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As an advanced and full-fledged software development company in Kolkata, we offer end-to-end services to businesses across the globe. We leverage the latest architecture and technologies to build next-gen software and applications. Get customized software solutions that solemnly satisfy your business needs without burning a hole in your pocket. Our continuous dedication and relentless focus help us perform better. Whether you are from the IT industry, retail business, finance, healthcare or any other sector, we have solutions for every business type.

Three things that set us apart from the rest.

  • Commitment to Innovation
  • Serve Versatile Industries
  • Personalized Services

We offer precise and tailored solutions that perfectly match your users’ needs and serve their best interests. So, without thinking much, partner with us to unlock your company’s growth potential and be at the forefront of the market.

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By delivering top-notch quality services, we ensure that your customers have a seamless experience. Our talented resources and exceptional technical expertise help us provide best-in-class software development solutions to our clients. Plus, we put our clients at the heart of everything we do. Our team always thinks from the viewpoint of end users and tries to address the core issues first. Our attention to detail helps us deliver customer-oriented solutions.

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Webgen Technologies, the top software company in Kolkata, has skillfully mastered the art of creating superior and feature-rich software, web, and mobile apps. Our team of software developers in Kolkata has profound knowledge and first-hand experience in using the latest frameworks and trending technologies.

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From delivering our first successful project in 2012, we became one of Asia's first software solutions provider companies to develop an app for EV carsharing in Malaysia in 2014-2015. Eventually, we also became proud members of NASSCOM. We are delighted to demonstrate our diverse expertise by developing many Ethereum projects as well as an online marketplace for NFT and cryptocurrencies. Besides, we have been instrumental in many industry success stories and continue to do so with global and reputable customers. Future Farm Technologies Inc. (CSE: FFT) (OTC PINK: FFRMF), GCN Staffing & Recruiting, and others are among them.









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Find answers to some commonly raised questions before hiring our resources.

Webgen Technologies can make your job easy. We are one of the top software development companies in Kolkata, delivering next-gen software solutions to business owners and large-scale enterprises. We offer full-cycle development, which means we will be with you from the ideation stage to the software launch. Before looking for a Kolkata software company, these are the essential qualities or key skill areas to look out for.


Technical Skills – Since your project requirements are unique, your outsourced software firm must have proficiency in multiple technologies and software architecture. The team should have the capability to choose the right framework or technology depending on the scale, features, and functionalities that need to be integrated. Other than years of experience, skills possessed by the developers and processes employed are equally important for successful project development. Therefore, we would strongly recommend going for the one that keeps up with the advancements in the software development space and pays full attention to the team’s expertise in order to get a sense of their technical competency.


Must align with your business goals – Simply having knowledge about the software and technology is not enough to build exceptional and top-notch quality software. You should reach out to a company that can provide you with software solutions that meet your business goals. We are a top software development company in Kolkata, India that offers customized solutions for every business type and project need. Also, we first set up to define your project goals and the timeframe required to complete the project. Having a clear idea of what you want to develop prevents wastage of time on both ends and misinterpretation of the vision.


UX/UI – You will find many software companies in India that keep their focus straight only on the technical part of the project and ignore the UI/UX. However, you need both to turn your idea into a reality. Building an application with an impeccable user experience guarantees irresistible interactions and is imperative to its success. Hence, make sure that the company you decided to hire has the resources and expertise to provide an engaging user experience. It is worth investing in a user-friendly website and application as it will give you high ROI in the long run.


Communication – Since the process of software development is complicated and involves several stages, quick and efficient communication is a necessity. Your outsourcing partner must have great communication skills and must be always on the same page when it comes to discussing ideas and other project-related queries. Also, be watchful about their ways of communicating with the clients such as email, phone calls, video calls, etc. Clear communication results in putting ideas forward clearly and streamlining project goals, and lessening doubts or misinterpretations. We, as the best software development company in Kolkata, India keep communication as our top priority and address every single need of our clients with equal importance.


Agile Methodology – Marketplaces have become more fickle these days and new digital products are released at lightning-fast speed. Hence, business leaders are demanding an agile environment for developing their projects. The agile methodology involves continuous collaboration with clients to look for improvements, changes, feature integration, and a lot more before the deployment. Agile methodology results in tackling technical challenges in an efficient manner that comes along the way of development.


Quality Assurance – Software testing is essential to ensure all the issues, flaws, or defects are identified in the initial phases and are fixed before the final launch. You should never enter into a contract with a software developer company in India that does not provide quality testing and assurance services.


Support and maintenance – Average companies usually complete a project and move on without providing support or maintenance. A well-reputed and trusted agency will provide you with solutions to problems that arise later after the release such as encountering bugs, technical glitches, etc. The software development services of your outsourced firm should include post-development support. Our software developers in Kolkata provide regular support and backup and software maintenance services.


Thus, by following the above tips you can choose a bespoke software company that will be a perfect match for your business needs.

Different aspects determine the project cost. We develop scalable software using state-of-the-art architecture and cutting-edge technologies. The cost of software development depends on your project requirements. The factors that determine the exact cost of your customized software are as follows:

Software characteristics – The features you need to integrate with your software or application directly impact the cost. The more complicated your features are, the longer the time required to complete the project. This will automatically increase your software expenditure. The pricing of mobile applications also varies with operating systems like Android, iOS, windows, and hybrid systems.


Project Complexity – The price also depends on your project scale and type. For instance, if you, as a client, need your outsourcing firm to create a prototype, your total rate will also increase. Larger and more complex projects require cutting-edge technologies and tools to deliver top-class quality with great security. Sometimes, for the sake of project requirements, the developers need to learn and acquire new skills. This also influences the cost of software development.


UX Techniques – Business houses strive to deliver the best possible user experience and delight their web visitors or application users. To ensure a great UX, distinctive design, layout, navigation, and style are required. Webgen Technologies, as one of the top 10 software development companies in Kolkata, India, aims to deliver software solutions that delight your users and entice them to come back to you. We provide customized UX design that would blend well with your brand message and gives your users an exceptional experience.


Resources hired – Another important thing that drives the cost of development is the number of developers assigned to your project. The amount of work, effort, time, and resources allotted are the determining factors here. Obviously, when more resources and more hours are dedicated to your project, your spending will rise.


Size of your target market – The size and type of your target audience determine the key functionalities and usability features that need to be integrated into your application. Identifying your users’ behaviors, likes, dislikes, and preferences will help you in providing a tailor-made digital solution. When you reach out to an established and popular software development company in Kolkata like us you can always expect an outcome that meets the expectations of your target audience.


Software Testing – Testing before the final launch to detect all the flaws or errors and simultaneously, correcting them is imperative to a project’s success. Any software development firm that doesn’t provide software performance, security, and usability testing should not be considered at all. Proper testing of your business software or application ensures flawless execution and reliability, but at the same time influences your project cost.

Maintenance – Maintaining your software post-development is integral for seamless functioning and delightful user experiences. Maintenance cost is recurring and clients need to allot a minimum budget for software maintenance. However, incorporating or adding new features, executing modifications, etc. require a significant amount.


Rest assured, the cost structure at Webgen Technologies is affordable and fits your budget. Do you want to outsource your software development? Contact us to share your requirements and get an exact cost estimation for your project.

Leveraging the service and expertise of a software developer company in India has myriad benefits.


Cost-effective – The price for software development in India is much lower than anywhere else. Most particularly, the prices charged by us for software, website, or application development are noticeably less compared to other similar agencies. Offering budget-friendly software solutions doesn’t imply compromising on quality.


Talented and highly skilled developers are behind the development and implementation of 1000+ successful projects. We are extremely attentive to our clients’ needs and budgets at the same time. This helps us in offering them a feasible solution that is both affordable and reliable.


A decade of experience – At Webgen Technologies, we have software developers with experience of more than 10 years. With a great knowledge pool of our determined and highly-valued professionals, we have become competent in providing holistic software development services that fulfill every requirement of our clients. Before selecting a software company in Kolkata, you can also check out their portfolio section to evaluate their work experience, particularly in your niche. If they are able to show you numerous works reflecting your business type or belonging to your industry, then that company is good to go!


Updated Technology stack – Software developers here have profound knowledge and expertise in using the latest programming languages and trending technologies. Leveraging an updated technology stack will help in building future-ready, customizable, cost-efficient, and scalable software solutions. Selecting the right technology, framework, and infrastructure results in a seamless experience for users. Also, developers can enjoy a smooth and faster development experience when they use the most trending and updated technologies.


Project confidentiality – We can sign an NDA to keep your project confidential and ensure that every client trusts our service completely. Our NDA policy gives complete peace of mind to our clients and aids in strengthening business relationships. When you know that your information is absolutely protected, your faith increases and this makes our relationship with you secure.


Any software developer company in India that promises to bring all the above benefits is an ideal agency to hire for your software development project. If you’re still unsure about it, then we can help you.

Another best thing about using the service of software companies in India is fast and easy communication. We are available round the clock to help you out with your queries. You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will report to you regularly regarding your project progress. Moreover, if you are willing to connect with your hired software developer and have a discussion, you can do so by speaking to your project manager directly.

Yes, you can, anytime. We have made it to the list of top software companies in Kolkata with our relentless effort and sheer dedication. We promise our clients to deliver projects on time. If your project needs to pick up the pace, then, of course, we can provide you with extra resources.

We have emerged as a top software development company in India because we focus on using the latest programming languages and technologies for developing software for our clients, such as Java, Python, Laravel, PHP, React.js, React Native, and Swift.

We need you to clearly explain your concept or idea first and then share with us the exact project requirements. If you have any reference software in mind, please share it with us to have a bigger and clearer picture of what you want from us.

Before hiring a company for your software development project, you need to check the following criteria to ensure they are the right fit for you. 

  • Years of experience
  • Team Strength
  • Technologies used
  • Industries served
  • Customer testimonials

With numerous 4-star reviews, Webgen Technologies has undoubtedly made a permanent place in the top 10 software development companies in India.

The process is very easy and quick. It’s a 5-steps process that needs to be done to get started.

  •  Drop Your Project Requirement
  •  Consult With Our Top Experts.
  •  Select a Hiring Model
  •  Sign a contract to start off
  •  Connect with a Dedicated Team

We have experience serving versatile industries such as finance & banking, food & dining, healthcare, media and entertainment, travel, automotive, logistics and many more.

Why overburden your IT team with a tremendous workload when you can have a 3rd party do it efficiently for you? Well, there are not just one but many reasons to consider outsourcing software development to a reputed company in Kolkata.

  • Cost Effective – The most prominent reason for outsourcing software is low cost. Hiring in-house resources adds up to your company’s expenses. So, when you delegate the work to an offshore team, your cost is minimized to a great extent. 
  • Creative and talented minds – It gives your business ready access to an exceptionally talented team of developers who work round the clock to give you the desired results.
  • Advanced Technology – Picking a reputed company with an excellent track record will help you scale your business by integrating technological innovation with professional excellence.
  • Reduced Time – Since you’ll get a dedicated resource/resources for your project, they will deliver your project in much lesser time compared to when done in-house.
  • Risk Management – An experienced top software development company in Kolkata possesses the skill and expertise to mitigate development risks and overcome complex problems.

If you are still in a dilemma about whether to hire a software development company in Kolkata, India, to get your job done, then hopefully these reasons will clear your thoughts right away. Thus, wait no more and get started by partnering with the right tech partner in Kolkata.

The software has become an absolute must for the successful running of businesses. Nowadays, a business is incomplete without an appealing website or a stunning mobile application. Software development implies website development, industry-related mobile applications, web applications, ecommerce web development, CRM solutions, and many more. A highly functional software with dynamic features and great user experience leads to a productivity increase in your business.

Out of many advantages, here are the 4 most noteworthy advantages of software development.


Optimizes your business operations – Business operates following a unique production and distribution model. This model comprises in-house processes, systems integration, resources hiring, and technologies used. Building unique software, that aligns with your business needs, helps in easing out the business processes and workflows.


Saves cost – Although software development involves a cost in the initial phase, in the long run, it will drive business growth and reduces company expenses. Anticipating your audiences’ needs and crafting future-ready solutions to meet those needs increases lead generation and converts the leads into paying customers. Thus, software development fuels business revenue.


Gives you a competitive advantage – Getting customized software for your business will help you gain a competitive edge and increase your audience reach. As a renowned software development company in Kolkata, we make the most of the latest and cutting-edge tools and technologies to build exceptional software that will help your business stay ahead of the competition.


Exclusive Solution – Software development is a flexible and cost-effective solution to meet the bespoke requirements of your users and retain them. Building personal and meaningful relationships with your customers adds value to your business and makes you a trusted leader in your industry. Also, you can use software development to reach out to potential customers all over the world and win new customers.


Thus, if you want to drive business growth, increase ROI and provide personalized experiences to your customers, then you must start considering software or application development or application to engage with your potential customers.

Our Kolkata-based software company offers all kinds of software development services that are instrumental to business growth in today’s times. The list of services includes but is not limited to :


Custom Software Development – Get bespoke software for your business that is built uniquely according to your business type, scalable, and also meets your customers’ requirements. 


Offshore Development Center – Need an experienced outsourcing agency to help you with cost-effective, intuitive, and robust software development? Get an offshore partner that assigns its dedicated resources to build your one-of-a-kind business software.  


SaaS Product Development – We create resilient SaaS products with promising user experiences that would drive fast-paced growth and help you scale your business. We study your product’s purpose, target demographic, and device preference before planning and executing SaaS product development. 


Support and maintenance – Our comprehensive software development lifecycle includes support and maintenance post-development. Our team will be constantly working to solve technical glitches, fix errors, and detect bugs. 


Client-Server Development – We can also help you with building an effective and powerful client-server development system. This application is a distributed framework that divides the workloads of clients and servers and eases communication between the two.


Robust Database Development – We can help you with the creation of a robust and scalable database that helps in enhancing data security, consistency, and reliability. Get in touch with the proficient team of our software developer company in India for database development. 


Software Consulting – If you need software development or software architecture consulting services, we’ve got you covered. We have the best consultants with deep knowledge of ongoing software development trends and industry needs. You can utilize their expertise to build exceptional software or applications. 


Enterprise Software Solution – Our software development services include bespoke solutions for enterprises. No matter which industry you’re in and who your target audiences are, we will build software that would suit your business needs in the best possible way. 


Software Integration – If you need to integrate any software into your existing system or want to modify any features or functionality in your old software, then we can help you with the same. 

Desktop Application – We are skillful in building feature-rich programs to run locally on desktop devices for performing specific tasks or functions by end-users. We build applications that can run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. 


DevOps & Cloud – DevOps are automated tools used with cloud solutions that can minimize your workload and manages complex infrastructure at scale.


App Creation for Mobile Devices – Businesses required exceptional customer-centric mobile applications to enhance their buying experiences can reach out to our professional app developers to build apps. 


Quality Engineering – We deliver first-class quality software through quality assurance and software testing services. We conduct performance testing to detect errors or glitches and eliminate them before final deployment. 


Web Design and Development – Our web design and development services are used by big brands all over the world to craft appealing and user-friendly websites. 


Database Management – We have enough experience in creating DBMS software that would aid in easy data management, i.e. creation, update, read, or deletion of data from the database. 


Since now you are clear of all the services we offer, connect with our sales team now to get started.

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