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Value-driven travel mobile app development solutions for travel businesses of all sizes! Get highly customized travel mobile applications developed by us and overcome the complexities in the tourism business. Team up with us to modernize and speed up tourism-related operations.

Innovative Travel App Development Solutions to Empower Your Business

We, being a pioneering travel app development company in Kolkata, aim to revolutionize the travel industry with our disruptive strategies. Managing the tourism business online becomes super-easy and hassle-free with our technological excellence in mobile app development. Our extensive range of services is meant to uplift the tourism industry through digitalization. In fact, it has become possible now for tourist companies to automate business processes and offer tourists a smooth online experience. Besides, hotel managers and agencies get easy access to customer information with our travel app development services. Our razor-sharp focus and dynamic approach have helped us earn numerous global clients who are extremely satisfied with our service quality.

How Tourism Industry Benefits from Travel Mobile App Development

Improved Customer Experience

Customer-centric solutions to understand their demands better and enrich user experience.

Streamlining Booking Process

Easy online reservations and payment processes to make the journey of travelers worry-free.

GPS with AI technology

Our travel app developers in Kolkata build apps integrating GPS that offers guidance on the quickest routes to take when traveling.

Operational Efficiency

Task automation through AI-powered apps to boost the productivity of your travel & tourism firm.


Find answers to some commonly raised questions before hiring our services.

As an Indian Travel app development company, we offer many types of solutions, such as booking and reservation apps, hotel management apps, visitor management apps, travel booking apps, cab booking apps, flight booking apps, and more.

The step-by-step procedure for developing an application is as follows:

  • Sharing of app idea 
  • Analyzing app requirements
  • Cost Estimation
  • UI design
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • App Testing
  • Deployment
  • Submitting the app on App stores
  • Support & Maintenance

It includes features such as trip planning, route filtering, weather information, and currency conversion. It can also allow users to book hotels, flights, and other tourism-related services directly from the app.

Our solutions support a variety of platforms. That includes iOS, Android, Windows, and more.

We work with a variety of businesses, from tour operators to hotel chains, to help them develop mobile apps that improve customer engagement and boost customer loyalty.

With the best travel mobile application development company in India by your side, you can boost sales and increase customer retention. It helps to:

  1. Improve customer satisfaction: It can help to improve customer satisfaction by providing a more convenient and user-friendly way to book services.
  1. Increase bookings: It can help to increase bookings and revenue by making it easier for potential customers to find and book services.
  1. Increase brand awareness: It can help to increase brand awareness and loyalty by making it easier for customers to find and book services from a specific company or brand.

There are many benefits to using our services for your tourism businesses.

  • Our services can help you save time and money by automating many tasks that are traditionally done manually.
  • Our services can help you improve customer satisfaction by providing a more personalized and efficient experience.
  • Our services can help you increase revenue by providing a more efficient and effective way to sell travel products and services.

A mobile application can help with a variety of tourism-related operations, such as booking hotel rooms, managing itineraries, providing information about local attractions and activities, booking tickets, organizing tour packages, and more.

An application can work for a travel business in a number of ways. For example, it can allow customers to book and pay for travel services directly through the app. Additionally, the application can provide customers with updates and information about their travel plans, and allow them to view and manage their bookings. Finally, the application can also offer customer support and assistance in case of any problems during the tour.

There are many reasons to consider hiring our developers for your application development. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality, robust, and user-friendly applications. We have a team of experienced and dedicated developers who are passionate about creating great apps. In addition, we offer competitive prices and a flexible approach to accommodating your specific needs and budget.

Travel App Development Solutions by Our Experts in Kolkata

Our competence lies in integrating the latest technologies, APIs and tools in our travel application development solutions to bring the best outcomes. A talented pool of resources with distinct skills and capabilities helps us in delivering world-class solutions regarding website strategy and app development. We, at Webgen Technologies, try to empower your business by boosting customers’ engagement, increasing loyalty, and skyrocketing sales.

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Case Studies

The tourism industry, just like other industry verticals, tapped into the digital world to provide its customers with pleasant experiences. Hence, this led to an increase in demand for the services of travel app design and development companies in India. We helped renowned tourism companies with trailblazing mobile app and web development solutions to gain an edge in the cut-throat competition.

The overview

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A top-notch sailing experience is promised by the yacht booking website Yacht Karma. Its primary yacht is Yada Yada. It is a 55-foot, state-of-the-art Azimut luxury yacht with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and first-rate amenities. For travelers looking for an unusual way to mark an upcoming event, a chartered yacht is the best option. While their team takes care of everything, passengers can have a leisurely cruise across the magnificent Intracoastal canal that connects Miami and Palm Beach. The Yacht Karma crew has received formal training and certification to ensure the safety of our visitors.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Yacht Karma hired Webgen Technologies to design and develop their main website as a platform that supports yacht reservation platforms. We were able to thoroughly comprehend their specific requirements following the consultation meeting. They wanted to make destination marketing quicker and simpler, as well as a quicker and wider reach of travelers through the digital world. We created the product architecture after carefully analyzing their software demand criteria. Subsequently, the website was developed. The website was launched after extensive testing, followed by post-launch assistance and maintenance.

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