Digitalizing the Travel Industry

The travel industry is expanding faster as a result of the disruption that digital technologies have brought about. Both travel choices & client demand have been greatly impacted by modern technological breakthroughs in the travel sector. Today, the importance of IT to the tourism sector has increased. It has facilitated the industry's commercial relationships by connecting with corporate partners, moving commodities, & interacting with clients worldwide. Due to Internet applications & other technological breakthroughs, the tourism industry has undergone substantial structural changes. We offer cutting-edge technology solutions to simplify business operations & user convenience.

Facilitating Operations with Digital Solutions

E-commerce in tourism

Online reservations and payment processes are streamlined by tourism e-commerce.

OTA web & app platforms

It lets you easily curate travel experiences from any location in the world with a click.

GPS with AI technology

It offers guidance on the quickest or most practical routes to take when traveling.

Social media

Information on distant and physically unreachable locations is available for travelers.

Big data

Access & use of data for real-time operations & strategic business plan development.

Technological and software solutions

The tourism industry has actively adopted information technology (IT) to reduce costs, boost operational performance, and—most importantly—improve service quality and customer experience. Online bookings, flashpackers, travel blogs, e-tour guides, online platforms for services, and other types of digitalized tourism and hospitality are becoming more and more prevalent. Social media, mobile devices, and information technology are extensively used in the tourism and hospitality sectors for information search, sharing, and exchange. Rapid technological advancement has led to the introduction of new service delivery techniques in the tourism industry. To fulfil the sector's rising needs, we offer cutting-edge tools and technologies that are commonly utilized in the travel business, such as mobile applications, social media, Big Data, analytics, AI, machine learning, etc.

Booking and Reservation Software
POS systems
Cloud solutions
Customer Self-service Apps
AI solutions
Blockchain Solutions
Digital Marketing
Web design and development
Mobile application development
Web Apps
Travel Booking Apps
Cab Booking Apps
Flight Booking Apps

Case Studies

The widespread use of internet-enabled devices and related mobile media has had a significant impact on the travel and tourist sectors, both in terms of infrastructure and communication. In keeping with the same, we have given market leaders the ability to make use of cutting-edge technology and software solutions to improve operations and give their consumers a better user experience.

The overview

Who is Yacht Karma?

A top-notch sailing experience is promised by the yacht booking website Yacht Karma. Its primary yacht is Yada Yada. It is a 55-foot, state-of-the-art Azimut luxury yacht with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and first-rate amenities. For travelers looking for an unusual way to mark an upcoming event, a chartered yacht is the best option. While their team takes care of everything, passengers can have a leisurely cruise across the magnificent Intracoastal canal that connects Miami and Palm Beach. The Yacht Karma crew has received formal training and certification to ensure the safety of our visitors.

How did we help them with our solutions?

Yacht Karma hired Webgen Technologies to design and develop their main website as a platform that supports yacht reservation platforms. We were able to thoroughly comprehend their specific requirements following the consultation meeting. They wanted to make destination marketing quicker and simpler, as well as a quicker and wider reach of travelers through the digital world. We created the product architecture after carefully analyzing their software demand criteria. Subsequently, the website was developed. The website was launched after extensive testing, followed by post-launch assistance and maintenance.

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