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Empowering businesses with next-level blockchain solutions! We offer an extensive range of public and private blockchain development services by using the full power of distributed ledger technology.

Sustainable Blockchain Development Services for Your Business

Our blockchain engineers have unmatched expertise in creating decentralized networking models. We build powerful infrastructure leveraging this core technology. Our solutions ensure great transparency, security, and efficiency in business workflows. After evaluating your business case, we implement the right blockchain protocol specific to your case. Our experts devise clear-cut and viable strategies to build blockchain-powered applications.

Blockchain Development Company in Kolkata Offering Reliable Solutions

We provide both public and private blockchain development services. Businesses all over the world, irrespective of their sizes, can get full-cycle blockchain development services from us. Plus, we help clients capitalize on new blockchain opportunities by building tokens, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies. Choose Webgen Technologies as your technology partner if you want to boost agility, security, and efficiency.

Blockchain Development Services We Specialize in

Blockchain dApps Development

We build client-centric applications with smart contracts that run on a peer-to-peer network of servers. Let our professionals handle your project while you concentrate on other business tasks.

Cryptocurrency Development

Create your own digital currency or altcoin backed by a top blockchain framework and advanced encryption. For developing a crypto coin with high-security and Avant-grade features, contact us.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Leverage our blockchain and crypto expertise to accelerate your Defi exchange development journey. You can accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and more by using our platforms.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

We offer comprehensive crypto wallet development services for businesses with multiple cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and ERC20 Tokens. We develop wallets with bank-grade security to facilitate safe and easy payments.

NFT Marketplaces

Our team at Webgen Technologies has extensive expertise in creating customized NFT marketplace for the easy buying and selling of NFT tokens. Besides, we build blockchain-based applications with native support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

BigchainDB Application

BigchainDB is a scalable blockchain database that allows you to create decentralized applications. Our experts will build your blockchain-based application using the BigChainDB software that fits your needs.

Stablecoin Development

We offer robust, secure, and trusted stablecoin development services that ensure a distributed ecosystem of the crypto market. We will help you throughout from the stage of whitepaper drafting, creation, launch, and marketing to trading.

Smart Contract

Our smart contract development services assure you of highly customizable and accurately coded digital contracts. That is, we create contracts with an exceptional computer-based protocol that fits your business conditions.

Cryptocurrency App

We have hands-on experience in building top-notch quality mobile and web cryptocurrency apps. Our blockchain engineers develop apps that are integrated with tightly secured blockchain technology.


Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring Blockchain development companies in India.

Blockchain is a decentralized and immutable ledger system that aids in an easy and secure recording of transactions and tracking of assets in a peer-to-peer network. The assets include both tangible and intangible assets. As for tangible assets, they can be anything from a house, paper money, land, etc. Intangible assets comprise crypto coins, patents, digital artworks, or any other intellectual property.


Decentralization in blockchain implies transferring, using, or accessing data, records, or transactions. The absence of a centralized entity or server prevents meddling with transactions. Since records are distributed in a shared and systematic peer-to-peer network, no one can delete, copy, edit or tamper with transaction records. That’s why it is called an immutable system. Also, any action taken by one individual in the network will be accessible and traceable to the other network members, enhancing complete transparency in transactions.


Blockchain is ideal for businesses that require managing large volumes of transaction records or data safely and securely. Blockchain provides several layers of data security and its advanced encryption system ensures each transaction is protected. Hence, this is one of the reasons why blockchain app development has become the most demanded service by businesses these days.

Businesses are using this disruptive technology to address various critical business needs. Gradually organizations are embracing blockchain to transform their business. It gives a scope to them to improve their existing work processes, plan new models and improve efficiencies.


It reduces costs – The most significant benefit of integrating blockchain technology in business solutions is reduced operational expenses. Since blockchain facilitates easy and secure storage and access of transactions or data, the need for a middleman or a gatekeeper for data protection gets eliminated. This is the reason business houses are searching best blockchain development companies in Kolkata, India to build a blockchain-based app to lower company costs.


Immutable – Blockchain makes the records of transactions corruption-proof and tamper-proof. The records are irreversible and it is impossible to edit, modify, or delete data. The transactions are time-stamped, meaning a permanent record is made once a transaction is done. Thus, it can be further used to track any transaction or information for the purpose of auditing.


Improved security – Another reason why blockchain software development becomes important in business is security.   Since in a blockchain every transaction is connected to another in the form of nodes forming a chain of blocks, it is impossible to hack or tamper with the data or records. And, all the records are end-to-end encrypted and every block has a unique hash thus, making it difficult or impossible to tamper with the information.


Ease of payment – Blockchain and digital wallets are closely connected because this technology is used to facilitate digital payments through a wallet system. Blockchain eliminates the requirements of 3rd parties or middle man during transactions between merchants and customers. Also, the need for invoices or billing statements reduces. Plus, the transactions are done in a more transparent and secure way. Our blockchain app development in Kolkata includes building digital wallets and Fintech apps for several businesses.


Decentralized System – Blockchain, with its decentralized nature, allows sharing of information or data within a secure business ecosystem without any central entity. When a single point of authority is set for information protection, members lack trust in each other. Thus, when the system has no such central point of control, participants can share or seek information from other members of the chain without any intermediary and at the same time, have peace of mind that no data can be altered, deleted, or hacked.

Thus, these are key reasons to consider blockchain in your business, and our blockchain software development in Kolkata, India is exceptional in the sense that we build tailored solutions that meet the expectations of our clients. Reach now to get started.

Blockchain is becoming more and more common these days due to its transparency, visibility, and decentralized nature. To understand the advantages of blockchain in business, you need to first understand the importance of this game-changing technology.


Innovation – Business leaders are utilizing blockchain technology and exploring its potential in driving business growth. Building blockchain-based systems solve complex problems and improve business operations. This latest advancement in the tech space has led to easy initiation and exchange of transactions and information without requiring any intermediary.


Speed – The elimination of a centralized entity or intermediary results in faster transactions. Every transaction is easily and securely logged into the system at a minimum cost. With speed, it also ensures complete transparency in transactions so that every member or participant connected to the peer-to-peer network can track them. Thus, all-in-all, we can say that blockchain speeds up business transactions and helps in increasing operational efficiency.


Tokenization – Top blockchain development company in Kolkata, India like Webgen Technologies helps businesses with token development. Tokenization is the process of converting the value of a tangible or non-tangible asset into a digital token that can be recorded, shared, or transacted using blockchain technology. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are mostly used for digital assets like artworks, collectibles, avatars, photography, and a lot more.


Financial Management – The finance industry is constantly faced with delays in payments, excessive paperwork, data loss, and data breach. Blockchain is a one-stop solution for all of these problems that arise during the management process in the industry. It facilitates easy storage of customer data and transaction records, quick money transfers, etc. Leverage the service of our Fintech blockchain app development in India to get a one-of-a-kind solution for your organization.


Supply chain management – This innovative technology helps in the easy tracking of products and services through every stage of the supply chain from the manufacturer’s end to the customers’ end i.e. manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and delivery. At the same time, it also makes sure that transparency and immutability in the process are maintained and that everyone involved in the supply chain has access to all the updates and can also track the information by themselves.


Now that you know what advantages Blockchain technology can bring to your business, reach out to one of the top-known blockchain development companies in Kolkata to build blockchain-powered solutions and take your business to new heights.

The significance of blockchain in business is immense and it’s time to implement it in your startup firm or existing business platform. But when to use it or at what point in your business still remains a question. You’ll get an answer to this question in the section below where we’ll be discussing how to know which is the best time to integrate blockchain.


The simplest answer would be when you want a decentralized system to store and share transactions or records and at the same time want to secure them from any kind of data breach, hack, or deletion. Whenever you feel that your business needs transparent and traceable records of transactions, blockchain is the right solution.


Other aspects that define the requirements of blockchain app development or blockchain solutions in your organization are:


Blockchain for non-financial companies – If you think that this emerging technology impacts only the Finance sector, then you’re wrong. You can use it in your start-up business, no matter which market you serve, to get a competitive advantage over the competition.


To speed up business operations – You can also use blockchain to improve your work processes and enhance efficiency. For easy problem-solving and overcoming critical business challenges, blockchain technology needs to be implemented.


Attracting potential customers – By offering customers efficient and hassle-free online transactions without the interference of any intermediaries, you can increase your customer base by targeting more people. If you are searching for blockchain development companies near you to create digital wallets, then we can help you.


Online security – When you feel that your business information or customer data is not secure online and is prone to cyber threats, then you need to consider using this disruptive and innovative technology to strengthen your data security. Blockchain makes your records safe and immutable, thus making them impossible to hack or delete.


For cryptocurrency transactions – Blockchain technology is used for participating in transactions in the cryptocurrency platform and securing all the records in a distributed, decentralized digital public ledger. Cryptographic techniques and algorithms are used for easy verification of funds transferred and the creation of coins or monetary units.


Thus, if you feel your startup or existing business is experiencing any of the above situations, then feel free to reach out to the top blockchain development company in India, Webgen Technologies, to get launch your first blockchain project.

Choosing an experienced and top-ranking blockchain agency is easy when you know what your exact requirements are and what your expectations are from your hired company.


Guidelines for picking an ideal Blockchain development company for your business:


Scalable  –  As a business owner you always focus on increasing your customers and how to provide them with the best services or products. Thus, future-driven growth is every business’s motto and so, the blockchain firm you choose must be able to provide you with scalable solutions capable of adapting to this long-term growth and increase in productivity. It should be able to take care of a large number of transactions of all your users securely.


Performance – Responsiveness and performance of their blockchain solutions are important to track if you don’t want to stay behind in the race. Hence, the blockchain development company in Kolkata, India that you choose to hire must be flexible and able to keep pace with your business growth.


Consultation services – Apart from scalable solutions and high performance, blockchain consulting is something you should always expect from an outsourced firm. A dedicated consultation team is necessary for discussing your project requirements, assessing the critical points where complications can arise, and finding solutions for the same. Proper consultation with the development team before starting off with the implementation ensures a seamless development process and early completion of the project.


Agile development process – Agile development is a step-by-step development process that follows an iterative methodology in building blockchain software and app. The agile process ensures latest updates are incorporated into the solution after analyzing the circumstances and requirements of the clients.


Cost – Cost is another important factor that is necessary to consider while hiring any agency for blockchain app development in India. The fees charged must be reasonable so that it fits the budget of the clients. Since most blockchain networks charge fees for transaction processing, it is important that the amount invested for app development is reasonable.


Dedicated Team – A company that has a separate team that specializes in blockchain technology is an added advantage. The rich expertise and domain knowledge of the dedicated team would ensure that the solutions are top-notch and unbeatable. Also, the latest technologies and tools would be employed by them when the resources you’ve hired focus only on blockchain technology.


Meet Deadlines – An agency that never fails to deliver within the stipulated timeline is always a better choice for your business. In this rapidly evolving market, when customers’ demand and simultaneously their requirements changes, it is crucial that you serve them with solutions immediately. Hence, your project needs to be completed by your hired firm before the deadline.

It becomes hard and challenging to pick a reliable blockchain development company in Kolkata, India when options are many. Therefore, to make your choice easy we have curated this list of criteria that you need to keep in mind before finalizing an agency. Also, you can connect with our blockchain development team to discuss your project requirements.

Blockchain is a new and evolving topic and hence, understanding the technology and its ecosystem is the first thing a developer needs to do before starting with the development process. The step-by-step procedure of blockchain implementation from scratch is as follows –


Analyzing the project requirements – To begin with, you first need to understand and ask yourself “For what purpose do I need to implement blockchain in my business?”. Once you know the answer to this, it becomes easy to set your aim, target, or objective for your blockchain project, and also helps the blockchain development company in planning the roadmap for implementation.


Creating a Proof-of-Concept (POC) –  A valid POC is required to get a clearer and wider picture of what exactly you need for your business. Creating POC is a strategic process of understanding and analyzing the planning and development phases. This also helps in identifying the key problems that arise and provides tactical solutions. The prototype model entails the final sketch and design of the app or software, coding languages to be used, and architecture selected.


Selecting the blockchain platform – Picking the right blockchain platform from amongst the variety of platforms that fits your budget and meets your project needs is one of the most important stages in the blockchain project. Some popular blockchain platforms that most stakeholders use are Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Open chain, multichain, Quorum, Stellar, etc.


Building the blockchain infrastructure – This process involves using the right set of technologies to build an architecture, and check its compatibility with the selected blockchain platform by your hired blockchain app development agency. Next, comes the setting of smart contracts to enable transactions to take place seamlessly without any 3rd party interference.


Testing the solution – The benefit of smart contracts is to automate the transaction process and the same time makes it fair and transparent. But before the final implementation, it is essential to test and check whether it is functioning properly and is able to address the business needs of the clients.


Managing the blockchain network – To run a blockchain application, blocks need to be created which is the first step of laying a foundation to receive and share information and transactions. A transaction can be an encrypted token such as cryptocurrency.


Blockchain activation – After managing the network, the blockchain development company needs to integrate your application into the network and start hosting your application.


Thus, these are the essential steps involved in the process of blockchain implementation and with this comes various challenges and limitations. Our team can assist you with overcoming these challenges and building a scalable and best-in-class blockchain solution for your business.

Remix IDE – It is an open-source tool that supports Solidity code and allows developers to write in it and test in Ethereum code. It also supports other browsers and comes with a Javascript console, Solidity compilation service, and debugger. This is the reason Remix IDE is used by developers for the purpose of writing, compiling, and debugging code in the browser only. Also, the selection of network id and no. of miners and other blockchain parameters is up to you when you are using Remix-UI.


Geth – Geth is a blockchain tool used for running Ethereum nodes in the programming language – Go. Users can use this advanced tool to mine Ethers and it can be downloaded and installed on all the 3 major operating systems – Windows, Linux, and Mac. Also, it supports both Scripted and Binary installations. For easy smart contract creation, running the contracts on EVM, and sending tokens, Geth is the appropriate tool. You can either create your own Blockchain or connect to an old blockchain using Geth.


Solium – Solium is a syntax highlighting tool or text editor feature used in Solidity and is a widely used tool by most blockchain development companies. It is easy to understand and easy and helps you in coding by providing you with valuable feedback. You can also identify potential errors in your smart contracts so that you can fix them before the final launch. The functions that Solium does – identifying security issues through static analysis, alerting about the use of deprecated features, and providing suggestions regarding the improvement of code readability and optimization.


Mist – It is a blockchain application for desktops that enables easy execution of smart contracts on browsers and also supports wallet creation. It is also an open-source tool that is supported on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. REST APIs offered by Mist help developers interact with their clients by using HTTP requests. The wallet types that Mist supports are the Ethereum wallet and the Dapp wallet. Hire our blockchain development company in Kolkata, India to create a desktop application using Mist.


GanacheCLI – It is a personalized blockchain platform for Ethereum development that already has some predefined or dummy accounts from where you can mine blocks and perform transactions. The CLI is the short form for Command Line Interface that helps you to configure your own Ethereum blockchain and launch them in seconds.

Embark – This is a decentralized application with a development environment that is very convenient and easy to use. Through Embark, you can create and launch Dapps using a blockchain network – public or private. Also, it has predefined templates which you can use to create smart contracts on your private blockchain network.

Although exact time estimation is quite difficult, it is mostly determined by the demand among the users. For instance, the rise in demand among the people as well as an increase in their expectations results in the creation of new applications with better and rich functionalities. But this requires more time and effort from a developer’s end. The more features you want to integrate, the more time it would take to complete the project.


The development process for a blockchain-based application or platform starts with discussing ideas and taking advice from blockchain consultants of a trusted blockchain development agency like Webgen Technologies.  To estimate how long will it take to complete a blockchain development project from the scratch, you need to look into two phases – technical specifications and Prototype.


The first part usually takes about three months to complete but again, it can vary with project scale, complexity, and team strength. In this stage, defining system requirements, selecting an architecture, and analysis of your old system or infrastructure are done.

Stage two, i.e Prototype creation involves creating a pilot version of your blockchain project to test the performance and efficiency of the transfer of information or transactions in a blockchain network. Hiring qualified and experienced blockchain engineers at our blockchain development company in Kolkata, India ensures that all the criticalities during the blockchain development process are handled maturely so that the project gets complicated within the time specified to the client.

The advantages of outsourcing your blockchain project are many which you cannot ignore if you want to scale your business and gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Let’s check the major pros of hiring an outsourcing partner for blockchain.


Cost-effective – The process of blockchain development is complicated as the blockchain technology itself is hard to comprehend. Therefore, hiring an in-house team, training them, and educating them about this emerging technology is both time-consuming and expensive. Also, all developers do not have the expertise to handle blockchain projects. Hence, hiring a professional blockchain development company makes sure that nothing goes wrong with the development and deployment process.


High demand for blockchain engineers – Since blockchain is a new-age technology, the number of blockchain experts currently available in the software industry is much lower than the demand for blockchain projects. So, instead of searching for a developer by yourself, the best thing to do would be to reach out to an agency that hires only blockchain developers to execute client-based projects. And, offshore developers of a top blockchain development company in India would cost much lower than hiring someone from the US or your own country.


Quality Assurance – The outsourced firm that specializes in software, website, and application development will also have a team of QA engineers and testers to check the quality and performance of your blockchain project at every stage. Their skill and experience will ensure a seamless development process and you’re delivered with a quality solution that is error-free and loved by your users.


Quick completion – Hiring a dedicated team of blockchain developers who works solely on your project ensures that your project receives complete attention and no issues get overlooked. Our developers who are involved in the process of blockchain software development in Kolkata pay attention to detail at every phase to assure that in the end nothing major comes up and delays the project completion.


These reasons are quite evident to prove that collaborating with an offshore partner would be the best decision to get an innovative blockchain solution in less time and at a much lower price.

Almost every blockchain development firm now provides services to small as well as big enterprises. Blockchain has the capability to solve real-world challenges and provide you with feasible solutions.  However, you need to choose the right agency for your business that would understand your requirements and budget constraints. Given below are some mistakes not to commit from your end while selecting a blockchain firm in India.


Not doing your primary research – Thorough research of the company and its competitors in Google, social media, and review sites will help you assess the firm’s position in the market. Also, when you search for blockchain development companies in India, Google will bring before you not just one but a list of companies from which you can shortlist a few based on your service requirements, budget, communication, and other such criteria. This would narrow down your search and help you select the one that fits best into your requirements.


Going for a company that charges low rates – Although the budget is a major factor that needs to be considered while hiring an agency, choosing a cheap blockchain development company can land you in big trouble. Usually, these companies have fewer developers and less experience. And in the end, you’ll have to pay extra for bug fixes and code rewriting.


Not considering quality assurance and testing services – Many enterprises make the mistake of not including QA and software testing in their service requirements. As a result, you have no one to reach out to if any error occurs during the testing process. So, when you are entering into an agreement with a blockchain agency make sure to ask whether they have experienced and adept testers and QA engineers to test the usability of your app or software.


Not considering support and maintenance – Just like testing services, you also need to check whether the company will be providing you with post-development support as well as maintenance of your project. Blockchain software development requires continuous monitoring of performance and regular support. So, you need to select a company that includes post-development support in the service package.


Not checking their past work portfolio – A company’s portfolio represents the number of successful projects that it has delivered and garnered appreciation. By going through the past works of a company done for other blockchain clients, you can have an idea of the skills and expertise of blockchain developers.


Next time whenever you seek the services of any agency for blockchain software development in India, keep these points in mind and make sure to avoid doing any of these mistakes.

You should consider hiring us for your next blockchain project because we can offer you many exceptional advantages that no other company can give you.


Best experts from the field of blockchain – Our developers are highly skilled and are continuously adapting to new technologies. Their eagerness to learn and understand new technologies and implement them in their solutions help us grow and evolve faster than our competitors. As for blockchain, we have top blockchain engineers who have experience working on large-scale projects for big and reputed global brands.


Competitive Prices – The fee charged by our blockchain development company in Kolkata, India is extremely reasonable so that it meets the budget criteria of every client. Also, our prices include software testing, QA check, support, and maintenance.


Past portfolio – Our portfolio showcases the variety of clients we have successfully handled till now. Maintaining a versatile portfolio by serving numerous industry verticals starting from Finance, insurance, healthcare, and automotive, has helped us grow and enhance our skills in the blockchain space.


Updated Technology Stack – Another concrete reason to consider leveraging the services of our blockchain developers is the access to the latest technologies and updated tools. Our engineers have firsthand experience in cutting-edge tools and by employing these high-end technologies, they are able to provide our clients with scalable, secure, and reliable solutions.


Security – The security of our client’s user data and transaction records in blockchain applications remains our top-most priority. Therefore, we make sure that all our blockchain software and application are safe and completely secured from potential online threats and cyber-attacks.

These are the reasons why Webgen Technologies is one of the top-ranking and popular blockchain development companies in Kolkata, India. Contact us today to start your project.

Backend refers to the programs that are running for the successful functioning of the software and the backend server system is not visible to users. Whereas, the front end is what you, as a user, see while using software or an application. If blockchain technology is used for any app development, it is difficult for a layman or general user to know what technology has been used. 


As said earlier, blockchain is a decentralized public ledger system that stores information, data, or transaction records. The most striking feature of blockchain is that data are end-to-end encrypted and cannot be deleted, edited, or tampered with. Thus, it seems more of a back-end. It is also anticipated that because of its decentralized nature, it is most likely to replace old and traditional backend centralized server systems.

Blockchain was introduced by a Japanese person named Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008 when the news of Bitcoin came to the light. However, it is still a mystery whether Satoshi Nakamoto is a real person or a pseudonym for a person or group of people who are involved in the development of the first-ever cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It is claimed that he is the first person to introduce cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, in particular) to the world in the year 2008. Thereafter, the technology behind the crypto coin creation i.e., blockchain was revealed in public. Ever since then this technology has been disrupting industries, especially finance, and blockchain development companies are using it to provide robust and nonpareil solutions to businesses.

To best explain the concept of blockchain, let us consider a simple scenario. Person A wants to initiate a transaction. When a transaction is done it gets stored as a block that cannot be changed. Another person, say Person B, is involved in the transaction process. This information is again stored by forming a new block that gets added to the previous block. This way, if more persons are involved in the transaction, their information will be added as new blocks and form a chain of blocks. Hence, the name Blockchain.


These blocks contain all the information of every transaction that has taken place which is encrypted or connected with cryptography. After all the transactions have taken place, Person A’s transaction will come at the last i.e. end of the blockchain. The most interesting part about blockchain is that due to secure cryptography and its decentralized nature, no information can be modified, deleted, or controlled from a central point of system or authority and every transaction is fair and transparent.

Blockchain is used in many industries nowadays for creating secure, reliable, and scalable applications. The industries where blockchain application is seen most are crypto, finance, real estate, healthcare, and government. (for fair and transparent voting).

Yes, the process of blockchain integration is a simplified process if you have gathered enough knowledge about this pathbreaking technology and know its application method. The concept is easy to comprehend and most of the tools used are open-source.

However, if you are still unsure about how this technology works but still want to explore its advantages, reach out to the best blockchain development company in Kolkata, Webgen Technologies.

Yes. In fact, blockchain technology is the safest when it comes to the security of data. Blockchain manages large volumes of data or transaction records that are secured through several layers of encryption. Also, since it is a decentralized and public ledger and so no single entity is in control of the data management. Any information on the blockchain network cannot be deleted, edited, hacked, or tampered with. Therefore, it can be regarded as a safe system for businesses to build applications or software.   

Yes. Blockchain is scalable as it can support an increase in the number of nodes when there is an increase in loads of transactions. It can be scaled or upgraded in two ways – one is through additional layers or networks and through larger throughput. The solutions offered by our blockchain development company in Kolkata are scalable and hence, you need not worry if there is an increase in the number of participants in your blockchain network.

The team of blockchain developers in our company has more than 10 years of experience. The professionals here also possess deep knowledge regarding the latest advancements in the blockchain space and implement these new trends in their solutions to build state-of-the-art solutions. 

There is no single or flat cost to build an application or software using blockchain technology. The cost mainly depends on several factors such as project requirements, features that need te added, scale, and complexity. Also, the choice of blockchain networks and tools used for building the app influence the cost of developing a blockchain-based platform. The rates charged by our company for blockchain app development in India are very affordable and hence, if you are seeking a budget-friendly solution, then reach out today.

The time required to develop a blockchain-based application depends on the complexity of the solutions. The process of development starts with ideation and roadmap planning and then proceeds to the development phase. Thus, it is very hard to estimate the exact time needed to complete a blockchain platform. 

We have both project-based and dedicated hiring models. So, it becomes easy for our clients to choose a model that suits their requirements as well as their budget. However, we would suggest you go for dedicated hiring as you’ll be assigned a team of developers who will be completely in charge of your blockchain app or software development project. Their working hours will be fully allotted to your project and a project manager will be communicating with you on a regular basis to keep you updated regarding the project’s progress.

Power Your Enterprise With a Dedicated Blockchain Development Company

As a full-fledged blockchain development company, Webgen Technologies has established its global presence by serving clients all over the world. We help them tap into the digital space by providing impactful and high-security blockchain solutions. If you are looking for a compatible partner to boost efficiency and take your business to new heights, then you have come to the right place. Call us today to discuss your project.

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