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Database Testing Services in Kolkata, India

Ensure the complete security of your application database with our efficient and reliable database testing services. We bring together the best experts and infrastructure to perform end-to-end testing of your database to make it more accessible, secure, and reliable.

Harness Database Testing Services To Ensure Maximum Stability

Database testing is used to analyze the schema, triggers, tables, etc. of the database. This is helpful in assessing data consistency and integrity. Further, database testing is a layered and step-by-step process involving the user interface, business layer, data access, and lastly the data layer. Our high-quality database testing in software testing includes validating data, checking data integrity, and checking data performance, and triggers in the database. Moreover, database testing makes sure that your application works glitch-free and discovers bugs or issues in the early phases.

Why Choose Us For Database Testing Services in India

  1. 11+ Years of Experience

    We have a dedicated QA team who execute database testing with detailed specifications and analyze the process to enhance stability.

  2. Cost-effective

    We offer diverse software testing and QA services including database testing at an extremely budget-friendly rate.

  3. Error-free Performance

    Our database testing services entitle you to error-free and bug-free applications in various complex scenarios.

Extensive Database Testing Services To Ensure Data Integrity

Webgen Technologies has the best testing team that implements rigorous database strategy to make your database robust and scalable. They pay attention to the smallest details and critical aspects and make use of advanced technology solutions to ensure data accuracy, reliability, and integrity.

Schema Testing

Our talented QA team performs schema testing to ensure similarity between the front end and back end in schema mapping.

Trigger Testing

Trigger testing is used to validate the test functionality and check whether the coding conventions were followed.

Functionality Testing

We conduct functionality testing to see whether the software application meets the business requirements and has an accurate database.

Automation Testing

Database testing in automation reduces the workloads of deployment, enhances reliability, and delivers quicker results.

Structural Database Testing

We will test all the components of your database storage that are not easily accessible to all the application users.

Security Testing

Security testing reveals the errors or flaws in your system or application that are integral in maintaining data functionality.

Advanced Database Testing Services For All Industry Verticals

Leverage the expertise of highly qualified QA professionals to test your software database and eliminate all the loopholes. By using cutting-edge technologies, we validate whether your data is accurate, consistent, and functional. Clients trust us to check whether the data in their business applications are stored properly and accessible to their users. We ensure that access is authorized and adequately maintained to strengthen application security.


Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring our database testing services in Kolkata, India.

Database testing is a part of the software testing process which involves testing an application database to ensure its integrity, validity, and reliability. Database testing is integral in maintaining data accessibility and improving data security. Through this testing method, businesses can check their applications for crucial triggers, schemas, vital functions, and other stored procedures. Accurate database testing of your system includes data tracking, testing integrity, evaluating risks, debugging errors, analyzing defects, documenting, and reporting. 

We use UI-enhanced automated testing tools to deliver quicker and more accurate results. Each tool has its own set of functions and advantages. 


DataFactory – It is the most appropriate tool to test the database of commercial applications. Its rich capabilities to handle large data volumes and easy-to-use interface save a lot of management time, thus making it a most popular testing tool among database testers. 


MS SQL Server – It is mostly used for conducting unit testing. Its exceptional features and versatile options make it suitable for C# and VB projects. 


SQL Test – It is an open-source testing application that helps small-time testers carry out database testing of small projects efficiently. 


Mockup Data – Mockup data is known for its lightweight features and automated functionalities. Multiple output availability, quality automation, and quick data access are some of the many advantages of Mockup Data. 


Oracle SQL Developer – A tool that offers developers to run SQL in Oracle and also supports operations in cross-platform databases. It is the most suitable testing tool for large-scale projects. 

SE lite – Selenium Lite or SE lite is an ideal tool and has any for data management testing. The primary benefits are a user-friendly interface, enhances Syntax, and provides great access to APIs.

Understanding data mapping is essential before starting database testing with Selenium. Because information often breaks down in a software application from the UI to the backend database. So, these aspects must be looked after in order to ensure data security and prevent data loss. Data mapping, thus, evaluate whether the fields or data in UI or frontend are mapped correctly with the data in the table.

ACID stands for  Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. Each transaction in the database must confirm these four properties. 


Atomicity – The transactions are atomic meaning, that either they take place at once or do not take place at all. Thus, transactions will have either of two outcomes – Success or Failure. 


Consistency – This implies that the database is valid and consistent before as well as after the transaction is completed. 


Isolation – Transactions are independent of each other and hence multiple transactions are possible without hindering the database state. 

Durability – Data will never be lost due to a system crash or power failure. The database will be successfully stored permanently.

Database testing checks the integrity of your data or values through a four-step process. We conduct database testing services and involve the following functions.


  • Data Creation – New values or data are created and stored in the database.
  • Data Retrieve  – Users search and view data through the data retrieve operation.
  • Data Update – Any changes or modifications to existing data is done by the update function.
  • Data Delete – You can also delete old records from the database system through this operation.

It is necessary to understand database schemes before conducting database testing with selenium. Database schemes are a formal way of defining how data needs to be organized inside a database system.


When any event occurs on a particular table in DB, a trigger is executed through auto-instruction. Then comes the stored procedures where the output is shown in the results sets. Field constraints are then considered and a front-end is performed. Lastly, the results are validated with SQL Query where a default value is checked against a certain field constraint. This process checks the following four things:


  • Whether the data types of each table are according to the database design.
  • Whether every table column points to the right field
  • The data is then tested for retrieval, insertion, update, and deletion
  • The entire content is again checked during data migration

We, as one of the best database testing companies in India, also provide service for database testing with python and selenium.

Database testing should be a crucial part of every software application like web, mobile, enterprise, peer-to-peer, client-server, or individual business applications. Since the backend of every application requires database management, testing is a must. Complex applications need to deal with large volumes of data and the database is always functioning from the backend. For large-scale projects, a secure and strong database is needed which leads to an increase in demand for high-quality DB tools.

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