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Usability Testing Services in Kolkata, India

Optimize your website and mobile applications for an incredible user experience by leveraging our user testing and usability testing services. We will provide you with real-time insights by validating your app or website with crowd testers and help you progress through intuitive and engaging interfaces.

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Are your visitors leaving your site the moment they land there? The reasons for the high bounce rate can be a longer loading time, a non-secure site, an unappealing design and layout, poor navigation, etc. Our website usability testing services in Kolkata, India will eliminate all these factors and gives your users smooth sailing experiences. Design confidently and make users fall in love with your website or application. We will assist you with building a stunning UX that impresses your visitors and brings a favorable impact on your sales and online brand reputation.

Why Hire Us For Usability Testing Services in Kolkata

  1. Validate Hypotheses

    Our highly-experienced QA team regularly suggests and validates assumptions through our effective UI and functional testing.

  2. Satisfies your customer needs

    Our in-depth UI and compatibility testing check whether your users get what they actually want from your website or app.

  3. Identifies and fixes error quickly

    We will find all the errors and fixes them before the final launch to enhance users’ satisfaction.

UI and Usability Testing Services We Offer

You can utilize variations of our usability testing services to obtain particular insights depending on where the product is in its development cycle.

Website Usability Testing

Our QA team employs multivariate testing and also bucket testing to check the usability of your site in two (A/B testing) or more versions.

Mobile App Usability Testing

We check the mobile app functionalities, interface, and security features in-depth to find all the loopholes and correct them accordingly.

Remote Usability Testing

Our testers and developers use top UI testing tools to check the usability of our application by global users across diverse geographical locations.

Hallway Testing

We also conduct spontaneous usability testing of your website or application by random users to spot basic irregularities or flaws.

User Interface Testing

We will analyze whether the user interface is easy to navigate and use. This is done to avoid any usability issues faced by end-users after the final launch.

Design or UX Testing

Our UX testing services ensure that the overall design and functionality of the website are top-notch and leave an unforgettable impression on users’ minds.

Make a Difference With Our UI and UX Testing Company

At Webgen Technologies, we follow a user-centric approach and detect the gaps in the site’s or app’s functionality. Our expert professionals conduct end-to-end usability testing to check your website’s interactiveness, mobile responsiveness, and UI elements. We use the latest testing tools to test your mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows systems.


Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring our usability testing services in Kolkata.

Usability testing is extremely important to assure that your website or mobile app development is flawless and provides the best possible user experience. Software or application usability make sure your user interface is well-thought-out and impacts your users positively. Usability testing ensures a successful launch of your website or app powered by rich functionalities, strong security, and stable performance.

Usability testing is an iterative and systematic process that one needs to integrate into the testing lifecycle process or even during the development stage. Usually, testing is done in the wireframe designing or prototyping stage and continues afterward in an iterative manner till the final launch. This iterative process helps analyze the errors step-by-step, get feedback from QA engineers, and implement them in the next phase.  For best results, usability testing must be performed on a regular basis even after deployment. This leads to consistent improvement of your application or website. 

Typical UI testing and functional testing are done by only 5 -7 users. There is no need for engaging more than 5 to 7 users as it doesn’t add any extra advantage to the usability test. However, you can involve more users for voting purposes whenever there is any need for the selection of specific functionality or evaluation of performance,

Usability testing is an absolute must for you if you are launching a new website or mobile application. It assures you of customer-friendliness and top-class performance. Our website and mobile app usability testing services in Kolkata, India provide you with the following benefits:


  • Increases customer loyalty to your website or app
  • Boosts website traffic
  • Increases your number of app users
  • Drives sales
  • Raises your position in the market
  • Gives your brand a more robust identity

It starts with a concrete plan determining the kind of test you require to run and then follows the below steps:


  • We will first set your app or website testing goals
  • We will create profiles for all the users for recruitment screening
  • Determine tasks to assign to the users
  • Create a questionnaire to ask 
  • Create feedback or scale mechanisms like System Usability Scale to rate the usability

Yes, remote usability testing is necessary to see how participants interact with the interface across various global locations. In remote testing, you can select users remotely and get them to record their interactions during the testing session. 

Usability testing plays a critical role in delivering user-friendly applications or websites. Real users along with professional testers take part in usability testing and go through various testing methodologies to give unbiased feedback and precise conclusions regarding the features liked and disliked, struggles faced, and factors that made it unique. To observe the ease of usage, a real-time user must participate in the usability test. This ensures that the final application delivers the best-ever user experience to your customers. 

When it comes to usability testing, a wide assortment of tools are available out there that promise you to deliver the best results. However, as per our top experts here are the 10 most-used and trending usability testing tools.


UserZoom – It’s a tool used for both usability testing as well as market research needed to study your ideal customers’ behaviors. This tool allows the users to conduct surveys, and solve questionnaires.


Lambda Test – This tool offers you to test your application on 3000 or more real devices and operating systems. It also provides web testing services on Android and iOS devices. 


Validately – With Validately, you can perform testing in a comprehensive manner, from creating tasks, recruiting participants, researching questions, and setting up tests. 


Usability Hub – This is a cloud-based tool that is used to analyze human-computer interaction, and understand user preferences and behavior by applying all sorts of user testing tests from anywhere you like.   


Usabilia – Usabilia allows users to collect feedback from your site visitors through survey forms, popups, MCQs, video quizzes, and a lot more.


Optimizely – Considered one of the best tools for testing web-based applications and testing their functionality and scalability.


Loop11 – This tool checks meticulously whether the application or website development meets your customer needs efficiently. It has a well-built dashboard from where you can track your remote unmoderated and moderated tests. 


Userlytics – The feature that makes Userlytics a unique software testing tool is its capability to customize filters or request more segments for users. 


TryMyUi – Ideal tool for testing wireframes and prototypes and offers an exclusive set of features like data segmentation, UX diagnostics, moderated remote studies, etc. 

Optimal Workshop – This software testing tool helps you remove errors and overcome most challenging issues before the final launch of your application.

The benefits of hiring us, one of the top usability testing companies in India, are many


  • Unbiased or honest feedback from experienced and reliable crowd testers whose choices are similar to your target users
  • Direct and structured feedback by the participants helps you know the performance of your app or website better
  • We will test in-between the development stages which will help you determine the next-best phase of your project
  • Our testers create a real-world situation and test your app or site on real devices to understand how real users will be interacting with the interface in real-time
  • Our services are affordable and you can initiate testing for your app or website on-demand anytime or integrate this service into your project workflow
  • You’ll have a dedicated project manager to assist you in understanding the feedback and implementing changes

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