kolkata, that ensure all of these poor experiences or issues are resolved in the first place.

Performance testing is a comprehensive service and stress testing is one of its components. Our performance testing services in Kolkata offer several performance checks in terms of load or stress, volume, stability, and system failure. Stress testing evaluates and assesses the performance or behavior of your website or application in extreme load conditions. This helps in evaluating its maximum capacity.

Bottlenecks are the obstacles that happen when the system cannot access the data as per its specific requirements.  Some of them are mentioned below


  • Performance of the server
  • CPU utilization
  • Usage of disk space
  • Optimizing business logic
  • Network environment
  • Memory Utility

Performance testing is important before the final deployment of your system in order to determine the following parameters.


  • Your system’s breaking point
  • Response time of your application when the user load is as expected
  • Response time when the user load is unusually high or unexpected
  • App’s stability under unexpected load conditions
  • Number of transactions your app is capable of handling

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