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Redefine your business strategies by integrating our AI solutions and provide an all-new experience to your customers. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions in Kolkata aim to speed up your business operations and drive growth. Besides, we employ advanced Machine learning models specific to your business requirements to optimize your performance.

Artificial Intelligence Company Unleashing The Power of AI

Our AI solutions empower your business by improving scalability. Streamline your business operations and get rid of repetitive tasks through automation. We ensure flawless service delivery to your customers by introducing advanced AI components. Further, our machine learning software development and prediction analytics tools solve business challenges in an effortless manner. We blend AI with IoT to build personal connections with your potential customers.

Why We Are #1 AI and Machine Learning Solutions Partner

Step into the AI world with our extensive services like machine learning, business intelligence, and deep learning to fuel your business growth. As an evolving AI development company, we explore diverse and dynamic AI applications to enable better decision-making. Our motive is to help your organization expand while reducing operational costs. 

Our Strong Points in AI solutions:

  • Rich Expertise 
  • Future-ready Solutions
  • Emerging AI Tools

Unparalleled AI and Machine Learning Solutions in India

Natural Language Processing

We understand your customers’ mindsets better with our sentiment analysis service. We extract meaningful insights from large data sets to help you to take smarter business decisions.

Predictive Analysis

We are technically one step ahead with our efficient predictive analytics tools. We provide accurate and precise results by seamlessly using statistical tools and algorithm models.

Sales Forecasting

Our AI-based solutions aid in better future predictions regarding your company’s sales. Further, leverage our AI solutions to get a detailed revenue breakdown monthly, quarterly and yearly.

AI-powered Ecommerce

Strengthen your ecommerce business by integrating AI tools and increase your conversion rate. AI enables personalized recommendations and relevant search results to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

Supervised Learning

Our supervised learning offers fully-automated libraries with modern algorithms built for developers. As a top artificial intelligence development company, we deliver the right solutions that help to grow your business.

Unsupervised Learning

Teach your machines how to respond to situations using our unsupervised learning technologies. Besides, our AI-unsupervised learning gives you complete control over your machine without investing in complex programming.

ChatGPT Development

As a leading provider of AI-powered solutions, we have also taken the first step in creating interactive ChatGPT models to give our customers immersive experiences. We test our applications thoroughly to ensure error-free results. 


Here are the answers to some questions that people ask before hiring artificial intelligence development companies in India.

AI is the most talked about topic in the tech world and the reasons for it are manifold. We all are aware of the popularity of Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri but many fail to realize the technology behind their functionalities. It is nothing but Artificial intelligence. Broadly speaking, AI is a system with human-like intelligence to listen, answer, solve problems and make decisions. Some of its outstanding features include:


Recognizing speech and images – This property is utilized by mobile phone manufacturers these days to integrate the face unlock feature. AI captures and memorizes your face and detects it every time to unlock your phone.


Making decisions – AI uses and analyses large volumes of data and extracts meaningful insights that help businesses takes informed decisions. AI and Machine learning solutions include predicting customers’ behaviors, forecasting sales, and predicting market trends to help in the decision-making and problem-solving process of enterprises.


Language Translation – This AI-driven era has also proved to be beneficial in eliminating language barriers through easy and quick translation from one language to another. The translation process in AI is based on deep learning algorithms that use intelligent behavior mechanisms to read and comprehend a source text language and generate the same into the other language.


Enhancing online shopping experiences – Another notable advantage is that AI has made online shopping easier and more enjoyable. When you search for a product, it automatically starts recommending the best collection that matches your color, size, and other preferences. Also, it will suggest similar products in case the product or brand you’re looking for is unavailable.


Needless to say, artificial intelligence development has brought a considerable impact on various sectors like banking & finance, healthcare, logistics, media & entertainment. While we discuss the application of AI, big data, and machine learning in business sectors, there is more that needs to be explored as the technology further advances. Enterprises, thus, needs to act quickly to scale the capabilities of this disruptive technology and curate game-changing solutions.


Thus, to conclude, the era of AI is currently witnessing pathbreaking revolutions and as per top experts of the technology field, the best is yet to come. No wonder, AI is the key driving force behind innovation and automation. The power of AI in easing out business processes is as follows:


  • Satisfying the customers’ current as well as future needs
  • Improves product performance by identifying the areas of improvement
  • Reduces the occurrence of defects and makes the process of product development more efficient, powerful, and faster.
  • It helps businesses boost sales by predicting market trends and creating new revenue streams.


Organizations, thus, seek the service of an Artificial intelligence development company that can help them in the integration of AI into their digital solutions to bring the best results required to fuel growth.


We cannot deny the fact that AI is transforming business and also impacting our daily lives. This leading-edge technology is making us rethink how we integrate, analyze and use the information to take important decisions. Therefore, the significance of AI is felt everywhere and is raising important questions such as what is the next advancement we can expect to see in this revolutionary technology.

AI is already here. Knowingly and sometimes, unknowingly we are making AI-driven decisions. The impact of AI in our everyday lives is quite noticeable and it has transformed the way we communicate, work, play, shop, drive, listen to music, etc. Voice assistants to help you with internet searches, message dictations, setting reminders, etc. is one of the remarkable examples of AI in our everyday lives. Other noteworthy real-time applications of AI are self-driving cars, personalized music recommendations, and product suggestions on eCommerce stores.


In recent years, there have been tremendous advancements in AI and ML that leading artificial intelligence development companies in Kolkata, India as well as outside India are leveraging to help businesses tap into the digital world smoothly. The opportunities for AI-driven growth in the business sector are immense and that’s why you too need to make the most of this pathbreaking technology to rise above the others.


AI can be used for a large number of purposes in businesses – from streamlining work processes to predicting market trends, from data aggregating to seamless customer service using chatbots. However, it is wrong to think that AI will replace humans as there can never be any substitute for the intelligence, creativity, and ingenuity that humans possess. Artificial intelligence is, thus, considered to be a supportive tool that would assist humans in increasing productivity and delivering faster results.


The most popular uses of AI in businesses these days are:


Business management – The AI ecosystem is revolutionizing businesses by providing them with diverse and countless benefits. AI has the power to reduce workload and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Whether you need to draw valuable insights from your customer data, forecast sales patterns, or improve your cybersecurity, AI has got your back.


Streamlines hiring and recruitment – AI can also help the human resources department of organizations in managing recruitment and employee database. Filtering the resumes based on various attributes like educational qualifications, skills, years of experience, and location assists the HRs in the easy shortlisting of candidates.


Automated invoices – Another use case of AI in business is automated billing and preparing invoices. Multiple AI-powered tools are available in the market that extracts and segregates data to prepare paper-based as well as electronic invoices. The accounting and billing systems built with AI are very accurate and aid in the financial management of companies.


Cybersecurity – Although the internet has made the storage of data easy and quick for enterprises, what comes along with it is the risk of the data breach. Data leakage, misuse, or hacking by malicious attackers are very common and unavoidable these days. Thus, ensuring the online security of your company’s data is necessary. AI is making the job of cyber experts easy by detecting fraud or suspicious activities and making them aware of those attacks. Further, it analyzes large amounts of data to identify and reduce the number of threats.


AI in eCommerce – The presence of AI is quite evident in the eCommerce space in various areas such as predicting customers’ purchasing preferences and helping them with product recommendations. It further helps the users with smart voice searches as per relevant features. Also, AI enhances customer payment security and prevents transaction fraud.


AI in Marketing – AI helps in speeding up the marketing process through content curation, news feed personalization, ad targeting, customer sentiment analysis, and customer segmentation. Also, it gives customers quick support by answering their relevant queries with the help of automated chatbots.

There are many other real use cases of AI in business other than the one mentioned above like customer relationship management, digital assistants, data research, etc. Hire skilled and knowledgeable artificial intelligence developers from our AI company in Kolkata, to integrate AI into your technology solutions and drive business growth.

As a top-ranking artificial development company in Kolkata, we offer AI services that drive the decision-making process of companies and help them lead the way forward. Topmost reputed brands and startup companies work with us to augment their production teams and build AI-powered software and applications that would assist in solving core business problems in areas such as supply chain and customer service. The list of services we provide is:


Machine Learning – Machine learning is a process where with the help of ML algorithms, computers (Machines) learn from data and extract insights to give predictable outcomes. Our seasoned ML engineers and artificial intelligence developers will help your business explore new ways to improve your operations by drawing accurate predictions from past data.


Deep Learning – Deep learning is a part or subset of machine learning where computers learn to behave and think like humans. For example, self-driving car is integrated with deep learning techniques. The car will stop when it recognizes a red signal or spots a pedestrian to stop or slow the vehicle.  In other words, it trains a model to act and behave in a reasonable way through complicated learning algorithms.


Computer Vision – By utilizing the computer vision technique, our artificial intelligence development team in Kolkata, India trains computers to derive valuable information from digital inputs like images, videos, etc. Company owners on the basis of meaningful data take informed decisions, classify objects, and make responses like mobile phone unlock through face recognition.


Conversational AI – The best example of Conversational AI is Chatbot development where an automated system interacts with the customers and resolves queries in a seamless manner. Conversational AI improves its communication with the customer by collecting information from its own previous interactions. It tries to understand your mindset, preferences, and problems and then enhances its conversational skills to help you out with the best solutions.


  1. Classification Tools – The AI-based classification tools can draw information from data points and classify them automatically into predefined categories. Our artificial intelligence company in Kolkata uses these tools to categorize product stock, customer preferences, and a lot more.


  1. Sales Intelligence – AI has turned out to be quite useful in the B2B space as it helps marketers, salespeople, and advertisers to discover and predict market trends easily and accurately. The data collected is, then, used for analyzing and understanding the behavior of the potential customers.


  1. Video, Image, and Text Analytics – Our artificial intelligence company in India has AI experts who make use of computer vision and ML algorithms to analyze the image, video, and text files to collect real-time data or information that can be used further to develop a new file or improve the earlier versions of the text, video, and text files. It also helps in image detection and identification. Image recognition, suggestions, medical imaging, visual search, etc are some of the best cases here.


  1. Custom AI tools – Our skillful resources have the capability to build custom AI tools that is specific to your business targeting a specific purpose for your specific target audience group. Since it is an enterprise-specific AI application, it ensures full satisfaction of your customers.


  1. Predictive Analytics – We, as a market-leading artificial intelligence development company in Kolkata, use advanced AI tools and ML & statistical models to analyze the company’s big data and forecast results. Predicting future outcomes or market behavior is imperative to the successful running of a business and hence, AI has made the predictions easy and accurate.


  1. Recommendation System Development Services – This is another major advancement in the field of AI and is helping ecommerce companies and media & entertainment industries in providing a more personalized experience to their customers. This technology retrievers data of the users like age, gender, interest areas, and history to analyze their behaviors. By evaluating their preferences, likes, and dislikes, the system then makes recommendations such as suggesting products in eCommerce apps and recommending playlists, and videos in music and movie streaming applications.


  1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – This is a highly advanced software technology where building, managing, and deploying software robots is possible and that imitates human-like interaction in digital systems and automates critical processes in business operations. For RPA and artificial intelligence development in India services, you can reach out to us anytime and get software tailored to your needs.


  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Analysis – Companies into artificial intelligence like Webgen Technologies,  uses NLP analysis to teach computers and machines to understand natural language like English in which humans write and speak and help them communicate easily with users. NLP also scale other tasks that involve language processing like measuring users’ sentiments and assessing their behaviors.


  1. Voice Assistants – Voice assistants are digital assistants that help individuals in their day-to-day activities through voice commands. It is an AI-integrated system that recognizes our voice and understands what we want it to do and then, accomplishes that task. Calling, sending emails, Whatsapp, setting meeting reminders, reading news, playing music, browsing the internet, and checking bank balances are some of the many tasks that voice assistants can do for you. The real-time application of voice assistants is smart speakers, smart home appliances, smart watches, etc.

If you need help with any of the above-mentioned services, then without a second thought, contact one of the top-ranking artificial intelligence software companies in India – Webgen Technologies. We have solutions for your every business need and can help you scale your business.

The AI development process starts with defining the project requirements first and is then followed by the below four steps –


Evaluation – The step involves examining and assessing the requirements to plan a roadmap for implementation. After listening to the needs of the clients, we devise a strategy to find out the ways to start off and integrate their requirements into our solutions in the most seamless way.


Exploration – Data collection and analysis is done in this stage to recognize patterns, trends, and correlations related to your project requirements. This step is essential in every AI development as it helps developers build accurate solutions tailored to the particular needs of the stakeholders.


Pilot Project – Before the final deployment, a small-scale pilot project is implemented first to reckon the viability of the AI project. Pilot projects open scopes for improvements and modifications that would enhance the quality of the solution. It also aids in determining the initial state of the product, anticipating the user journey, and prioritizing the features that would altogether improve the user experience.

Development and Deployment – In the last and final stage, our artificial intelligence developer in Kolkata, India will deploy the developed model and then test it for quality check. We also offer quality assurance service so that every digital product we build passes through all the testing stages and delivers error-free and highly functional software or application.

Our IT and technology firm builds intelligent, automated, and secure solutions that cater to a wide array of industries which we will be discussing below.


Banking and Finance – The fintech industry leverages artificial intelligence development to gain complete control over customer data and also to tighten data security. Other than this, it has many useful applications in both personal finance as well as global banking systems. One of them is Fraud detection. Top banking and financial institutions, with the help of AI algorithms, flag fraudulent transactions for further inspection as they seem out of the way of normal transaction patterns. Besides, AI handles stock trading through its algorithms which react and act much faster than human brains ever could. Whether it’s building a fintech app, automating the analysis of customer data, or planning budgets – AI has solutions for everything! Reach out to us to learn more.


Retail – AI is utilized in the retail space to improve operational efficiency, empower customers, automate product assortment, supply chain management, and many more. As for empowering customers, AI analyses customer behavior, shopping preferences, and interests to provide customized product recommendations and personalize their shopping experience. We, as a top artificial intelligence development company in Kolkata, have delivered effective and reliable solutions to clients from the retail industry. It has helped in reducing users’ difficulty or efforts in finding the right product. Product stock management also becomes hassle-free with AI-integrated systems.


Healthcare – Although the healthcare sector is heavily dependent on human resources for the good care and treatment of patients, AI has reduced the workload of these resources. From diagnosing conditions to prescribing optimal treatments and alerting people of emerging health concerns. AI extracts insights from huge volumes of patients’ data and makes predictions. It even provides data-based personalized recommendations for treatment after studying patients’ pre-existing health conditions or past ailments.


Supply Chain and Logistics – Logistics industry has been reaping the benefits of AI technology in myriad ways. Our artificial intelligence company in Kolkata is also helping clients from all over the world with trailblazing AI-powered software and applications. From automating warehouse processes to forecasting customers’ demands, from route optimization to smart inventory management – AI has been a pathbreaker in these areas. Easing warehouse management and smooth tracking of orders resulted in faster delivery times, thus improving customer satisfaction. Also, AI aids in detecting and alerting thefts in warehouses by sending real-time alerts to warehouse operation managers.


Insurance – The insurance sector also has not been lagging behind when it comes to the application of artificial intelligence. AI has been beneficial to a great extent in automating claim management, mitigating risks, and providing high-end customer service. Hire artificial intelligence developers from Kolkata, India at competitive rates to get a tailor-made solution that would simplify your business operations and help you focus on addressing your customers’ needs.


Automotive – AI is revolutionizing the automotive industry with super-advanced solutions like fully autonomous driving and smart driver monitoring. The self-driving car is itself a revolution and apart from this, the automotive industry uses this pioneering technology to predict car maintenance, optimize routes, avoid traffic, and assist drivers with specific functionalities.

Thus, the future of AI across industry verticals is bright and sure. It is here to stay and will have more applications in the upcoming years. To get an innovative and inspiring AI solution for your business, connect with our artificial intelligence company in Kolkata, India.

We have three standard hiring models that clients can choose from as per their budget and project requirements. The engagement models are


Dedicated Team – Under this model, you’ll get a fully dedicated team of developers and a project manager who will walk you through every step of the project. This team will be assigned your project and you’ll be given absolute liberty in setting project priorities. 


Extended Team – This plan is usually for those companies that have their in-house resources but still wish to have some extra members in their team having the right kind of expertise and skills needed for the project. You need to hire our offshore artificial intelligence developer in Kolkata separately who will coordinate with your team and work in sync to bring the best outcomes.


Project-based hiring – As the plan name suggests, our project-based model is for specific on-demand AI projects that need to be delivered in a stipulated time period. After assessing the scale and complexity of the project, we decide on the number of developers to assign. 


Now, let’s take a look at the tools and frameworks used by us for artificial intelligence development.


Frameworks – MXnet, Caffe2, PyTorch, Chainer, Nvidia Caffe, Theano


Libraries – Sonnet, Neuroph, Tensor2Tensor, tf-slim, OpenNN


Algorithms – Supervised and unsupervised learning, metric learning, clustering


Toolkits – Microsoft Cognitive,  Kurento’s computer vision, CoreML

As per leading industry experts, AI technology is highly impacting the business sector by streamlining operations, cutting costs, and enhancing productivity. Firms have started reaping tangible advantages by deploying this cutting-edge technology in their operations. The areas where AI has brought massive benefits are:


Business Intelligence – AI is used for predicting market trends and analyzing customers’ behaviors’ that help in informed decision-making and strategizing accordingly. Our AI and machine learning solutions also help in business model expansion and uncover new opportunities and business capabilities.


Process Automation – Another biggest advantage of AI in business is the automation of tedious and repetitive tasks that were earlier done manually. This advancement has caused a reduction in the workload of manpower and human resources can use their skills and knowledge in intricate and serious business activities. Workflow automation has two major plus points. Firstly, it results in the production of better quality products or services, and secondly, it reduces the chances of errors or mistakes that usually a human commits while working on any process.


Improved Monitoring – Artificial intelligence development has a remarkable capacity to process and analyze humongous volumes of data in real time and derive meaningful insights from those data. Data processing also involves monitoring data continuously so that any issues or unfavorable actions are alerted immediately. For instance, AI collects data from machinery and equipment in a factory to predict maintenance and identify problems earlier so that any disruptive breakdown can be avoided.


Increases productivity and efficiency – The most often cited advantage of using AI in business is productivity gains. Since AI replaces humans in certain areas or workflows and speeds up the process or operations, more goods can be produced in less time. This mind-blowing technology performs tasks at a scale and speed that humans could have never imagined. Simultaneously, it releases humans from such work responsibilities and allows them to concentrate on core functions or higher-value tasks that require human intelligence.


Easing supply chain management  – Our artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions in Kolkata helps businesses of all scales, big or small, with better inventory management and optimization of the supply chain. From automating refilling requests to tracking distribution and managing deliverables, AI has come a long way and is supposed to bring more revolution in the retail space.


No wonder AI has made the lives of humans easy. But its contribution to businesses is unthinkable. By combining IoT and machine learning techniques, AI enhances the overall performance of enterprises, boosts sales, reduces costs, eliminates errors, automates customer management, saves time, and brings many other notable benefits.

Our development team uses the most trending and cutting-edge tools for building advanced AI software and applications. Some of them are mentioned below.


Tensorflow – It is one of the most popular tools among the professionals of our artificial intelligence company in India. Tensorflow is a free open-source tool by Google that offers a wide range of features and focuses on neural networks. Tensorflow requires Python for functioning and C++ for boosting performance.


PyTorch – It is an ML framework developed by Meta AI and is based on both Torch and Python. PyTorch is very much useful in accelerating the prototyping speed in the deep-learning process. Thus, the entire process from research prototype to product deployment becomes faster.


Theano – Theano is a moderate Python library used for defining and optimizing mathematical expressions and can be run over Theano or Tensorflow. This tool is mostly used by our AI developers for projects involving deep learning.


Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit – It is a deep learning framework that is developed by Microsoft Research and explains neural networks. It is an open-source and commercial-use toolkit.


Core ML – It is a domain-specific framework that supports computer vision that is used by our artificial intelligence developers for image and text analysis, natural language processing, audio speech conversion to text, sound analysis, and a lot more.


Bayesian network It is a graphical model used for the compact and interpretable representation of the probability of joint distributions and the network learns from data. 

The time taken to complete an AI project depends on the project’s complexity, clients’ specific requirements, and feasibility. After analyzing the needs of the clients, our AI team prepares a detailed timeline required to complete the project. Often stakeholders make mistakes by underestimating the time required.


The process of data preparation before the data scientist starts working on building the AI algorithm is a time-consuming process. Moreover, deciding the scope of AI projects involves multiple steps –


Step 1 – Identifying the business requirements which includes foreseeing the problems and obstacles as well.


Step 2 – AI developers and engineers conduct a brainstorming session to find potential solutions and how far they match the client’s requirements.


Step 3 – After brainstorming ideas, comes the phase of assessing the feasibility of the project. Whether the potential solutions actually bring value to the project or not needs to be evaluated.


Step 4 – The milestones for the project are set that help the artificial intelligence development team work better and effectively.


Step 5 – The above four steps help in defining the budget for the project and the resources that are required to complete the project.


Further, the time required to complete the project also depends on how the entire development process is distributed among the team members. The tasks that get usually divided among them are – Problem scoping, project data acquisition, data analysis and exploration, data modeling, and lastly, evaluation.

AI consultant is responsible for using AI analytic algorithms to understand project criticalities and provide solutions. The AI consultants of our artificial intelligence development company in Kolkata also solve complex business problems and overcome challenges that come along the way of project execution. They use structured models to take informed decisions and advise the developers to build scalable and robust AI solutions.


From the stage of planning a roadmap to the final deployment, the consulting team will be there. With the support and guidance of the AI consultants, we are able to high-grade and best-in-class AI solutions. The process of AI consulting involves helping AI engineers in devising cutting-edge ML and AI algorithms that would make their process of development and feature integration seamless.

We have not just one but many reasons to provide why we are the #1 Artificial Intelligence company in India. Clients across varied industry verticals rely on Webgen Technologies for enterprise-grade AI solutions to grow their businesses digitally. The reasons to choose us for your next AI development project.


Expertly-matched team – We have built our AI team with top AI consultants, data scientists, designers, software developers, AI engineers, and project managers from our talent network. The strong expertise, deep knowledge, and rich experience of our team help us to deliver solutions to fit the customized needs of the clients. Every member of our team is selected as on his or her subject matter expertise and relevant work experience.


Use of latest tools and technologies – Our Artificial intelligence development team has the knowledge and experience in employing emerging and proven tools and frameworks. Moreover, we undertake strategic integration of cutting-edge technologies like ML, cloud, data analytics, and blockchain.


Continuous Support  – We provide complete development support from the ideation stage to the final deployment. Apart from this, we offer continuous assistance post-deployment so that any problems or issues that arise later can be addressed quickly. Our support team will be updating you regularly on strategy implementation, development, and final project launch.


Cost-effective – Being one of the top-rated artificial intelligence development companies in Kolkata, India, we ensure that businesses of all sizes – small, medium, and large firms are able to get top-notch quality solutions within their estimated budget. Our excellency lies in providing innovative solutions at competitive prices.


Requirement analysis – We run a 360 analysis of clients’ requirements to assess the complexity or intricacies of the project and then assign resources accordingly to accomplish the project goals.


Testing and Quality Assurance – Last but not least, our QA team conducts software testing before making it available to the public. This is done to assess the performance, usability, data security, and defect management of the AI solutions. Our QA experts ensure that error-free and high-quality software is built that would give the users the best experiences.

Webgen Technologies is undoubtedly the fastest-growing artificial intelligence development company in Kolkata that drives innovation with excellence and is committed to delivering future-ready AI solutions that would help our clients in scaling their businesses.

Yes, we will. For us, the security of our clients’ information comes first. So, we are always willing to sign NDA to keep all your project information confidential. Rest assured, your information will be safe and secure with us. 

Our portfolio of artificial intelligence development services comprises a large number of projects from diverse industry sectors like fintech, insurance, automotive, healthcare, eCommerce, media and entertainment, etc. Thus, our wide assortment of AI services includes machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, voice assistance, chatbot & conversational AI, video and text analysis, predictive analytics, NLP, and Robotic Process Automation.

Providing you with an exact quote for an AI project is difficult. Cost estimation depends on a variety of factors like project requirements, features that need to be integrated, the time required, and the number of AI engineers that need to be assigned. Furthermore, the price also includes the cost of security testing and tools used by our AI specialists during the development process. 

The artificial intelligence developers at Webgen Technologies are different from other developers because we have handpicked talent in the AI space. All of them are seasoned experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Not just that, our AI developers are well-versed in using the most emerging technologies and AI and ML tools.

Yes, you can hire dedicated developers in less than 48 hours and get started with your project right away! As a renowned and well-established artificial intelligence company in Kolkata, India, we make sure that we meet every client’s unique needs and expectations.

The talent at Webgen Technologies is nowhere else to find because we have the best-talented minds in India with us. Our recruitment team works diligently to find the best AI specialists who are capable of utilizing this disrupting technology in the best possible way. Interviewing and hiring top-qualified professionals ensures that our AI solutions are of top-notch quality and bring desirable results. If you want to leverage the unique talents of our artificial intelligence development team, then without any delay, reach out to us.

Other than AI-based services, our core areas of expertise include blockchain development, data analytics, and cloud computing. By using these trending technologies we offer the following services.


Website development – We build user-friendly and appealing websites tailored to unique business requirements.


Mobile application development – You can always consider us for building dynamic, feature-rich, and highly interactive mobile apps for your business. 


eCommerce Development – Be it a small or a large business, we can help them in building an online store that would give the users the best shopping experience. 


Graphic design and branding – If you need to uplift your brand image through attractive and eye-grabbing ads, logos, brochures, or social media posts, we can help you out. 


Digital marketing – We will not only help you with building stunning solutions but also help you improve your online presence by promoting your brand on various marketing platforms including social media.


Are you in need of any of the above AI services? Contact our sales team to discuss your project requirement to get started. 

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